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MacAppStudio: Moving ahead with a strong workplace culture, trust and camaraderie


MacAppStudio was founded by two friends, George Christopher and Suresh Kumar. It was an extremely tough time when they quit their high paying jobs and rejected the U.S. H1 offers, but the duo had the dedication and determination to become entrepreneurs and add value to people’s lives. Finally in Jan 2012, they started MacAppStudio, an app development company that aims to provide end to end technologies to enable business and touch people lives. Since then they have taken MacAppStudio to new heights, set new benchmarks and achieved many awards and success time and again.

Talking of their struggles, Suresh Kumar G, CEO and founder, said, “We took a small place and started our journey. Though we had humble beginnings, we were adamant on generating profits and use them to improve our office. So it took us one month to get our first fan, three months to get an inverter, and we could install an AC after working for five months.” He also mentioned, “As it’s very difficult to manage a startup for the first three years, we didn’t want to hire anyone and make their lives tough. So initially, we started working all on our own and eventually started hiring people.” MacAppStudio started from zero and has transformed into a one million venture in their third year. And so far, it is generating revenue close to 4 million dollars. A fact worth mentioning is the company has never taken any investment or loan to establish itself in the market. Gradually it has built an excellent team that understands the work culture and works hard to further strengthen the values and ethics upon which MacAppStudio is built.

Creating a great workplace

The company follows a very unique work culture where they don’t focus much on employee resumes. Its HR policies too are quite different from the typical software companies. “Our major focus is on giving an opportunity, identifying the talent inside them, hiring them and training them. That’s it! Whenever we hire someone and give them the opportunity to work with us, we tell them only two things. First, they need to work hard, and second, they will be fired immediately if they lie”, said Suresh. MacAppStudio has a very high value for its integrity.

Every employee working at MacAppStudio has the access keys to the office, and they are free to come, finish their work and leave at any time. In addition to that, they also don’t have an approval culture; their leaves are approved as soon as they ask for it. Suresh explains, “We understand that we are human beings. We all go through ups and downs at some point in our lives, and we will definitely face situations that need our attention. So even if our employees take leaves for a month for certain reasons, there won’t be any deduction in their payment.” There is no loss of pay at MacAppStudio. Suresh also shares a story of his employee who had to stay away from work when his father expired. The company didn’t just help him financially; the whole team too was there for moral and emotional support. “That’s how our culture is. Everybody is equal and like a family”, asserts Suresh.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Suresh and George had to face many challenges and pass through several stumbling blocks in their initial stages. They had to handle things like product development as well as their family. But the biggest challenge, as Suresh says, was to anticipate which product was going to be a hit. So they kept working with persistence. The kept doing their jobs with love and failed most of the time. They patiently waited for a long time to see their first success. Eventually they got a project from Intel, which was almost half a million.

They try to imbibe their employees with the same toughness they possess right from the start. The employees are trained hard and pushed to their limits during the training period. Employees at MacAppStudio are called Spartans, as Suresh puts it. “So either they run on the first day or don’t run at all. We initially break them and then we make them”, he further added. “We also make sure every work that comes from our employees comes out of love. Each and every pixel they design, every piece of code they write and even the email that they write can be felt miles across if it comes straight from their heart.”

The promise of a better future


MacAppStudio has set a vision of transforming every employee into a leader this year. It is encouraging everyone to take steps ahead, be they small or massive. They can fail, but that doesn’t matter. Their efforts are always rewarded. As they complete a year, they are gifted a 10 grams gold coin. They get a bike after completing their second year. Further, the company has plans of gifting them a car in their fifth year and a house in their tenth year. It takes care of everything so that the employees can just focus on their work. That is why MacAppStudio’s attrition rate is almost zero.

A couple of years from now, the company wishes to add more 500 people to the extraordinary team, and make them a part of its mission to spread happiness and make a huge impact in people’s lives. George and Suresh believes that if they put their heads down and keep doing the great work, God will definitely take them to places. Most of the employees at MacAppStudio come from small and humble families, and the company has made them more matured and disciplined. Now they perform extraordinarily well at their jobs, earn a good salary and also contribute to their families. And whenever they sees the pride and satisfaction that their families have for his employees, they finds huge happiness. “Our people are our strength; We always call them brothers and our team of brothers is the pillar for the success we have achieved”, concludes Suresh.

“We have always wanted to mark our presence in the world. It doesn’t matter if we were only able to make a small difference in people’s lives, but we wanted to make their lives easier, simpler and happier. In either ways, our products should touch people’s lives. That is our only goal.”