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50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2019

Leaders in Quality Staffing Solutions: First Tek Inc.


In order to succeed in the world of fast-changing technology, one needs exceptional connections to the right experts, the right opportunities, and the right answers. First Tek sits at the center of this ever-changing technological world –uncovering opportunities and connecting possibilities.

Founded by Kumar Bhavanasi in 2001, First Tek connects the best IT professionals in the business with opportunities at forward-thinking companies. It uses its expanded resources, insight, and flexibility to anticipate the needs of its clients and help them make exceptional connections with top tech talents around the world. Its offices are located across the United States, including in New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oregon, and Texas, as well as abroad in India.

Growth and Adaptability

First Tek was founded with a vision to provide quality and cost-effective staffing services. It has grown to encompass of a family of brands focused on technology innovation. The company assists clients in achieving mission-critical business objectives using state-of-the-art technologies while maximizing their ability to deliver value to their customers.

First Tek partners with leading companies to connect them with top technology talent. Bhavanasi has leveraged his exceptional connections to grow and expand First Tek services to include custom software design and development for web and mobile applications for clients across the United States. First Tek was built by identifying and cultivating talented individuals working in emerging technologies and then connecting them to clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to state governments.

From an initial focus in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, First Tek now has more than 1500 employees serving clients across the United States and around the world, with projected revenue of $120

million in 2019. Its clients include Bank of America, City of Beverly Hills, Bonneville Power Administration, BlackDuck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CBS, Canon, eBay, Fox, H&R Block, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, NBC Universal, Netflix, Northrop Grumman, Olympus, Oracle, Philadelphia Insurance Company, Planet Fitness, Plum, Rand McNally, SAP, Sapient, Stanford University, TD Bank, Ten-X, Walmart, and many others.

First Tek: Helping Employees Grow

First Tek does its best to create an environment where forward-thinking ideas are celebrated and rewarded. Managers hold regular brainstorming sessions to recognize creative ideas and collaborate on ways to bring those ideas to fruition. The company believes that true growth can only be meaningful when it is inclusive. This is why it focuses on cultivating an open, friendly environment that pushes experimentation and exploration, both as an employee and an individual.

First Tek also invests heavily in professional development opportunities, as well as instructor-led training centered on leading-edge products and services. This ensures the First Tek team is always able to provide the talent and services today’s most innovative businesses need.

First Tek values simplicity, creativity, integrity, independence, and above all, respect. These values are not only fundamental to the culture and the business, but they guide the actions of its employees every day.

Staffing Services

As a leading IT services provider, First Tek connects the best IT professionals in the business with opportunities at forward-thinking companies. They use their expanded resources, insight, and flexibility to anticipate the needs of their clients and help them achieve strong business results.

With expertise in managing resources, logistics, and tools to implement technology in many areas of IT, companies turn to First Tek to handle all aspects of completing projects and support in managing the resources that are central to the infrastructure and technology portfolio, including software development, support, deployments, and training.

Clients with excess workloads or special projects hire First Tek’s consultants to work on an “as needed” or contract basis, for short or long terms. First Tek can provide specialists proficient in nearly every IT discipline and experience level, when and where companies need them. The company’s consultants are thoroughly screened to fit each client’s technology profile and corporate culture before they are ever submitted, saving clients time and bringing the search process to closure quickly. First Tek employs dedicated and responsive Account Managers to provide around the clock support on client projects.

Innovative Solutions

Businesses looking to outpace their competition seek out First Tek to deliver disruptive technology solutions. First Tek’s experienced digital strategists connect user insights to results-based strategies, allowing clients to hit fast-forward on innovation while eliminating guesswork.

The First Tek team creates breakthrough solutions to complex business challenges, purposefully orchestrating interactions and experiences to design better, more efficient processes, and user flows. Whether clients are looking for a fully realized custom software solution, or they simply need a better way of conducting complex business processes, First Tek’s full-stack team of software developers can take any challenge head-on. First Tek developers are skilled in mobile and custom web application development, focusing on using the cloud and complex workflows to support business processes across a variety of verticals.

Meet First Tek’s Founder

Kumar Bhavanasi, President and Chief Executive Officer: Bhavanasi is the driving force behind First Tek’s success. A veteran of the IT services arena, he specializes in strategic planning, executive client relationships, driving revenue, and extending the overall business model through strategic partnerships. Kumar’s accomplishments include building enterprise systems for Fleet Bank, ADP Brokerage and Morgan Stanley and establishing strategic alliances with many of First Tek’s clients.

Kumar earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) in India. He also earned a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of South Florida and Entrepreneur Certification at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He currently serves on several boards in advisory roles.

“First Tek has been working with the industry’s top IT talent over the past two decades and has the expertise and resources necessary to connect you with the perfect team for your project.”