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Loyalty Methods: Specializes in delivering high-quality Customer Experience Solutions by solving complex integration and data problems.

“The company is driven by a mission to help companies build and support large-scale customer experience solutions; to do it safely, simply, quickly and elegantly.”

eadquartered in Seattle, USA, Loyalty Methods Inc. is a company that delivers solutions for some of the world’s largest and most popular brands in the hospitality, retail and travel industry. Their track record remains unbeaten in the Loyalty and Marketing space. Despite the fact that the company’s customers had very challenging goals in terms of scale, complexity and time to market, Loyalty Methods provide creative innovation to help them realize their stated goals.

Being Different in the Domain
Founded in 2007, Loyalty Methods drives a truly differentiated customer strategy by tackling the following factors:

Direct References – Because of their 100% track record, their customers such as Starbucks and Southwest Airlines are willing to provide direct references to their ability to deliver services and solutions.

Marketing Audience – They understand the need to consolidate customers across channel touch points which are critical to building and understanding a company’s audience and marketing goals.

Marketing Audience
Segmentation – They help in understanding the customers so that they can take an appropriate course of action that will work best for a segment of the audience.

Customer Acquisition Tracking – Loyalty Methods helps in building an effective, omni-channel customer acquisition strategy.

Channel Response – They build strategies to collect and organize customer responses across various channels which are critical to maintaining a relevant dialogue with customers.

Channel Optimization – To achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness, Loyalty Methods help in optimizing the various channels through which customers interact with their respective companies.

Business Intelligence – Their expertise in using business intelligence strategies assist in identifying, understanding and interpreting patterns to further improve relevant conversations with customers.

Product Offerings
LoyaltyMethods has created products which help maintain integrations with a variety of systems.

Reactor CX – A real-time, cloud-based customer engagement and loyalty platform. It is built on a scalable big data technology stack and leverages Loyalty Methods’ proprietary adaptive integration layer to enable quick and easy multi-channel solutions that integrate well within a company’s infrastructure.

CRM CloudBox – Is a Siebel and OBIEE cloud-based production hosting platform which can be used for development, testing and proof-of-concepts labs that can be created in minutes.

FeedXchange – This software helps in integrating new partners in to a company’s Siebel Loyalty platform. It also helps in managing hundreds of partner transaction feeds each with different requirements for formatting, transport, frequency and response.

Fast Socket Transport – A protocol adapter designed to quickly build an extremely fast, efficient and hassle free transport from any connected Point Of Sale terminal, kiosk, etc to back-end systems such as Siebel Loyalty, Siebel Marketing, OBIEE, RTD, etc.

ESP Pipeline – Helps facilitate personalized communications, whether it is via email or social channels to any targeted audience that a user can define. It enables a 360-degree view into the performance of a company’s campaigns by providing the capability of exporting all of its segmentation analysis to its email service provider and imports response metrics back in to close the loop.

Somerset – Is a data retirement and archiving solution that removes data with minimal performance degradation and zero downtime to help return your system to a healthy equilibrium.


End-To-End Customer
Services: Loyalty Methods are experts at combining a company’s systems with their end-to-end customer solutions and thereby creating a “marketing machine”. They can build any combination of the components (Intelligence, Data Storage, Data Management, Application and Integration) and integrate them with any infrastructure. Intelligence is the analytical brain of the marketing machine, Data Storage is the memory, Data Management is the data cleansing piece, Application is the operational brain and Integration is the nervous system of the marketing machine.

Technology Services: Loyalty Methods offers a variety of technology services. They are elucidated below:

Pre-Packaged Application
Services – Loyalty Methods offers services for the pre-packaged Oracle applications such as Siebel, Oracle Business Intelligence, MDM, Enterprise Data Quality, Real-Time Decisions, Webcenter, Alfresco, RightNow, Atg, Magento and Hybris, to a name a few.

Big Data Development Service- The service includes planning; design; development; and support services for companies who are starting, or currently own Big Data initiatives.

Custom Development Services – Loyalty Methods offers a range of custom services to help IT departments address challenges in a sustainable and cost-effective way. It includes services such as back-end development, continuous integration and DevOps services, iOS and Android development services and UX and front-end design & development services.

Quality Assurance Services – All Loyalty Methods implementations include Quality Assurance Services, however, this can also be provided as a standalone for those companies who may require additional testing strategies.

Managed Services
Cloud Hosting Services – Loyalty Methods Cloud Hosting Services leverage an automated, scalable platform which allows them to host a company’s applications in the Amazon’s AWS cloud stack.

Application Support Services – Depending on an organization’s needs, Loyalty Methods can complement or fully take over support for its customer’s applications.

Client Testimonial’s
“In Q3 our My Starbucks Rewards program drove significant incremental business for us, and in fact, was cited in a recent customer survey as a top reason for increased visitation versus six months earlier.”- Howard Shultz, CEO, Starbucks

“Loyalty Methods brought a very high level of expertise within the OBIEE technology platform, and a keen understanding of our downstream business needs.”– Harry Roberts, CIO, Century 21 Department Stores

“Since the first approach with Loyalty Methods we felt we were in the right hands. Besides their deep technical expertise they focus highly in results, always applying a practical approach to bring optimal solutions.”
– Cuauhtemoc Galvez, CTO, Ampersand

Meet the Master
Emil Sarkissian, CEO
As Loyalty Methods’ chief visionary, he provides executive leadership to the company’s senior management and is personally involved in the strategy, financing, new-business acquisition, business planning and day-to-day operations of the company. His direction has led to the creation of our product strategy and delivery process that has allowed LM to deliver solutions successfully to every single customer without fail. Prior to co-founding LM, Emil held a leadership position at Washington Mutual where he successfully directed the Contact Center Technology Group.

Some of the major client of Loyalty Methods are: Alaska Airlines, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, Century 21 Stores &Holland America Line.

“We have been delivering highly successful customer implementations since 2007”