50 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch 2016

Meet 2016’s leading Data center space expert who has been accelerating the Digital Transformation since 1990: International Integrated Solutions Ltd. (IIS)


“You have to be willing to take on risk and stop at nothing short of what you define as success. Expect setbacks and failures as they are sure to come but be prepared to learn from those experiences and never stop trying to succeed. Every time you make the jump over a hurdle it becomes a little easier to get over the next one.” – John Iacone, CEO, IIS

Earlier this year in September ’16, ahead of the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president and global head of Research at Gartner, and Chris Howard, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, sat down for a Facebook Live interview to discuss how companies embrace digital business. Sondergaard was noted to have said that, “This is a transformation year. This is a year in which we really need to take all the digital initiatives and pilots, and drive them into the mainstream of the business. We need to get off our horse of just piloting, and we have to get into the real stuff.”

Following the same guidelines, IIS Technology is a unique kind of IT service provider. Leveraging industry-leading digital technology and transformational IT services to give customers a strategic business advantage, the company acts not justas advocates for their business, but also as an extension of their team, which has enabled the company to build synergistic relationships with Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized enterprises, fast growing start-ups, higher education, and government agencies at the local and state levels.

The IIS Advantage
Digital marketing transformation doesn’t happen by edict, by accident or overnight. It requires not just perseverance, but change management disciplines to organize people, processes and technologies for success. This means that today entrepreneurs must recognize the need to make their businesses more digital and many IT leaders are taking deliberate steps to get there. And in today’s fast-paced digital business world, CIOs must get more nimble, and speed up their initiatives.

As the market witnesses a focus in shifting traditional solution out to the cloud; be it the hybrid, private or public, team IIS’s focus on digital transformation has enabled the company to make the most out of the opportunities posed by this niche area of technology. Additionally, the team’s experience around Big Data, security solutions and cloud technologies, coupled with a focus on the end user experience are add on factors that help the company always remain a step ahead of its peers and competitors in the market.

We stand tall!
Solutions like Hybrid Cloud, Big Data Analytics and High Performance Computing are the turbochargers of today’s IT environment. And IIS is at the head of the pack installing, optimizing and fine-tuning them for you so that they actually solve your challenges. (That is why they’re called solutions.) When combined with essential, value added Services, a solutions package from IIS will operate at the same maximum efficiency as the day it is installed and the team ensures that the day goes smoothly as well, thanks to their unique demo center and staging facility. In fact, one of the key values that clients appreciate about IIS is the capability to integrate various solutions from various partners into one powerful, seamless solution.

“The heartbeat of the technology market never stops. At IIS we consistently keep pace of new technology trends. In fact we are often ahead of the market and our customers value that we test technologies and their application prior to their adoption. We wouldn’t even think of delivering solutions to you without recommending the services that can attach. Because considering how powerful those solutions are, they need care and feeding and some pretty expert oversight”, said CEO, John Iacone.

“So in addition to services that cover Assessment, Data Center Optimization, Virtualization, Storage, Cloud, and a Professional Methodology to these deploy services we offer custom Integrated Hybrid/Private Cloud solutions, Management, Data Migration services, and Networking Solutions”.

The journey to success
“Our main challenge is converting the business model we have into the digital transformation business. We have several strategies to counter the challenges and threats posed by this industry. We have invested heavenly in advertising, web-based solutions, etc. Therefore, this add-on expertise helps clients become more efficient and competitive with solutions that reduce redundancy, are highly scalable and leverage emerging cloud technologies. And the result is evident as they keep coming back to us for future assistance”, said the CEO.

With offices in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, the HPE Global Partner of the Year Award winner of 2016 is sure to continue making heads turn with its data center expertise and unique digital transformation business model in the upcoming years ahead.

CEO Speaks:

The Foundation Story
“Prior to founding IIS, I worked in a privately held company. My partner and I have been in the reseller and distribution business for over 37 years now. As time passed, my partner and I wanted to do something in the end user solutions space. Eventually we started IIS because we wanted to service our customers much better than we were able to do when we worked for another company. With our own company we were able to control the service levels to our customers from the start of an order to delivering the total solution since we controlled every aspect of the business model. We have been blessed with wonderful staff in spite of not being a closely managed company. Our flexible work atmosphere allows the company to grow at a fast space and produce rapid results.”

“Our customer’s success is our highest achievement. We are advocates for their business and an extension of their team.”