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Making Design Automation Affordable: G4 Solutions

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney

Established as one of the true players in Design Automation domain, G4 Solutions and Applications Pvt Ltd, a 2009 founded company, has identified ‘CAD Design Automation’ as a key service to enable clients to cut down the ‘Design Cycle Times’ and maintain ‘Design Quality’. They are focused on developing and providing ‘Affordable Design Automation Tools’ to clients in India and abroad.

Formed as a partnership company initially, it has grown with the merger of ‘Classic CAD Services’, a Pune based Engineering Services company in 2011. Finally, it was converted into a Private Limited Company in 2011.

Located in Hyderabad, the company has recently established another Export Oriented Design Center in VSEZ, Visakhapatnam, in the State of Andhra Pradesh (India) and plans to establish another office in US in this year.

Array of Services offered
G4 Solutions offers a wide range of engineering services such as Product Design, FEM/FEA, Design Validation, Design Optimization, Tool Design, CAM (Tool Path Generation), Postprocessing, Visualization and CAD Design Automation. With that, they also offer Corporate Training and Consulting Services, to enable the customers extract maximum benefits from the CAD/CAM/CAE tools.

G4 solutions has recently become channel partners for Siemens PLM to market NX CAD/CAM products. This would help them to meet all the requirements of clients from CAD/CAM software through Training / Consulting to Design Automation Tools.

A little about implementing Design Automation
A fresh concept ‘Design Automation in CAD/CAM field’ over the time is gaining acceptance worldwide. Over the last two decades, companies pitching for design automation have spent a lot of time, effort and money and discovered that the success depends on the following factors:

  • The CAD platform must have strong features, that can be created in a fail-safe manner
  • The APIs for the CAD Tool must be user friendly for ease of customization
  • The customization team must be strong in programming as well as in the design knowledge
  • The strength & perseverance of the management team
  • The vision of the organization

Not many organizations have succeeded in adopting ‘Design Automation in CAD/CAM field’ but a few large organizations who can afford to fail a few times, have tasted success.

G4 Solutions has the necessary skills, patience and vision to create and provide affordable CAD/CAM automation products and services to the clients in India and abroad. Their philosophy is to go for generic automation tools that can be useful for several customers, so that the development cost per customer will be affordable. To meet all the above mentioned objectives the company had developed ‘G4 Tool Kit’ product over the last 4 years.

G4 Tool Kit
The wonder kit does quality checking, incorporates company standards CAD practices, provides productivity enhancing special tools, monitors CAD/CAM software utilization in the organization, assesses the CAD skills of the designers, provides user-friendly & informative reports & effective data search management facilities to managers and provides excellent ROI to the organizations.

G4 Tool Kit can be customized by each client as per their company practices, without requiring any programming knowledge. It can be configured to become the company’s own tool kit, by incorporating the company logos, and the reporting formats, so that every client will see it as their own tool kit.

Being different in the domain
Getting stronger with time, team G4 truly believes that their knowledge in engineering is their true power and their capital. Their strength lies in the ability to understand customer pain areas, suggest appropriate solutions and services, and providing on-time services at affordable rates.

G4 takes pride in offering high quality services at reasonable rates and still make profits, which is possible through their ability to groom youngsters through effective internal training programs.

Building relationships with the clients
G4 has a history of satisfying their esteem trusted clients with their services, commitment, attitude and having long associations with all their clients.

They offer Product Design, FEA & CAM services along with CAD Design Automation services and products to Aerospace, Automotive and Heavy Engineering sectors.

G4 renders their services to prestigious clients like ISRO, L&T, Mahindra & Mahindra, HARMAN, APPLIED MATERIALS and Synergies Castings.

This is what their clients have to say about them
“G4 has successfully completed a complex automation project and deployed successfully, reducing the human errors, design time. G4 team has displayed very high level of design knowledge” – L&T.

“G4 solutions had been instrumental in assisting us with design of medical devices. We found them to be fast, efficient, and very interactive. Their experience and expertise with CAD modeling was an important factor in selecting them for the project. We look forward to our continued partnership in product design activities.” – Kognitus, Florida, US

Diversifying the industry focus in future
For days ahead in business, the team G4 is having plans to explore new sectors by diversifying their industry focus. Presently focusing on the areas of High-End Engineering Services in niche areas and Automation Services, for future they are willing to focus on areas such as Manufacturing Services, Innovative Automation Tools development and transformations from a ‘Services Provider’ to a capable, reliable, ethical ‘Solutions Provider’ to clients in India & abroad.

Knowing the Key Leaders

T. Srinivas Kumar, Founder & CEO- Srinivas is a SIEMENS certified professional with 18 years of overall experience in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM in SIEMENS PLM products, with technical account management as the primary responsibility, with focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

A. Vijay Bhaskar, Director (Technical)- Vijay is a Post Graduate (M. Tech) from IIT, Chennai with 32 years of overall experience and 27 years of CAD/CAM/KBE experience in Aerospace, Automotive & Engineering Services industries. He is responsible for Engineering Services, with the focus on optimal product quality and has an excellent track record in the training and development of internal resources to meet the client requirements and expectations.



Client Testimonial


“G4 has been a close and valuable partner for Engineering Intent for the implementation of major enterprise engineering automation solutions for more than 3 years. They have provided skilled technical resources that have made significant contributions to these projects related to rule-writing, automated drawing development, and other design automation steps. We would like to thank G4 for their ongoing and high-value partnership.”- Scott Heide, CEO of Engineering Intent Corporation





G4 Solutions has been providing Engineering Analysis services to HARMAN for the last 3 years. The services cover Product detailing, Vibration Analysis & Impact Analysis. We are happy with the expertise, commitment and attitude of the G4 team”- Sateesh Chennamsetty, Senior Manager, Harman
International India Pvt. Ltd.