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Leading from the Front:, Leading Global Real Estate Blockchain Marketplace, Plans to Tap Unexplored Markets


“Our mission is to give every individual the opportunity to own and share real estate investments seamlessly, making the dream of owning real estate a reality.”

Bitcoin has had a short yet storied history, but while most of the headlines focus on bitcoin as an asset, many of the most impactful applications actually center around the underlying technology — the blockchain. Blockchain technology is transforming industries, including real estate, to make them more modern and efficient.

Considering the above-mentioned scenario, we are thrilled to highlight provides a global real estate blockchain marketplace for investors and developers using blockchain technology. Aiming to create a shared economy asset management ecosystem that spans across the globe, provides real estate owners, developers, and end users the means to own and share assets easily. Its proprietary program includes asset tokenization offering (ATO) and a cryptocurrency named i-House token (IHT).

i-House was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, China.

Ricky Ng, Chairman and Founder, spoke exclusively to

The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Tell us about and the services it offers.

While the blockchain industry has experienced countless ups and downs, was moving full-speed ahead in creating value for users in the commercial real estate industry. The company’s cryptocurrency, IHT (i-House Token), was recently listed on Bittrex and two of the top three Korean cryptocurrency exchanges UPbit and Cashierest. Currently, IHT is listed on eight other exchanges: KuCoin,, Coinw, LBank, HitBTC, CoinBene, CoinTiger and Allbit. The goal is to keep the momentum going and get IHT listed on several other international exchanges by year’s end.

Also, in the past year, was the first to create the concept of an ATO (Asset Tokenization Offering) and was able to implement such a model swiftly launching projects in the U.S., Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines. The significant advantages of the i-House ATO model enable everyday investors to have the opportunity and ability to participate in the development of sizable scale global projects and receive certain returns. The advantages of blockchain technology and landing projects will add more energy into the rise of the global real estate industry and tourism market and play a very important supporting role in terms of financing models, marketing and intelligent services of real estate projects. plans to continue its expansion in the global marketplace, establish itself and invest heavily in major markets such as the U.S., Europe, etc. In February of this year, the company opened its North American headquarters in the Silicon Valley. During the London Tech Week Festival in June, it was announced that would open an office in London with the goal of attracting more real estate projects and to spur growth in the European market. Also, in the works is a New York City office set to open sometime in Q4 this year. Currently, has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, in addition to the Silicon Valley office.

One of the major issues that real estate investors face is related to managing global real estate transactions. Large transactions are secured but others aren’t, and it gets challenging for investors and developers to manage their global assets. is all set to solve this challenge by creating a global real estate blockchain marketplace for investors and developers where they can manage their assets, transfer them, and measure profits.

“Our mission is to give every global real estate developers and investors the opportunity to own and share real estate and split investments seamlessly, said Chairman and Founder Ricky Ng. Our project is disrupting the traditional real estate marketplace by combining the power of blockchain and emerging technologies.”

The aim of’s ATO platform is to make it more accessible to any investor that is interested in the real estate token. i-House ATO is the big umbrella product that can be used utilize to leverage blockchain technology and tokenize assets. “The first model of ATO is like selling tickets to a movie that is being made and when the movie is completed you can either use the ticket to see the movie or resell the tickets,” said the chairman and founder. “Within people will be able to create ATOs and asset owners will go through the process of due diligence, KYC and compliance checks, and will be compliant with the laws of the given country such as in the U.S. when following the mandates of the SEC. i-House ATO allows users and investors to invest with cryptocurrency rather than fiat currency and by using the blockchain will enable efficiency and security. Projects that come onto our platform bring transparency to our investors and with that transparency we hope to bring trust between investor and owner.”

“We have upgraded ATO 1.0 to ATO 2.0 to further enhance the platform. ATO 2.0 services include ATO token issuance, ERC 20/ERC 223 token, and smart contract advising, white paper services, marketing/PR campaign services, design, development, and implementation services. The new services are available for real estate asset property owners who want to break through the lag that the real estate industry is in,” Ng added.

Where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

Looking ahead, we would like to establish ourselves and invest heavily in major markets such as the U.S. and Europe. We are going to recruit top talent for all verticals such as product, marketing, R&D, and business development. In terms of technical advancements, we plan to create an ecosystem which includes IOT and other emerging technologies.

Ricky Ng: A Brief Background

Ricky Ng grew up in Hong Kong and graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003 with a bachelor’s in engineering, e-commerce, and financial engineering. After graduating, he worked at the Hong Kong Economic Times and then went on to serve as senior business manager for Yahoo Search Marketing’s Asia division. After his time at Yahoo, he spent the next 10 years honing his craft in digital marketing and entrepreneurship and founded iClick Interactive and 

Currently, Ricky Ng, founder, serves as the Chairman of

“Our project is disrupting the traditional real estate marketplace by combining the power of blockchain and emerging technologies.”