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Making Remote Device Administration Simple: Israel Based Radix Technologies Ltd. Now Precedes Its Reputation in Bridging the Gaps in Device Management


Our mission is to redefine device management and consolidate all devices, processes and stakeholders into one platform: Michael Shoham, CEO of Radix Technologies Ltd.

In today’s world, technology seems to have a strong hold on our daily lives due to the ubiquity of mobile and portable devices which are finding applications in several areas like education, healthcare, business, entertainment, etc. In addition, portable devices have also come to become the backbone of any organization’s business strategy over the decade. While the technology world is rapidly changing, Radix is using its expertise in remote management at the hardware and application level to enhance digital learning environments, reduce system downtime and protect devices in unsecured public networks.

Radix delivers cutting-edge device management solutions focusing on education, VR/AR and enterprise single-purpose devices, enabling users to increase instructional and administrative effectiveness, reduce operational complexity, and save time and money, making device management smarter and more focused.

Michael Shoham, CEO of Radix Technologies Ltd., spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Why was the company set up? How did you select the vertical and decide to be a part of the global platform?

After many years of being involved in the development, integration and maintenance of multiple technology projects, my father, Dov, decided to open his own company. Starting with IT projects for educational institutions and training centers in Israel, the company later shifted to software development focusing on device management solutions. At this point, my brother, Iddo and I joined the company.

We identified the digital transformation potential of the training and education vertical with a fast-growing number of digital devices used for teaching and learning purposes in order to offer smarter and effective teaching, management and support tools.

Q. How was the launch of your first product? How did that shape the launch of the next products?

Our first software product was a centrally managed solution for instant recovery from failure of multiple student devices, i.e. bad update patch distribution, virus attacks, etc. It was our first of many game changer solutions - the right tool for the job and a lifesaver to many IT professionals. It had great success in terms of sales and customer satisfaction.

Moving on to the next line of products, our cloud-based device management solutions provide effective teaching and management capabilities to all stakeholders (IT professionals, educators, principles, coordinators and project managers). We offer seamless operation of all type of devices operating anywhere, with a rich set of relevant tools and unique user interface. The solutions are also designed to enable seamless group learning in a heterogenic environment. For example, a classroom with an interactive touchscreen running on Android, the teacher uses a laptop running on Windows and the students use Chromebooks. This translates to minimum destruction and easy operation, budget planning and rollouts.

Q. Are you considered an industry leader?

We have been trusted by leading global device manufacturers and vendors. Our solutions are implemented in millions of devices worldwide, helping to increase performance and stability while minimizing downtime, serving a wide range of clients like SMBs, enterprises, governmental organizations, security services, financial institutions, universities and education centers.

We have also been repeatedly chosen by leading interactive touchscreens manufacturers and vendors, and VR device manufacturers such as Lenovo as their preferred device management solution. Our partners and their customers understand the great added value we provide. Our solutions are embedded in their firmware as well as promoted to other devices used by their customers.

In addition, the EdTech Digest, a leading and prestigious EdTech industry publication, named Radix VISO, our all-in-one cloud-based device management platform, an award-winner for interactive touchscreen management solution at the 2019 EdTech Awards.

Q. How have the consumer responses shaped your company offerings and growth over the years?

Our experience taught us that even a small innovative technology company like Radix has a fair chance to make a difference and pave the road to industry giants. We just need to be aware of our customers’ needs and look to the future. In fact, we have repeatedly done that several times already:

  • We introduced the world’s first classroom management solution for Android devices, and later an effective multi-platform (Android, Chrome OS, Windows and Apple OS) BYOD device management solution.
  • We are pioneers in VR device management, offering effective group learning using VR devices.
  • We realized that firmware update for multiple remote devices was vital for our customers and a dream of many IT professionals, and recently we released a new module answering that need.

Q. Are there any trigger factors/events/individuals that have played key roles in shaping your organization’s road map?

We identified the education market shift to using tablets (mainly Android) in time and this played a significant part in our positioning as a market leader. We invested heavily in developing an affordable platform for Android devices and captured the momentum driving technology into developing countries worldwide. This led global leading vendors to collaborate with us.

Q. Where do you see your company in a couple of years from now?

We are constantly growing and planning to stay in the technological forefront, expand our offering and continue working on increasing our market share by partnering with leading global device manufacturers and vendors that will see our solutions as an industry standard in device management.

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Leading Radix from the Front

Michael Shoham, CEO

Michael brings with him many years of experience in business development, IT and network projects. He is passionate about technology, sport, music and art, especially woodcraft and clay sculpture.

Michael holds a BSc from Bar-Ilan University and an MBA from Derby University. He is a loving husband (married to Michal, a Physiotherapist) and a proud father of 4 daughters.

“We have managed to come up with the tools that helped teachers to easily and effectively bridge the technical gap and helped the IT guys to effectively manage hundreds and thousands of devices anywhere they are – from the comfort of their own seat.”