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10 Fastest Growing Storage Companies

Liberating Data Storage Intelligence from the traditional closed “Big Box” storage system: Infinite io


"Headquartered in Austin, TX, USA, Infinite io’s network-based storage controllers intelligently place data on the most optimum media reducing storage cost by as much as eighty percent while performance-enhancing data that is actively used.”

Eighty percent or more of all data is written once and never accessed again. Inactive data in the typical data center doubles every twenty four months or less. A recent study found that ninety-percent of all data that exists in the world today has been created in the last two years. During 2016 alone, approximately $24 billion will be spent on new file storage for data that will remain inactive forever.

Infinite io has built a game-changing new solution to automatically control and manage the massive growth of inactive data that consumes the majority of most IT storage budgets while dramatically increasing the access performance of data that is actively used.

The Instrument of Change
Infinite io installs transparently in front of storage as a network-based controller and intelligently migrates inactive data to low-cost cloud storage. Data is constantly migrated to the cloud based on intelligent policies. Not all data is created equal, so placement on low-cost storage is done with much more intelligence than just last access date. With infinite io you decide what’s important for a change, not your storage vendor.

The Game-Changing New Solution to our Storage Woes
With the advent of gigabit internet connections, flash memory and cloud storage, accessing and storing data will forever be changed. Traditional stand-alone storage systems can now say farewell. Solutions that have not been built from the ground up to take advantage of this tidal change in technology will require complete vendor lock-in and/or changes to network addressing, file access points and applications just to incorporate the cloud. infinite io natively incorporates the cloud into existing applications and storage transparently with no changes required.

infinite io has built a new storage product based on technology usually associated with security devices. Its network-based Storage Controllers utilize a layer-7 transparent proxy to be totally invisible to installed applications and storage. Deep packet inspection keeps track of file activity instead of a traditional overlay file system.

The company has literally taken the intelligence usually associated with a storage system and put it into a networking device, allowing data to be migrated to the best of breed storage tier without limitation. Policy-based migration continuously moves data to the optimum storage tier. Policies can be created using several different variables and combinations, well beyond the intelligence of traditional usage-based algorithms

The network-based Storage Controllers are revolutionary in that they introduce no new file systems, no mount points, no virtualization, and no storage domain mapping. If servers and clients are working with a “C:” drive or specific mount point name, with our products, no matter where the data has been migrated, servers and clients continue to work with the same “C:” drive or mount point name.

“Infinite io has taken a bottoms up and radically different approach to cloud integration.”
– Tom Simpson, CTO of Cincinnati Bell

“Being able to seamlessly cloud-enable existing applications sets infinite io apart from the field.”
– Mike Clifford, COO of Redbird Flight Simulations and former CIO of Whole Foods

Meet the Management Team

Mark Cree – CEO and Founder
A veteran of routing and switching technology, Mark most recently worked with high-performance storage solutions. As the CEO of Storspeed, Mark had several patents filed related to storage caching. Mark led Cisco Systems entry into the storage networking market as the General Manager of Cisco Systems Storage Router Business Unit. He joined Cisco Systems through the acquisition of NuSpeed, a company he founded that delivered the first commercial iSCSI storage over IP product which became the foundation of a multi-billion dollar market. He holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas and a BS in MIS from the University of Minnesota.

Jay Rolette – Vice President of Engineering and Founder
A packet processing and security technology veteran, Jay was most recently the Chief Technologist of HP TippingPoint, a network security company acquired by 3Com in 2005, which was subsequently acquired by HP in 2010. During his 12 years at TippingPoint, he worked in a number of different roles including software developer, systems architect, and Director of Software Engineering. Prior to TippingPoint, Jay was the Director of Professional Services at Emerald Technologies. Prior to Emerald, Jay held several engineering positions at IBM. He studied Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University.

David Sommers – Vice President of Operations and Founder
David was the Vice President of Systems and Software at NetEffect developing a RDMA 10GB NIC product which was acquired by Intel. Prior to NetEffect, David joined Vitesse as the Vice President of RAID ASIC development. He spent 19 years with Adaptec, as the Vice President of Engineering, responsible for the development of RAID ASIC’s, TCP/IP offload solutions (TOE), multiport Ethernet adapters, iSCSI, CR and encryption. Early in his career David worked at Atari with Noland Bushnell and Steve Jobs. He did his Undergraduate Studies in Engineering at Chabot College.

“Infinite io installs transparently in front of storage as a network-based controller and intelligently  migrates inactive data to low-cost cloud storage.”