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Making It work for all: Datatex

Textile and apparel have very different and particular planning and scheduling requirements and the Datatex planning and the Datatex scheduling systems have proven to be one of the key success factors to the company’s customers.

Datatex is the world’s leading supplier of IT software solutions to the global textile and apparel industry with the largest installed base of textile software with customers in 42 countries and 5 continents. Its goal is to optimize our their business focusing on textile and apparel planning functions, textile and apparel scheduling functions and a very elaborate and accurate costing functionality. Datatex textile ERP platforms represent over 20 years of continuous software development and refinement in close collaboration with users in the textile and apparel sector.

As business expands and new IT technology becomes available, a Datatex software solution grows with the customer, smoothly and reliably. Substantial resources are invested in product development and testing to ensure that the addition of a new function or the transition to a new platform is quick and trouble-free. The company also works with a number of partner organizations where integrated solutions are required for the textile and apparel industry, including Datays Network and Rovetex.

Every significant step in the textile and apparel supply chain is fully catered for in a Datatex solution, which brings along with it, the best of both IT and Management worlds- it gives a dedicated platform whose functions have grown over 20 years purely as a result of feedback from people in the industry using it, day after day. At the same time, the solutions that remain in step with the latest developments in technology, are taken care of. And Datatex’s current software uses advanced Web standards like Java 2 EE and XML to let users take advantages of the latest advances in supply-chain integration and IT technology. And the costs of all that development are shared out across the whole user base. This means that the total cost of ownership of a Datatex solution in the medium to long term is well below that of an ad hoc system or a general ERP package.

Milestones Attained
When Datatex came into being in 1987 it brought together two sets of expertise: the first was that of a group of textile management consultants, highly familiar with the sector’s working practices; the second was that of an established software house, specializing in ERP- enterprise resource planning – solutions. Its aim was to build an ERP application for the textile and apparel sector that would adapt itself to the working practice of each company – rather than forcing users to adapt their processes to the application. And the second aim was to develop a service model going well beyond the simple delivery of a software package- a long-term commitment to creating software solutions for the textile and apparel sector with extended life-cycles that grow and support the user’s changing business operations through the years. However, after 25 years of intensive activity fully dedicated to the textile and apparel industry, Datatex has become the only vertical ERP solution company that can provide:

  • Solution based on latest web based technology, already running on the cloud;
  • Annual new versions and system releases providing technology and functionality upgrades;
  • Fully manned help desk facilities in many languages;
  • Competence networks in 5 continents providing local support;
  • Access to the world’s largest and best trained grouped of textile and apparel ERP consultants;
  • Access to world’s largest group of textile and apparel solution user.

Datatex specialized software solutions are designed for customers working across the full spectrum of industry segments: textile manufacture, apparel, home fashions, technical fabrics, accessories, nonwovens, rolled goods and floor coverings. Its solutions cater both for vertically integrated companies and those carrying out just one or two stages of the process from fiber to finished product. From Enterprise Resource Planning to Application Specific Products, Datatex has solutions for all. The KEY products include:

CAMS- Computer Aided Manufacturing-System
CAMS is originally designed for the textile and apparel industry. The system has been proven in all areas of the textile supply chain and is now being implemented also in other industries. CAMS is tailored to each customer and to each work station within the customer: A flexible tool allows to design each function and screen as required for optimal man-machine communication. Customization is not a programming effort but an “on the spot” set up activity.

NOW, is the best solution for the garment Industry, brands, private label , vertical from fiber or yarn to garment or cut and sew only.

CATS- Computer Aided Textile Supervision
CATS is the Datatex solution to minimize inspection costs, while enhancing the production value. It Improves inspection on productivity and efficiency, optimizes the value of the produced fabric and reports timely information on faults in production.


  • Incorporated in 1987.
  • Spread across 5 continents.
  • Offices in 42 countries.
  • 20+ years of continuous development.
  • 400+ textile and apparel companies.