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50 Best Companies to Watch 2017

Manufacturing power conversion products for diversified industries: Analytic Systems Ware Ltd

thesiliconreview-james-hargrove-ceo-analytic-systems-ware-ltd-17The modern industrial, military and defense environments demand rugged and efficient power systems that prove reliable even in the harshest conditions. So, selecting suitable power supplies and power conversion electronics is of paramount importance. Today’s multi-voltage electronics and their complex distributed architectures present many tough challenges, and Analytic Systems was established to develop more efficient and rugged products to untangle those challenges. Founded in 1976 by Lloyd Hargrove, P.Eng., the former chief civilian engineer for the underwater acoustics division of the Canadian Navy wanted his new company to have the Anti-Submarine Warfare acronym ASW and coined the name Analytic Systems Ware. 

In 1993, he passed control of the company to his son, James Hargrove, P.Eng. James found that the company had a significant catalog of Intellectual Property in the power conversion field, and he recognized that there was a market for high quality, made in North America products of this type. He started manufacturing initially for the marine industry, where the environmental demands are high (salt water, high humidity, wide temperature swings, shock and vibration) and built a reputation for dependability and durability. That led to opportunities in both domestic and international industrial markets. 

Highly sophisticated products designed for efficiency

In 2017, more than 30 years since it was founded, Analytic Systems has grown into a multi-faceted Power Electronics company serving the Industrial marketplace with a wide range of robust and highly reliable Power Supplies, Voltage Converters, Inverters, Battery Chargers, Frequency Converters and MPPT Charge Controllers. The company also proudly serves the Military and OEM marketplace with innovative designs to meet specific requirements. 

The first product designed after James took control was a Pure Sinewave Inverter for running computers on board commercial fishing vessels. These inverters are still a significant part of their product line today. Over the years, they have sold thousands of Pure Sinewave Inverters and the line has expanded to include power ratings from 300 to 3600 watts including military and waterproof versions. Their recent innovations include DSP control and user software to log performance and adjust key operating parameters.

Commercial Marine Systems

thesiliconreview-analytic-systems-ware-ltd-17Analytic Systems began in the marine market with their first 32 to 12 volt Switchmode DC-DC voltage converter designed in 1976 specifically for powering 12V 150 watt SSB radios directly from 32V engine starting batteries. Today it manufactures a full line of marine grade power conversion products including step-up and step-down DC to DC Voltage Converters from 60 to 1500 watts, Multi-Bank Programmable Battery Chargers for 12, 24 and 32 volt batteries up to 100 amps and Pure Sine Wave DC to AC Inverters from 12, 24 or 32 volt batteries up to 3600 watts. 

Demand in military applications

Analytic Systems has a long history of meeting the needs of military organizations and prime contractors, such as the US Military, Canadian Military, Moroccan Army, Turkish Army, Saudi Armed Forces, Raytheon, Textron, etc. Its facilities and personnel are Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate certified, permitting them to work with ITAR certified prime contractors. They are experienced in designing for and meeting MIL461 (EMC), MIL810 (Environmental) and many other military standards. In house testing capabilities include conducted and radiated emissions, vibration and temperature, and electrostatic discharge. 


Serving the communications sector

Analytic Systems manufactures a wide range of products to meet the needs of Telecom, Cable Television, Two-Way Radio and Satellite Communication providers. Its complete line of rack mount AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC voltage converters, battery chargers and inverters are rugged and reliable. Their features include bright LED displays for voltage and current, Canbus or RS422 communications and parallel operation for increased power. “From rail side communications enclosures to the Central Office we can meet your needs for voltage (input or output) current, efficiency, temperature, humidity, emissions and vibration”, says James Hargrove. 


Products to meet the needs of a tough environment

From steel mills, mines, power generating stations, the warehouse floor and public transit systems, Analytic Systems builds both off the shelf and fully custom designed products that stand up to the extreme rigors of this demanding market. Modern designs, heavy duty filtering, over-rated components, 100 percent conformal coated circuit boards, heavy gauge anodized or powder coated aluminum chassis with stainless fasteners combine into power products that will provide years of service.


Let’s hear it from their clients

“I appreciate the time and effort Analytic Systems expended to host us for the visit. I was impressed with the level of automation within your production facility and the control of the design and assembly it provides.” - Gerry O’Keefe, US Army PM WIN-T.

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help with that PWS-610-110-15 power supply. We finally got the paperwork squared away, the unit was ordered and it arrived last week. I know that was a lot of work to go through for one unit, but I really appreciate your patience in seeing this through!” - Lee R. Savary, Communications Specialist, NH Department of Transportation.

“I’ve received good feedback - I’ve sold your charger to 10 different customers and everyone loves them. Thanks.” - Scott Oldham, Industrial Service Scheduler, Toromont Cat Power Systems.

Knowing the leader behind Analytic Systems, CEO James Hargrove 

James graduated from UBC in 1981 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and joined Analytics Systems as a junior engineer. The major project he worked on was an automatic pilot for steering boats. In 1993, he and a partner bought the rights to the autopilot and spun it off into a new company, ComNav Marine. James spent the next 10 years growing ComNav from start-up to over $5 million in annual revenue. Following a dispute with his business partner, James was bought out of ComNav Marine in 1993 and returned to Analytic Systems as majority owner. To prepare for the role, James went back to SFU and completed the Management Skills for Advanced Technology (MSAT) program. Using the skills learned while at ComNav Marine and at SFU, James refocused Analytic Systems from an R&D company to a product company serving the power conversion market. From two partners (James and his father Lloyd) and one employee, James has grown the company to over $11 million in revenue and more than 50 employees.

“There are more opportunities than ever to be in business, but it takes determination, persistence and refusal to quit or to listen to the naysayers. Figure out what you are good at and go do it!”