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Leaders in Research and Innovation through Software Development : ISU Corp

thesiliconreview-david-mansilla-founder-ceo-isu-corp-2017Software development has evolved beyond tech geeks typing furiously in a dark abyss of bright screens, immersed in complex code and foreign languages, adding features to static systems. It has become a critical business infrastructure component that needs to be able to evolve, adapt and improve – all at the drop of a hat.

In today’s business world, software is at the core of each company’s ability to create products, systems and services. The demand for tech-savvy, agile software solutions that are both well-integrated and intelligent increases and these innovations become key differentiating factors in a competitive landscape. With a motive to help companies attain their competitive edge, ISU Corp, a high tech company specializing in enterprise software development and consulting was evolved. The firm has a comprehensive team of IT professionals that bring to the business many years of experience in a wide variety of technologies. ISU writes software for software companies from inception to the end. In addition to working with a number of software companies, ISU Corp is also partnered with organizations in the food industry, the stock market, the education industry, the medical industry, financial industry, and real estate industry.

Its focus is on its ‘clients’ as they are the only reason they are in business. ISU Corp always goes an extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. The company thinks of its clients as its partners, and it strongly believes that if it can make them succeed in their individual projects, they succeed with them.

“We are start-up specialists when it comes to software development and management. Our agile approach doing small interactions at a time ensures that we can review your business requirements on a weekly basis to better meet your company’s goal and expectations,” says David Mansilla, Founder & CEO.

A candid Q&A with the legend

Could you unveil your experience of setting up ISU Corp?

I was motivated to start off my company, once I saw a big necessity in the market on getting talent which produces an exceptional return on investment. The talent was very scarce, I was senior in a senior management position of multiple enterprises, and we had a really hard time finding good development resources and also finding people with the right attitude. What I noticed is that culture is what attracts world class developers. I began to learn how to build a good culture within my development team as a Manager and also how to motivate people to work with me based on the culture. I realized that I could do that for a business, and that’s how I started consulting.

Which was your initial product innovation?

The first product that we built is called IS At the time, it was a big innovation turn around. Back in 2005 we needed to have agile project management software that allowed us to collaborate online and also, we needed a platform for automating daily project tasks, as a result now IS Unified completely automates timesheets from daily scrums and integrates formal project management practice with our optimized agile scrum methodology.

How did your early obstacles help you triumph?

Some challenges at the beginning of the company were in acquiring clients and making sure that I could get talent to work for my company. What we learned is: we have to choose the right client with the right values. We also learned that we have to be very careful while choosing the right engineers with the right values. We make sure that we create a win-win situation where our developers and our employees are happy to go to work because they are learning and they are growing. Our clients are happy to retain us because we provide excellent value to them and we provide exceptional service.

What industry does your business focus on?

My business mentors suggested to me that I should focus the company on a specific industry. That’s exactly what we tried at the beginning however, we started to get clients and requests from multiple industries. We quickly realized that our expertise was in the science and art of building custom software solutions regardless of the industry. We developed IS and later on to help us maximize our development process and optimize our client communications. This is the foundation of our success.

The Creation of

HubLinked is the culmination of more than a decade of research and learning experience in the Information Technology, Project Management and Leadership areas. It is a Private social network designed for optimal client communication and collaboration. With the creation of portals consistent of blogs and posts, automatically documents the entire project and keeps all the stake holders informed of any changes in strategy.

Learning Hub:  All the most important content in one place. Foster mentoring and innovation within your entire organization

Portal Hub: Ensure project success with full team collaboration. Allows you to have all related files, tasks, and the conversations organized.

Community Hub: Receive the latest news from all the projects and portals that you’re subscribed to. Find out what your team is working on at any given moment and provide feedback in a single easy to use interface.

ISU = Innovation that works!

IS Unified is a powerful solution for all activities in a project management environment. IS Unified focuses on bringing transparency, agility, visibility and efficiency to every stakeholder during the project lifecycle. This amazing product combines a potent agile management style with the most efficient time tracking and effort estimation system on the market.

You could save up to 25% of the overall project budget by utilizing IS Unified to manage every activity, document, human and non-human resources associated to your project. IS unified orchestrates people and resources in the most efficient way, providing the best return for your investment.

Embrace the Dignitary

David Mansilla’s dynamic personality, dedicated work ethic, and winning smile are all attributes one will notice immediately when meeting this Senior Consultant and creator of and David personally enjoys working with each and every person on his team; and values his corporation and colleagues as a family.

On top of his diligent work with ISU Corp as a senior lead consultant, he also finds time to help his community on the Advisory Board for Neruda Arts—an organization that raises funds for bringing artists from around the world into the K-W area. David can be found travelling and spending time with his wonderful kids and beautiful wife, Shelly. Adding to his repertoire, David often scuba dives, plays squash, or works up a sweat at the local gym.

“We strive to create a win-win environment, where partnership, honesty and professionalism mandate every task we conduct for our clientele.”