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Make Your Mark Count: Digital Mark Group

thesiliconreview-stephen-hodges-&-dano-ehler-co-founders-17Promoting the correct use of digital marketing strategies.

Programmatic advertising is changing the way online display advertising works. As a form of marketing automation, programmatic advertising streamlines the ad buying process with data-driven, automated technology. This cuts out the key element of the old Ad buying interaction that required a salesperson and makes the whole process more efficient.

Digital Mark Group LLC (DMG) was formed to fill a need for effective Programmatic Marketing in the Portland area, then quickly expanded to national offerings. Founded in 2013, the founders Stephen Hodges and Dano Ehler recognized that effective and cutting-edge digital solutions were in heavy demand with local and regional advertisers. By crafting a full suite of Targeted Marketing, SEO/SEM, and Social Media Marketing products and hiring only the best, most knowledgeable members, DMG has built a powerhouse presence in this space.  

DMG: The Initial Years

When the company began, the DMG team had the task of educating and engaging with clients on how to manage the complexities of digital advertising. The capabilities of digital are enormous, offering advertisers the ability to reach consumers at any point in their purchase path; the real-time optimization of customer behavioral strategies; as well as the unparalleled demo, geo, and device targeting, which can be very complicated at times.

DMG started with a Programmatic offering and quickly grew into an all-encompassing digital marketing company. Product development has been a direct response to the needs of the marketplace. Since Digital has now become a “traditional” advertising medium. The company’s products are tailored made to provide marketing solutions for clients.

“Our People Are Our Greatest Asset!”

DMG firmly believes that its employees are the greatest asset of the company. Their passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge base bring tremendous value to its clients. Valuing “quality over quantity”, DMG has deliberately limited the speed of its growth. Doing this was difficult but it has paid off. Furthermore, with the right products and the expertise to know how to place them intoclient’s marketing campaign, DMG team has carved a niche for itself in this era of digital marketing.

A Quick Glance at the Services Provided By DMG

Target Marketing: Known in the general sense as Programmatic Marketing, Targeted Marketing gives advertisers the ability to quickly and efficiently access digital inventory.

Search Engine Optimization: Increase and improve the online presence of a business and increasing its number of customers via all non-paid forms of search, such as organic, local and mobile.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can connect you with your target audience through advertising, content and customer conversation. DMG brings your brand personality to life through strategic social media platform management and optimization.

Text Marketing: Virtually 100% of the marketplace has texting capability on their phone. For those clients looking to build then market to an exclusive customer database, DMG offers a variety of text marketing options.

Web Development: Your website should set you apart as a leader in the industry. Designing a clean website can communicate a clear message that speaks directly to your clients.

Search Engine Marketing: SEM in its most general definition is the marketing practices/techniques used to attract a prospect to a specific website.

Detailed Reporting: At DMG, Everything the company does is tracked and it provides monthly reporting to clearly discuss the progress of DMG’s work. The company believes in complete transparency with its clients.

The Future Is Bright

Digital marketing comes with extremely fast changes in technologies, best practices, and implementations. DMG understands this and knows that what the company is doing now and the way it is doing it, will certainly change in the future.  DMG has learned to remain pliable and grow organically. The current state of digital marketing is really in its infancy. Marketers have only just now seen a small part of its capabilities. With many new products and solutions ready to be launched, DMG will continue to grow with it, maturing as a company while realizing the needs of its clients guide its growth.

Kudos to the Founders

Stephen Hodges, Co-Founder: Hodges has 11 years of digital experience ranging from digital sales to management of a digital sales team. After managing the digital advertising for 3 years, Stephen saw the potential for growth and together, he and Dano took a calculated risk and founded Digital Mark Group. After five years of growth, Stephen has firmly established DMG as an authority in online media sales and data-driven strategic planning.

Dano Ehler, Co-Founder:Dano is the Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Sales at Digital Mark Group. Ehler sold digital and traditional media for 20 years, after witnessing first-hand how digital altered the way advertisers reach their consumers, Dano seized the opportunity to create a company focused entirely on digital. As SVP of Sales, Ehler enjoys the opportunity to inform, educate and implement all that digital marketing has to offer. 

“Proud to guide clients through the challenges of digital advertising.”