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Making Intelligent Connections & Optimizing Business Practices: Bsquare

thesiliconreview-jerry-chase-president-ceo-bsquare-2017For more than two decades, Bsquare has helped its customers extract business value from a broad array of physical assets by making them intelligent; connecting them, and using the data they generate to optimize business processes.

Bsquare DataV software solutions can be deployed by a wide variety of enterprises to create business-focused Internet of Things (IoT) systems that more effectively monitor device data, automate processes, predict events, and produce better business outcomes. Bsquare goes a step further by coupling its purpose-built DataV software with comprehensive analytic and engineering services that help all types of organizations make IoT a business reality.

Fully Operational IoT Systems

Much of the attention associated with IoT is focused on the "things" themselves -remote, often small, and frequently mobile devices that represent vital business assets. But in order for IoT to become fully operationalized the devices and the data they generate, along with logic rules governing how the data is handled and what actions are driven, must be integrated into existing business systems and processes. In fact, many of the data sources as well as connected systems may be external to the business. This systems integration work can be complex and difficult to manage but is nevertheless vital to achieving business objectives. Bsquare has over two decades of experience not only in the development of smart, connected devices, but in the integration of those devices into new business processes.

The range of devices that can be integrated into a working IoT system is virtually unbounded. From small remote sensors gathering environmental data to more robust devices within large capital assets collecting potentially hundreds of data point every second, Bsquare specializes in integrating these devices, and the data they generate, into complete IoT systems.

Simply collecting data from remote devices and quantitatively displaying that data on graphical dashboards is really just the start. Unless the data is processed using business logic, expressed as a hierarchy of rules, it is impossible drive the outcomes most businesses are looking for. Bsquare professional services helps enterprises develop and maintain rich and comprehensive rule sets that implement the business logic of the organization.

The final stop in building complete and workable IoT systems is to “close the loop” by connecting the IoT systems to other internal and external data bases, processes, and business systems. Bsquare professional services are experienced dealing with a broad array of system interfaces, especially those related to IoT.

DataV IoT software

Bsquare DataV IoT software is driving the next generation of industrial business outcomes. Whether in the cloud, on premise or both, the DataV IoT applications and hybrid platform are uniquely positioned to translate insights generated by industrial assets into critical operational improvements.

DataV is a complete Internet of Things (IoT) software solution allowing business and industrial concerns to use data generated by myriad connected devices in order to drive better business outcomes. In virtually all cases these business outcomes are expressed as IoT use cases. In fact, every successful IoT initiative begins with clearly articulated use cases designed to drive tangible business benefits.

IoT use cases are the application of IoT technology in service of larger business objectives. Examples include predictive failure, adaptive diagnostics, IoT device management, condition-based management, asset optimization, and asset utilization. To varying degrees, these use cases can help organizations reduce costs and/or increase revenue.

Embedded software services

Manufacturers leverage Bsquare expertise when selecting the right platform for projects. Bsquare offers extensive development services for all leading platforms. The teams enable speed time-to-market for new solutions with design, application development expertise, porting across platforms and devices, and by supporting hardware and system integration.

Manufacturers of embedded devices in many industries including automotive IVI, point-of-service kiosk, industrial automation, handheld terminals, smart phones, and mobile devices are developing with HTML5.

There are several advantages to developing with HTML5 in embedded devices. HTML5 can provide end users the feature-rich experiences they seek. Because HML5 is flexible, it is easy to port HTML5 applications and User Interfaces (UIs) between different hardware, operating systems and software platforms. It is also easy to skin or customize these applications and UIs to create unique user experiences. Using HTML5 can also reduce product development and maintenance costs.

However, development teams often do not have the background or skills in embedded HTML5 necessary to take full advantage of these benefits. Bsquare partners with manufacturers to provide Embedded HTML5 Development Services that speed time-to-market with devices that delight users. Bsquare partners with device makers to design embedded HTML5 systems that deliver the experience and capabilities users expect and to do this on-time and on-budget.

About the CEO

Jerry Chase is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bsquare. He joined the firm on September 2013 and since then has played an instrumental role in driving the company to success. Jerry was a member of the Bsquare board of directors prior to that.

“We provide a complete IoT software stack for business and industrial applications.”