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‘Linking Business and People’: Croatia-based Sciomagis Plans to Integrate BPM Platform with IoT to Enable Full Automation and Management of Processes with a Wide Context of Possible Implementations

thesiliconreview-davorin-anton-dumancic-director-sciomagis-19“Our solutions are projected to be delivered fast and engineered to be customizable later.”

To compete in today’s digital age, enterprises are under increased pressure to optimize costs and align IT with business outcomes. To meet these challenges, custom application development has become an attractive option that goes beyond the capabilities offered by pre-configured solutions. By enhancing existing applications and developing new ones, today’s organizations are leveraging customized solutions to transform their business.

In view of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re thrilled to present Sciomagis.

The company specializes in providing information business solutions as well as developing and maintaining custom information systems. Sciomagis’ expert competencies are in the field of document and process management systems.

It has provided solutions in archiving, accounts payable, sales automation, client relationship management, and other areas.

Sciomagis was incorporated in 2009 and is headquartered in VelikaGorica, Croatia.

Davorin Anton Dumancic, Sciomagis Director, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

What was the biggest initial hurdle to building your business and how did you overcome it?

Our biggest initial risk was starting the business with empty client list; it was a big risk. The only way to overcome this was to pickup the phone and start calling around. It was a challenge to ask around for a project, but if you’re confident enough, you always find that first client.

What are your areas of focus?

We focus on providing the best solutions from a business perspective. For that, we are not ‘reinventing the wheel’ with designs and technologies but integrate best-of-breed modern technologies so we can target our resources in business use cases and complete solutions.

What do you hope to accomplish in the long run?

We are building a creative and positive working environment which focuses on developing a distributed process management platform in order to allow the flow of business processes across platforms and systems. We plan to integrate the platform with IoT to enable full automation and management of processes with a wide context of possible implementations.

Tell us about the solutions Sciomagis offer?

Enterprise Content Management ECM/DMS: We have long lasting experience in implementing a system for enterprise document and process management based on leading platforms like EMC² Documentum and Alfresco. Our projects usually include using input management solutions from EMC² Captiva or Abbyy.

Our solutions include ready to use or custom developed solutions for sale automation, accounts payable, archiving modules (employee records, contracts, salaries, client maps, audio/video, reports...). Applications can be tailored to suit different ICT environments, platforms (Windows, Linux), databases (Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL), or integrated with various existing business solutions of the customers.

Distributed Enterprise Content Management: Distributed Enterprise Content Management enables the extension of the functionality of a particular ECM(DMS) of the organization to a wider connection with the ECM systems partner and client companies. We offer an innovative solution that allows you to collaborate on business documents with multiple companies with respect to all business and technical characteristics of each user. Each company is working on documents through their existing ECM system, and our tools ensure that all changes and actions are automatically mapped to the other companies.

Custom Application Development: More than a decade of experience in working with clients and developing tailored made business solutions, we specialize in the development of the Internet and network applications, mobile solutions and in automated data processing, all based on open-source technologies.

Long term cooperation is a base for all our new experiences. We see ourselves as a part of your organisation, which can help you optimise your business operations and solve technical problems. Our solutions are continuously used since the last century.

We are committed to continue training our employees to be able to offer customers the best solutions in the most effective manner. Some of our certifications include Amazon AWS, Documentum BPM, Designing and architecting J2EE applications, Enterprise JavaBeans Programming, Documentum WDK, Java, C programmer, SQL, XML, VMware, and many others.

ICT Consulting Services: We offer a variety of IT consulting services certified with years of experience and satisfied customers. Services are offered in the following areas:

Business consulting:

  • Defining long-term strategies related to the use of information technology to achieve business goals
  • Optimizing the structure of the organization and business processes using IT resources on a daily basis


Technical Consulting:

  • Providing expert technical advice on how to design, supply and commissioning of IT systems can help meet the business needs of the client
  • Help in managing, analysing and exploiting information about the client’s customers

System Integration:

  • Development of custom applications to solve specific business problems using a combination of ready-made commercial solutions, applications and existing customers’ IT applications

Delivery management:

  • Manage the customer’s large IT change projects in order to ensure that they are completed on time, within the budget and with the quality that delivers the required benefits

We also offer services such as Custom Development, Paper Archiving and Scanning, Online Archiving, Digital Signature, Microsoft Licencing, and Web Hosting.

In addition, we provide our services to small businesses mostly through Sky.Flow online platform which is a cloud-based solution with common applications from our portfolio.

Tell us more about Sky.Flow.

Create workflows on-the-fly using simple and modern web interface without writing a single line of code. Sky.Flow enables you to create workflows, data, forms and all other related properties of your business processes and run them immediately using a simple and modern web interface.

Use simple web interface to streamline workflow creation and rollout project immediately. User friendly web interface enables you to drag activities on process panel, link them with transitions and modify all relevant process data.

Define data properties that you want to use in your workflow.

Create forms for user activities by selection data properties of the workflow.

Create documents from scratch or from templates with auto-filling workflow data properties.

Notify users on incoming activities, overdue tasks and on process progress using built-in or custom-made e-mail templates.

Create digital archives from process documents using user defined archiving rules. Create repository maps and organizations by using workflow properties and process data.

Administer all aspects of document and process management system. Add permissions to users. Organize users to groups. Dynamically add or revoke permissions based on workflow settings. Use roles in your process to create dynamic processes that are modified for each process instance.

Sky.Flow is offered as a cloud service with pay-as-you-go model ( with minimal initial cost or as on-premise installation. Both can be used immediately but also can further be customised to suite end-user needs.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

For me, it was a big decision to start my own business: A big unknown, tough call. But now if I have to give advice to someone in a similar position it would be to paraphrase “Just do it”. It is a great experience going for it for the first time. It really doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail, the experience will be priceless.

What other leaders do you look up to, and why?

I look up to Richard Branson and Bill Gates for what they have done in terms of their achievements in business and their contribution to enriching society.

Davorin Anton Dumancic: A Brief Background

Davorin Anton Dumancic: Davorin Anton Dumancic serves as a director of Sciomagis. He’s responsible for complete management of the firm; providing consulting services, project management, development, and training.

“We are building a creative and positive working environment which focuses on developing distributed process management platform in order to allow the flow of business processes across platforms and systems.”