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30 Most Trustworthy Companies of the year 2017

Maine Pointe: Trusted to transform supply chains and operations for advantage

thesiliconreview-steven-j-bowen-founder-ceo-maine-pointe-2017Achieving and sustaining a productive company culture in the increasingly competitive and volatile global business environment is a lot different than it was years ago. The only way to excel in the market is by solving the problems arising out of fast economic and technological advancements. “Our values translate into a highly ethical and results-driven culture that creates strong employee engagement to deliver a first-class client experience.”

Maine Pointe was established in 2004 when CEO, Steven J Bowen, invested in building a results-driven implementation firm underpinned with a culture and set of values its people and clients could put their trust in. Today, Maine Pointe is recognized as a specialist in driving EBITDA and cash improvements to enable significant growth by optimizing value across procurement, logistics, and operations functions. It has a well-balanced mix of industry and consulting experiences with over 450 employees and specialist contractors located in more than 30 countries. The company’s global reach includes North and South America, Europe and Asia. In addition to delivering a measurable ROI, Maine Pointe is distinctive in its ability to underpin projects with a unique 100% engagement fee guarantee.

Trusted to transform supply chains and operations for advantage

From the beginning, the focus of the business has been on the entire supply chain, with capabilities in strategic procurement, logistics and operational excellence, fully supported with data analytics and leader and organization improvement. With experience, Maine Pointe has realized that clients expect insights and capabilities that help drive tangible value and lasting change.

Maine Pointe’s results-driven methodology is less disruptive than the intrusive ‘big-bang’ corporate transformation programs of the past. The company takes a pragmatic, step-by-step approach, driving measurable improvements through Total Value OptimizationTM (TVO). It creates cross-functional alignment, synchronization, savings and an enhanced customer experience.“Simultaneously, we deploy advanced data analytics to ensure executives can visualize and realize the power of data to create an optimized, on-demand supply chain for competitive advantage.”

Commitment to core values

The consistent growth of the organization can be accredited to the strength of its long-term strategic relationship with CEOs and PE firms who trust Maine Pointe to deliver compelling economic returns and value. The company enjoys a significant proportion of revenues from clients who return for additional services over time due to financial results and the high quality of service received on prior engagements.

The Maine Pointe team is committed to building a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable company. Its corporate social responsibility program highlights the work Maine Pointe already does and provides a framework for future development. This giving effort has supported causes including cancer research, cleft palate surgery globally, help for service men and women in the US and UK and a clean water project in central Africa. “Character, service excellence, personal growth, accountability and teamwork are more than just words to us, they are the essence of who we are and are reflected in the people we choose to hire.”

Providing actionable insights to drive value across the supply chain

Recently, Maine Pointe launched its online TVO Self-Assessment ToolTM. This indicative tool asks senior executives to rate the maturity of their business. It uses the attributes that describe the typical maturity levels of their procurement, operations and logistics functions in terminology they understand. On completion, executives receive an automated Value Opportunity Report, which provides an indicative quantification of the value improvement potential across their buy-make-move-fulfill supply chain.

In the near term, the big data explosion is set to continue unabated. As a result, advanced data analytics and predictive modeling is rapidly becoming an opportunity for corporate differentiation. Maine Pointe continuously builds its data analytics capabilities to help CEOs and senior executives visualize and realize its potential to drive increased EBITDA, profitability and growth. This helps them create an optimized, on-demand supply chain for competitive advantage – turning data into dollars.

Meet Maine Pointe’s Founder and CEO, Steven J Bowen

With more than 30 years of P&L experience, including turnarounds and high-growth businesses, Steven J Bowen has acquired an exceptional track record in supply chain optimization across the entire value chain on a global basis. His bold, collaborative approach to leadership is informed by his previous work with leading Fortune 1000 and middle-market organizations and numerous private equity clients. He is highly regarded for his ability to quickly transform organization vision and mission into exceptional team performance.

“Maine Pointe is passionately different. Our purpose is to deliver compelling economic value to our clients and people while staying true to our core values.”