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50 Best Workplaces of the year 2016

Leading the Quest to Change the World with Efficient Energy Solutions Delivered with Passion and Expertise: Ameresco, Inc


"With headquarters in Framingham, MA, Ameresco drives its vision to energize a sustainable world.”

Founded in 2000, Ameresco, Inc. is a leading independent provider of comprehensive services, energy efficiency, infrastructure upgrades, asset sustainability and renewable energy solutions for businesses and organizations throughout North America and Europe. Today, Ameresco has grown to become a $630 million company with more than 1,000 employees located in 70 offices throughout North America and Europe, combining an international footprint with strong local operations, providing customer value to more than 2,000 clients. The company has successfully completed energy-saving, environmentally-responsible projects with Federal, state and local governments, healthcare and educational institutions, housing authorities, and commercial and industrial customers.

Reliable energy solutions at your service
Ameresco is a leading energy services provider. The company saves money for clients by delivering customer-focused, value-added energy efficient and renewable energy solutions to meet their requirements and sustainability goals. It provides fiscally prudent and socially responsible solutions. Ameresco designs and develops energy-saving retrofits, as well as designs, constructs, and sometimes operates client-owned renewable energy sources. In addition, as an established developer of renewable power projects, Ameresco leverages expertise in solar and landfill gas to develop operating energy assets. Ameresco’s sustainability services include upgrades to a facility’s energy infrastructure and the development, construction, ownership and operation of renewable energy plants. The company’s broad technical expertise covers the full-range of renewable sources from rooftop solar to wind, landfill gas, biomass, biogas, and beyond. The company’s energy experts deliver long-term customer value and environmental stewardship.

Well equipped for efficient energy management
When it comes to managing energy more efficiently and effectively, Ameresco has the experienced engineers, unrivaled knowledge, intellectual capital and technology to cover an organization’s entire spectrum of energy needs, from infrastructure upgrades and equipment replacement, renewable energy plant development and load management on the demand side to renewable energy procurement, power purchase agreements and price risk management on the supply side.

Customers are a top priority at Ameresco
Ameresco is an international company serving customers throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Ameresco’s clients include Federal, state and local government, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, institutions, hospitals, public housing, and commercial, industrial, and manufacturing companies. The company is a Trusted Sustainability Partner for customers. With dedicated energy and business professionals with years of experience and strong commitment to customer satisfaction and service, Ameresco offers its clients the resources needed to successfully plan, execute and even help finance the energy program that will create real, sustained economic and operating benefits to fulfill their unique goals and requirements.

Why is Ameresco different?
Ameresco is an independent technology-agnostic company which is not aligned with a single vendor and is capable of evaluating the best solutions for customers without bias.

Technical Design Engineering Expertise – Ameresco has broad in-house capabilities and deep technical expertise. A collaborative design process supports and provides creative and innovative solutions to support customer goals and requirements.

Comprehensive Sustainable Services – The company is a one-stop comprehensive service provider offering a full-range of energy, efficiency, renewable and sustainability services. It also offers a flexible and differentiated model depending on the customer’s preference (design, build, own, operate, and maintain).

Acknowledging energy efficiency as a key factor
Efficiency is the greatest and the most compelling global energy resource. Ameresco focuses on deploying energy efficiency to maximize energy use from all resources; fossil-fuel and renewable. It is widely available, financeable, and its technology is constantly advancing. Having an understanding that capturing the full potential of energy efficiency is a force-multiplier for addressing Climate Change, the company embraces efficiency as the first energy resource.

Ameresco completes the 18 MW-DC solar energy project at Fort Detrick
Ameresco, in June 2016, joined U.S. Army leadership and Federal, state, and local officials to celebrate the completion of the large-scale 18.6 megawatt (MW) direct current(15.0 MW alternating current) renewable energy solar facility located at Frederick, Maryland.

The large-scale solar project is comprised of 59,994 solar panels installed across 67 acres of land throughout Area B at Fort Detrick. The facility is one of the single-largest in the mid-Atlantic region as well as in Maryland, designed to serve about 12 percent of Fort Detrick’s annual electric load requirements. Ameresco designed, built and will own, operate and maintain the large-scale solar facility. Fort Detrick will purchase the renewable electricity from Ameresco through a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The electricity to be generated by the facility is equivalent to powering 2,720 homes per year and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 19,000 metric tons annually.

Meet the Key Executive

George P. Sakellaris, President and CEO – George is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ameresco, Inc. A visionary and an entrepreneur, Sakellaris founded Ameresco in 2000. He aspired to build an entirely product-neutral and supplier-independent energy company that had the skills, capabilities and foresight to create independent energy solutions that went beyond conservation; one that addressed a customer’s entire energy stream including supply and demand, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Early in his career, Sakellaris worked at the utility New England Electric System (NEES), where he welcomed the challenge to establish NEES Energy, a company that would promote energy efficiency, following which he purchased the business known as NEES Energy in 1991 and renamed it NORESCO. He built NORESCO into an industry-leading independent energy services company before selling it to Equitable Resources in 1997, where he continued to lead NORESCO and was also appointed as a Senior Vice President of Equitable Resources (NYSE: EQT), a Fortune 500 Energy Company.

Today, Sakellaris leads Ameresco, a public company, employing over 1,000. He earned M.B.A and M.S.E.E. degrees from Northeastern University and a B.S.E.E. degree from the University of Maine-Orono. The University of Maine granted him an Honorary Doctorate for his lifetime of achievements, recognizing his dedication and exemplary leadership in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

“Nothing is insurmountable. We do more with less.”