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M16 Marketing: Helping Organizations Grow, the Right Way

thesiliconreview-don-dodds-founder-m16-marketing-18Marketing is one the most difficult and important jobs in the world. Marketing is what attracts customers and drives a business’ revenue. Every company which regularly deals with customers requires a dedicated team to handle their marketing. The primary job of marketers is to analyze the requirements in the market in order to achieve maximum adverting product sales. Today, the internet has emerged as one of the largest platforms for mass marketing. Social media has taken tailor-made advertisements to a whole new level. With the emergence of the e-commerce industry, things are more competitive than ever. Companies are continuing to pour vast sums of money into advertising campaigns promoting various products sometimes with great success and sometimes their efforts fall short of their target goals.

In the cut-throat arena of internet marketing, it is important for companies to have a sound product advertising strategy. As one of the top marketing firms in Atlanta, Georgia, M16 Marketing specializes in providing strategic marketing to help companies achieve their business goals. Founded by a serial entrepreneur who has successfully created and sold multiple companies, M16 Marketing caters to a wide array of businesses from large corporations to emerging startups.

Motivation for M16

M16’s founder, Don Dodds, has an unending passion for solving real-world problems and growing businesses. With the rapid surge in venture capitalism to bolster startups, America is now home to the largest number of technology unicorns.

M16 Marketing has a dedicated team consisting of tactical web designers; strategists, content creators; coders and digital marketing experts. Their dedicated teams help businesses identify and solve problems related to internet marketing. With an explosion in internet usage, marketing on the internet attracts a broader audience base. It is critical businesses understand how to handle that new audience and their new customers. In addition to marketing, M16 also provides strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. This service determines how a client’s website ranks higher on a popular search engine such as Google. As a Certified Google Partner, M16 also provides PPC (Pay per Click) advertising. As the name suggests, PPC is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads are clicked.

The Project That Got the Ball Rolling

The first project M16 carried out focused heavily on formulating a digital presence strategy and business coaching to help a law firm dominate their space. Through expert website design, UX, SEO, and PPC campaigns, the firm’s clientele grew rapidly. Today, they are an established name in their sector. What’s more, they were M16’s first client and remain one of the firm’s devoted clients to this day.

Being acutely aware client’s expectations need to be managed, M16 educates their clients and demonstrates strategies that facilitate long-term sustainable growth and lays a solid foundation for success. Since M16 also handles the advertising for emerging companies, they create an appropriate strategy. Tactics (web design, SEO, PPC, email marketing, etc) without a sound strategy eventually lead to failure. This is one of the key takeaways of working with M16 Marketing. The business intelligence services they provide are time-tested and indispensable in today’s dynamic market. Business intelligence includes all of those practices companies undertake to evaluate and analyze operations to determine how their efficiency can be improved. It involves studying market trends, customer preference patterns, industry requirements, increase and decrease in market share and its causes, etc. These are crucial services startup companies struggle with given their limited funds and manpower.

M16 helps clients reach their full potential with market winning strategies. A key element in the range of services offered by M16 is website development and web traffic monitoring. An engaging website with a good interface and great user experience attracts a larger audience and generates greater visibility and eventually garners more customers.

The Challenges Faced Initially

M16 has made it a mission to help companies grow and achieve success. Just like every company, M16 faced several challenges that are typical for a newly conceived company. Don Dodds believes founders need to recognize when to say no to a client, even though it means saying no to big money. Newly founded companies need to have a razor-sharp focus and a steadfast determination.

The leadership at M16 firmly believes it is difficult to start a business and far more difficult to scale it. A company’s best assets are its employees. M16 believes in empowering employees internally and letting them know that they are valued by letting their ideas be heard. M16 embraces newer technology and encourages their people to work continuously to optimize the company’s processes.

A Typical Day in the Office

M16’s work environment is highly dynamic and is filled with energy. No two days are the same as M16 caters to a plethora of industries including automotive, retail e-commerce, government, waste management, construction, pest control, banking, wealth management, logistics, healthcare and more. What’s unique is that employees are encouraged to work from home, an initiative that allows them to service clients well beyond the 9 to 5 schedule. This philosophy gets more work done and ensures a better work-life harmony for the employees.

Meet the Enterprising Founder of M16, Don Dodds

Don Dodds is the son of a pastor and a nurse. Growing up in a working-class family, Don watched his parents work long hours as servant leaders in the community. He was exposed to hard work and what it meant to help others. It was at this time that Don discovered that he had the innate ability to identify solutions to problems through innovative ideas. For him, entrepreneurship was instinctive and he always wanted to control his time and his income and help other businesses. He channeled this inner desire to start M16.

"Our mission is to help businesses achieve sustainable success.TM"