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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2017

Leading the Digital Transformation: Zenoss

thesiliconreview greg stock chairman ceo zenoss 2017Awarded by Forbes as one of the Best cloud companies to work in 2016 and 2017, Zenoss is making its way round as one of the leading tech companies worldwide.

Zenoss is the global leader in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software, providing complete visibility for cloud, virtual and physical IT environments for more than 5,600 global organizations. The company Zenoss has been setup in the year 2005, and it is headquartered in Austin, Texas. It helps enterprise organizations gain IT performance and high risk insights even in the most unique IT ecosystems through real-time analytics that adapt to the ever evolving data center and cloud, enabling them to eliminate disruptions and accelerate business. Zenoss monitors 1.2 million devices and 17 billion data points a day and more than 60 million data points every 5 minutes.

The service spectrum

Zenoss is reaching out to their customers and helping in gaining IT performance and risk understanding. As such to tranquilize their customer’s issue that is related to modern IT Ops calls for new and innovative combinations of converged, virtualized and cloud-based infrastructures, the company has designed the Zenoss hybrid IT monitoring platform to deliver 360-degree visibility to every technology in the customer’s companies.

The idea, here, is to conduct real-time analytics and modeling to ensure service uptime, an unified view for maximum efficiency, and a flexible, open architecture that can be customized for any environment of varied organizations.

Two of the products of Zenoss shall be vividly explained below:

  • Zenoss service Dynamics- It is a hybrid IT monitoring platform that allows enterprise companies to monitor everything, including compute, storage, network, converged infrastructure, applications and unified communications systems.
  • Zenoss core- It is the freely available open-source infrastructure monitoring platform. Core is designed for small deployments with basic infrastructure monitoring for traditional IT systems such as servers, storage and networking devices from many of the most trusted data center brands. Core users have access to support through thousands of fellow Zenoss community members via the company’s website.

With so much to work for in a confined period, Zenoss has sought its mechanism of working or serving the organizations or the customers. Zenoss helps to See Everything, Know Better and Act faster at large scale. That is to gain visibility into the health of the entire hybrid IT infrastructure, understanding at-risk services before the business is impacted and finally get more actionable, that is to get timely insights to accelerate resolution.

Zenoss is also proud to find its partner in companies that are globally recognized such as Datalink, VMWare, Accenture, Amazon, Cognizant, Lenovo, CISCO, Dynatrace, etc. The Zenoss partner network was designed to meet the growing demand for our single platform monitoring and service-assurance solution to support the present dynamic hybrid IT infrastructures.

Yet, the million dollar question waits to be answered as why one would prefer Zenoss over any other IT monitoring and analytics software? Certainly, there are other companies that might even work in the same order as Zenoss, but Zenoss has by all far has proved that it is one of the most reliable and sought after company that could also be customized for any environment to deliver real-time analytics and thus, simplify cloud migrations and streamline the adoption of virtual, converged and software-defined technologies. In addition to that, it tightly integrates IT development, deployment and operations to transform one’s organization into smoothly running one. Also, it works towards eliminating IT silos while simultaneously reducing cost and finally to certify service reliability before business disruptions occurs and dismantle the organizations.

Meet the Master

Greg Stock has more than 20 years of executive leadership with high-growth companies who have established market leadership and created category leading value for customers.  Prior to Zenoss, Greg served as Chairman and CEO of Vovici, transforming the company into the leading provider of Voice of the Customer (VoC) SaaS solutions. Under his leadership, Vovici experienced explosive growth of more than 300 percent, expanding its customer base to 1,200, including 50 percent of the Fortune 500. Vovici was acquired by Verint-Systems in July 2011. Before Vovici, Greg served as President and CEO of Mirage Networks, a provider of network access control (NAC) solutions based in Austin, TX. During his tenure, Greg led the company from its first customer win to securing more than 600 customers in 40 countries and secured more than $37 million in funding. Mirage was acquired by Trustwave in February 2009. As vice president of marketing, Greg drove Vastera, a provider of global trade management solutions, to a market-leading position and was instrumental in the company’s successful IPO in September 2000.

Greg also helped Manugistics, a supply chain management software company, grow revenues to more than $200 million and expand operations to China and Australia. Early in his career, Greg held leadership positions at Chrysler Motors in Detroit, MI and IBM Corp. in Rochester, MN and Somers, NY. Greg was most recently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Austin Ventures and is a member of the Board of Directors at Austin-based Macheen, Inc. Greg holds M.B.A. and B.S. degrees from the Pennsylvania State University.

“Organizations are eager to embrace the power of the modern IT environment and they need innovation solutions to manage the complexity of virtualization and cloud technologies. Zenoss is at the forefront of this evolution and is poised for aggressive growth.”