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Leveraging cutting-edge technology for enhanced sales: Highspot

thesiliconreview-robert-wahbe-ceo-highspot-19Sales and marketing are perhaps the most important operations in a corporation, second only to research and development. Salespersons need to understand their company’s product, know their market, know their potential customers, and understand the dynamics of the industry served. As a company grows bigger, sales teams often find it hectic to keep track of all the various aspects of their activities. Highspot’s innovative platform equips sales teams with all the essential tools that enable them to consolidates their efforts to maximize productivity.

For modern businesses, Highspot equips sales teams to engage today’s buyers with the most effective marketing assets on time, every time. As the highest rated sales enablement platform with over 90% adoption, Highspot naturally fits into seller existing day-to-day workflow. By helping you organize, find, and analyze sales and marketing assets, Highspot promises to help sales teams win more deals and to modernize sales enablement organizations.

Using Highspot, sales teams are connected to the most relevant content for each situation, have flexible ways to present content to customers, and gain real-time visibility into whether customers find the content engaging. Advanced analytics let’s marketing and sales understand how content is performing across the sales cycle and provide actionable insights so pitches and content can be optimized. By closing the loop across marketing, sales, and customers, Highspot uniquely delivers insights that help companies engage more effectively with customers, driving increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Conversation mastery is an accelerator to onboarding success—time-to-productivity, time-to-first deal, and a robust pipeline. Without conversation mastery, a new salesperson will not have the confidence or ability to get the initial customer meeting, build a healthy pipeline, and move deals through the sales cycle. Highspot is the industry's most advanced sales enablement platform, helping organizations close the loop across marketing, sales, and the customer.

Highspot features

Highspot naturally integrates into the apps, devices, and platforms you already have in place, fitting into reps’ day-to-day workflows seamlessly.

Guided Experiences

Enables companies to put content in context with streamlined sales communications, dynamic sales plays, and just-in-time training.

Increase seller knowledge

Get your sellers up to speed quickly with one repository for training and best practice materials.

Analytics that drive revenue

Know what’s working and extract best practices to improve the content and ultimately drive revenue.


Artificial Intelligence

Semantic Search

Search that actually works because AI-powered search algorithms deliver accurate results and the most relevant content every time.

Intelligent Recommendations

Patented machine-learning analyzes how content is being used and how effective it is in closing revenue to surface the best recommendations.

Content Scoring

Intelligent content scoring based on how content is being used by your sales team, how it engages customers, and how much revenue it helped drive.


Track Usage & Engagement

Insights about what content sales teams and individuals are using, and which assets are getting the best response from prospects.

Visibility without Gaps

Proprietary Content Genomics™ tracks modified content back to its original source — so the majority of usage and engagement analytics aren’t lost.

Quantify Sales Impact

Connect content performance with CRM data to understand how content is driving sales velocity, conversion, and quota performance.

Full Self-Service Analytics

Access pre-built reports or create and save your own for ongoing business insights and optimization.


Built from the ground up for enterprise scale and security, Highspot is designed to grow with you and protect your business.

Supporting SaaS Security Standards

Data protection is a central design tenet for Highspot’s software. The company adheres to security development practices and protocols, and host on AWS enterprise-class cloud infrastructure.

GDPR Compliance

Comprehensive support and outlined procedures and documentation for the execution of GDPR related requests.

SOC Compliance

Completion of Service Organization Controls (SOC) 2 and 3 reports, attesting to Highspot's commitment to controls that safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of information stored and processed in the company’s service.

Meet the maverick behind Highspot’s growth, Robert Wahbe

Robert Wahbe co-founded Highspot in 2012 after discovering the need to empower sales and marketing teams with sales enablement. As the CEO, Robert is passionate about leading the company in developing the industry's most advanced technology solutions that help customers win more business. Prior to founding Highspot, Robert served as Corporate Vice President of the Server and Tools Division at Microsoft. A veteran entrepreneur, he also co-founded Colusa, a cross-language virtual machine that was acquired by Microsoft. Robert holds a degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

“Highspot is the highest customer-rated sales enablement platform with the highest rep adoption.”