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Mediaocean Is the Leading Software Platform for the Advertising World

thesiliconreview-bill-wise-ceo-mediaocean-17Any traditional and digital media platform enables agencies and brands to manage and coordinate the entire advertising workflow globally. From planning and buying to analyzing and optimizing, from invoicing to payments there is nothing that is not covered under its umbrella.

Mediaocean’s open platform Connect integrates media suppliers, data providers, ad servers and third-party technologies thereby allowing agencies to build optimal solutions for business and operations. By integrating multiple solutions into a central hub, Mediaocean helps agencies create a common framework, define standards, unify cross-channel data, and build opportunities that drive continued success.

Empowering the world’s largest brands, agencies, and media sellers

Lumina: Lumina is Mediaocean’s global, cross-media planning and analytics platform. Lumina enable marketers to plan, measure, and optimize through an end-to-end system. With convergence driving the need for continuous planning and optimization, Lumina bridges each step of the media planning process, additionally integrating media buying systems and data, to achieve a connected workflow across all channels.

Lumina is comprised of plan management, audience modeling, budget authorizations, and working capital. It is a connected, end-to-end workflow between planning, buying and measurement. Data-driven with integration with 1st party, 3rd party performance, research, and historical data allows it to eliminate hundreds of hours of work though data centralization. The central workflow provides teams with both granular and organization-wide understanding of activity that is necessary to maintain a long term stable system.

Prisma: Prisma manages every step of the campaign lifecycle – from planning and buying to reporting and reconciliation, helping agencies achieve more through a streamlined workflow. Prisma provides a direct line of communication to the client’s publishers through its publisher platform Prisma for Sellers, enabling one to execute supplier processes and transactions 100% electronically. Additionally, one can manage their cross-channel media campaigns all within a central location, including display, video, mobile, search, social and more – with the ability to analyze, optimize and report holistically.

With an agile release cycle, Prisma is constantly leveraging new technologies and media opportunities to help agencies lead their clients to success in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. Integrations with data providers, ad servers, and partner platforms allows one to customize the tech stack with all their preferred providers accessed in a single interface.

Prisma empowers the client’s teams with unparalleled insight and control by maximizing the workflow efficiency. By customizing tech stacks to include the preferred partners and providing a single workflow, Prisma facilitates one to work smarter with end to end campaign management.

Prisma for sellers: Prisma for Sellers is a direct line between sellers and buyers thereby enabling the sales process from RFP, proposals, revisions and order execution across linear and traditional media. All RFPs, proposals, orders and revisions are located in one dashboard with a direct electronic connection to Prisma for Buyers, reducing manual inefficiency from emailing, re-keying and manual data entry.

Prisma for Sellers also provides innovative reporting and visualization tools to provide sellers with empowered data decisioning for in-flight adjustments. The platform can be deployed as stand-alone system, or as an integrated solution that interfaces with a seller’s existing media management, measurement or programmatic platforms.

With the automated electronic workflow to streamline transactions between the buyer and the seller, it offers access to the world’s largest media agency buyer base. Its unified sales front-end with cross-media selling capability coupled with an advanced reporting and visualization tool it empowers data decisioning.

Spectra: Spectra offers agencies a complete set of tools to research, buy, manage, and derive intelligence across all linear media. For TV, radio, OOH, print, direct response, and more, one has the tools to take care of buyer and seller interactions, reconciliation, and optimization, and all points in between.

With a streamlined buy process and electronic management of RFPs, proposals, order revisions, in-flight opportunities, and insertion orders, the workflow is more efficient. One can synchronize with media sellers through DARE, REDI, and XML, and seamlessly integrate with the media suppliers, data providers, ad servers and third-party platforms for easier day to day management of partners.

 Aura: Aura helps one track time, monitor costs, and track and reimburse expenses, with more intelligence, organization, and a streamlined approval process. It provides a single entry point for all the departments, accommodating multiple workflows and delivering critical information to the entire organization in real time – ensuring open communication and transparency.

Aura's alerts and notifications keep the client’s team ahead of the game, empowering them to make proactive decisions. Its data is fully auditable, so one can account for every aspect of the ever-changing business. It's easy to get started – there's no required conversion, and Aura utilizes the existing configurations and business rules.

Man behind the success

Bill Wise is the founding CEO of Mediaocean. Bill has spent over a decade unleashing the potential of revolutionary advertising technologies, overseeing more than $5 billion in mergers, acquisitions, and public offerings, including the $720 million sale of Mediaocean to Vista Equity Partners in August 2015. He comes to Mediaocean from his role as CEO of advertising software provider MediaBank, one of Mediaocean’s two founding companies along with Donovan Data Systems (DDS).

Prior to MediaBank, Bill served as an executive at Yahoo, overseeing global advertising platforms—a role he achieved after serving as president of Right Media, which he helped guide to an $850 million acquisition by Yahoo acquisition in 2007. His other executive leadership positions have driven success at companies including DoubleClick, MaxOnline, and Ask, which became part of IAC Advertising Solutions.

“We give brands, agencies and media sellers the infrastructure and tools they need to make advertising happen, globally”