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Meddiff Technologies Pvt Ltd : Making a difference between death and life by providing Teleimaging Solutions…..

sanjeev-ceo-meddiffHeadquartered at Bangalore, Meddiff Technologies Pvt Ltd began its operations in the year 2007 and since then never looked back. It took on the challenge of developing medical imaging solutions offering high accessibility at low costs without compromising on quality.

Holder of 70% market share in India, Meddiff Technologies have witnessed profit since eight years of its existence. Their ground breaking medical imaging solutions leverage on the outreach and cost effectiveness of the web and streaming technology. Their efficient products, solutions and customer service have received wide acclaim and won them many loyal customers globally and what makes them different from others, is their Fastest Teleradiology and Search Engine, Mac and Linux capability, Tele oncology, VNA(Vendor Neutral Archive), Customization and Migration of data capability. Well not only this, they were the first company in India to have deployed the Enterprise WEB based PACS solution at Yashoda Group of Hospitals, distributed Enterprise WEB based PACS and Global Work list (GWL) at Columbia Asia Hospitals (with 45 branches), and the largest enterprise Teleradiology deployment at Piramal. United by a common goal and team of highly qualified and experienced domain experts—Meddiff Technologies bring Teleradiology, Telecardiology, Tele-Nuclear Medicine, and Web based PACS (Standalone and as well as SaaS) and other Medical Teleimaging Solutions within the reach of hi-tech hospital networks as well as remote and rural medical centers. Their advanced teleimaging solutions transmit high quality DICOM images necessary to diagnostic usability at affordable rates and quick time. They are US FDA approved, CE Certified, HIPAA compliant, and conformant to HL7 standards.

Meddiff Technologies has representation in US and Europe and channel partners across the globe. Around 500 customers and more than 800 installed sites distributed across India, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan, UK, France and US

A little more about Medical Teleimaging Solutions
A blessing to people, Medical Teleimaging is a fast growing field that involves the transfer and communication of medical information (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT, and other modalities) via information technology and networks (local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN) or the internet) to any part of a hospital or the world.

a. WEB based RISPACS (Radiology Information System Picture Archiving and Communication System) is revolutionary in its ability to store and distribute high resolution DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) and non-DICOM (processed with a DICOM converter) medical images without any loss of data. PACS consists of a database server, workstations, network and imaging modalities.
Meddiff Technologies offers the following WEB based RISPACS solutions:

  • InstaRISPACS
  • Enterprise InstaRISPACS

b. Teleradiology is the transmission of DICOM radiological images such as X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, and CT scans to radiologists at any location.
Meddiff Technologies offers the following Teleradiology Solutions:

  • InstaRAD
  • Enterprise InstaRAD

c. Telecardiology is the storage and transmission of DICOM cardiology images such as Cardiac CT, ECG and Angiographs.

  • InstaCath Telecardiology Solution

d. Tele-Nuclear Medicine is the transmission of Nuclear Medicine images from modalities such as Gamma cameras and PET-CTs. It is still gaining momentum in India but is a very useful medical imaging solution as Nuclear

  • Medicine specialists are scarce.
  • InstaNM Tele Nuclear Medicine Solution

The Master Minds
Key members of the Meddiff Technologies management team include:

Sanjeev, MD and CEO
A Six Sigma green belt, Mr. Sanjeev has more than 25 years of work experience with companies like Siemens and GE Medical Systems in the past. He is a BE graduate from IISc, Bangalore and an MBA from FMS, Delhi.

Tapesh Agarwal, CTO
A B.Tech. Graduate from IIT Kanpur, Mr.Tapesh holds experience of having worked with Yahoo and Motorola in the past.

Product Offerings:
Meddiff Technologies offers following products

  • InstaRAD
  • InstaPACS
  • InstaCATH
  • InstaMobi
  • InstaNM
  • InstaRISPACS
  • Enterprise InstaRAD
  • Enterprise InstaRISPACS

Clientele and competitors
Solution provider, Meddiff Technology have improved patient care in hospitals and medical/diagnostic centres at different cities in India and their sites in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and Latin America which helped them to gain prestigious clients such as: Apollo, Fortis, Manipal, HCG, Nimhans, Columbia Asia etc. The Company started with a funding of an Angel Investor. According to them, GE, Siemens, Philips, Agfa and Fuji are their competitors.

Client Speak
“Meddiff has implemented Enterprise RIS-PACS ‘Insta RISPACS’ at three of the Siloam Hospital Group hospitals, and are connected via a central server. We have been using the system for the past 3 years supported by Meddiff and it has been working to our satisfaction.

All our Radiology modalities (ie. CT, MRI, Mammo, X-Ray, Panoramic, Fluoroscopy, USG) are connected with the system and Radiologists and Physicians can view the images in PACS on-site and off-site, enabling filmless operations. Meddiff Team has always been quite responsive with solutions to meet all our needs. – Giri Subramaniam, Director – Strategic Projects, Siloam Hospitals Group

What’s Next

Leader in web based Teleimaging Solutions, Meddiff Technologies is committed to excellence in providing products, services and customized solutions to its customers. Their mission is to improve patient care around the world with their Products and Solutions and be the Microsoft/ Apple of the Healthcare World). Their revenue model was primarily license based but they have plan to get into SAAS/pay per usage soon. The company’s timeline is to be a 30M$ company in next 5 years.

We make patient images available to doctors anytime, anywhere on desktop, tablets and mobile devices, thus enabling faster diagnosis and hence treatment,which sometimes can make a difference of life and death.”-Meddiff Technologies