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Best Decisions, in Real-time

The surge in data availability, coupled with shorter product cycles and broader value chain networks, has made operational decision making incredibly complex. OpsVeda envisions a world where data science brings simplicity to operations. Most organizations end up with sub-optimal decisions because they are based on incomplete, and error-prone manual analysis on stale BI systems and multiple spreadsheets. OpsVeda eases the lives of business teams by providing them ready answers for questions they encounter daily. Powered by its patented technology, deep supply chain expertise, and passion for business agility, OpsVeda has been perfecting operations intelligence for almost a decade.

The OpsVeda platform leverages machine learning and other advanced analytic techniques to analyze current events in real-time and provides specific quantity and value assessments relating to such events. This simplifies and optimizes the hundreds of decisions business teams make every day, empowering the enterprise to enhance Speed and Scale.

OpsVeda, Inc. is managed by a team of experienced industry veterans who have deep expertise and specialization in a variety of technologies, software and solutions.

The Speciality of OpsVeda

With data proliferation at unprecedented rates, coupled with shorter product cycles and broader supply chains, operations and supply chain decision-making is becoming increasingly complex. Progressively, managing and using data intelligently to make the most optimized decisions means the difference between gaining a competitive advantage and improving customer satisfaction, or losing out to organizations that do. This is where OpsVeda comes in.

OpsVeda is architected on the premise that all organizations have similar structural make-up with sales, procurement, manufacturing, shipping, finance functions, supported by a multitude of enterprise systems with transactions such as sales orders, purchase orders, production orders, delivery orders and so on. It has observed that each such transaction has a similar structure – What, When, Where, How Much. If all of these transactions, every heartbeat across the enterprise operational supply chain, were captured continuously in a Process Agnostic Data/Measure Store, analyzed in real-time, implications understood against the backdrop of historical and continuously learning predictive models, the company has achieved the real-time operational intelligence platform, known as OpsVeda.

The OpsVeda platform leverages machine-learning and other advanced analytics techniques to analyze operational data in real-time, identify potential opportunities, and recommend preventive or corrective actions. OpsVeda is delivered in the user-friendly format of real-time storyboards, exceptions and alerts. This powers business teams to achieve the most optimized decisions, in real-time.

On the Go: Mobile—Operations

Manage operations at any time from anywhere. OpsVeda brings real-time insights and prescriptive guidance to your mobile. Quality of your decisions and productivity remain high even when you are on the move.

The Fulfilment of Order

Order Fulfillment app helps Customer Service and Sales Operations teams to address sales exceptions in a highly proactive, efficient, and scalable manner. The solution provides real-time visibility across process steps, leading to reduced cycle times, higher revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

Revenue Risk Management

Revenue Risk Management app enables managers to proactively identify and mitigate risks. It gives them visibility to various demand elements that are at risk, the source and nature of risk. Maximize revenue and margins, powered by real-time operational intelligence.

Channel/Retail Intelligence

OpsVeda app for Channel/Retail Intelligence tracks demand signals from internal data, partner systems, on hand/ on shelf inventory, and supply situations to assess sales, inventory and coverage levels at various locations. Any excess or shortage is instantly flagged and action for maximizing revenue/profits is prescribed.

Supply Management

Track the end-to-end procure-to-pay process easily with OpsVeda’s Supply Management app. Find out what is impacting supply and how it is, in turn, impacting subsequent operations. Use threshold driven alerts and trend trackers to proactively manage delays and simplify decision making.

The Head Decision Maker

Sanjiv Gupta, CEO:

Sanjiv is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of OpsVeda. He manages the overall performance of OpsVeda. He manages the overall performance of OpsVeda and sets the direction for profitable growth.

Sanjiv founded OpsVeda with the vision of providing solutions that enable data-driven decision making for operational processes. He brings over 20 years of experience in operations, sales and information technology to his role at OpsVeda and has a long track record of successful launches of large projects with a global footprint in the High-Tech, Manufacturing and Heavy Engineering industries. Prior to founding OpsVeda, Sanjiv held key roles at SAP America, Flextronics, Enlighta, Tyco, Tata Technologies and Larsen & Toubro.

Sanjiv holds dual MBA from UC Berkeley & Columbia University, and a BTech in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Allahabad.

“OpsVeda Operational Intelligence Platform helps you plug REVENUE AND MARGIN LEAKAGEon a continuous basis, and provides end-to-end visibility to optimize outcomes across every customer, every product, and every transaction. Make Best Decisions, in Real-time.”