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SR 10 Fastest Growing Retail Companies 2016

Marg Compusoft: With its one stop solution, Marg ERP 9+ is the backbone of every Retail business


“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” – Alan Lakein.

To keep pace with a fast-changing work scenario and provide real-time insights, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application needs for every industry so that they can integrate their operations. Retailers looking to upgrade their ERP system should look for certain key features that will help them manage their current business requirements and allow them to adapt to changing retail trends in the future, which Marg Compusoft helps to deal with the same.

At Marg, they have build excellent practice of helping retail industry to make decision easy using the right and Single Suit Software Solution to manage the inventory & accounting process of every industry and to make their business intelligence. Marg Compusoft announced the launch of its Marg ERP 9+ for MSME segment which is full-fledged and more flexible ERP tool that caters to the needs of growing business.

From the inception in 1992, Marg Compusoft with the span of years until today, has a user base of over 6 lakh with 2500+ professionals working from 370+ offices spread PAN India and doing business globally in around 20+ countries. Founded by the fantastic trio of technocrats Thakur Anup Singh (CMD), Mahender Singh (Co-founder & Managing Director-Technical) and Sudhir Singh (Co-founder & Managing Director- Sales & Marketing), the company today has flourished into a global technology solution provider. Headquartered in Delhi, India, the company is fuelled by the passion towards software development and technology invention. Marg compusoft has been developing trend setting solutions and broadening the scope of the technology via smart approach, capability and determination.

Along with the company’s technology solution, a major branch of the family tree is Human Association for Smiling India (HASI) an NGO, formed in Delhi, India, in 2014. As a company and as individuals, the company takes great pride in contributing to the communities. MARG also care about the environment and is proud of the ways, in which their employees work to safeguard it.

With the transformation in the Indian accounting, the Industry is facing a constant pressure in the area. They believe that their software solutions do not intent to replace any human resource but it is more to make business processes efficient and deliver ROI. The point Marg focus is in reducing the efforts of human resource to make the accounting and book-keeping cost effective and simple. This is the appeal that has made them relevant in the current market.

The company differentiates themselves from others by providing a platform, which is so adaptive and customizable that hardly there is any competition that can meet these features. They have developed their solution keeping in mind the wide variety of requirements of every customer which is still unrivalled. They mainly focus on Software product quality and service delivery mechanism which is need of the market.

“We feel we are ideally positioned in the industry, in fact we predicted this environment very early and worked hard to align our products and service network to meet the changing demands and needs of the market.” Says Thakur Anup Singh, CMD.

Providing the best ERP solutions among the peers
MARG is the pioneer in the segment of advanced inventory & accounting software which can address the challenges of the Industry. Marg has maintained its leadership position among the most preferred technology partner for Indian Industry for last two decades. Marg is the most flexible ERP software in the segment designed to cater to every inventory & accounting need of all Retailers, Distributors and Manufacturers from billing to balance Sheet. With time it is now widely accepted in as one of the top contenders in the general business accounting field also.

They believe the availability of a comprehensive ERP with flexibility to build industry and trade specific features, available on secure and adding no extra IT infrastructure, will greatly benefit the growing business environment and manage entire business life cycle because it has taken a lead in the market evolution, as its services are affordable and fit for dynamic Indian market. MARG ERP is created with a broader vision to make the ERP platform accessible and affordable to the growing MSME segment along with the industry leader to improve productivity and achieve maximum potential from its business. Tremendous amount of Accounting and inventory management transactions pressure reduce which resulted in company’s cost saving.

Their products have received “Best Software Award” for consecutively over multiple years. MARG is also recognized as the Fastest Growing Inventory & Accounting software award in India by Economic Times under the “Best Tech Brand 2015”. Recent studies to identify the best accounting software have placed MARG among the top 4 software in India. It is the only software among the top 4 which has the maximum customization features blending it seamlessly with the business.

Client territory and Testimonial
Big companies have large resources and multiple ways to succeed. But the small companies or entrepreneurs have no such conveniences. Marg provides the specialized software solution to most versatile segment of MSME and small entrepreneurs at the top of its priority list who have immense potential but are still under-served. Thus, Marg promises to help them achieve their full potential. Their software product is not just for any specific sector or industry as they believe in assisting all type of business whether it is related to Retail, FMCG, ecommerce, E-retailing, Trade, Distribution and Manufacturing sector and much more.

“The interactive reporting from MARG analytical dashboard or reporting feature provides employees and accountants with the capability to drill down to granular details in just a few clicks. Today, the time-consuming accounting & inventory reporting process has been completely eliminated, making accounting & finance team highly productive and even more valuable to our company. My whole company’s process and working is become faster and quick after implementation of MARG.” – Anil Malhotra, Proprietor, Pharma care enterprises.

“To deliver better and improved software solution & Services, we constantly research, innovate and improvise.”