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Meet the Changing Needs of Your Business with Attra’s Reliable IT Solutions

“We believe it can be done, so we make it happen,”

Attra is a multinational it solutions and services delivery firm focused on banking, finance and payments industry providing a broad range of it services including consultancy, application management, testing, portfolio migration, production support, system integration, automation and digital services covering mobility and business intelligence. The Company addresses the changing needs of business with solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, quick to deploy and reliable. Attra’s team of over 1300 professionals brings in unique expertise – A combination of state-of-art technology and high domain knowledge. Its strength lies in delivering IT services that provide a strategic advantage to enterprises in Banking & Finance domain along with consultancy services to bring in the best practices in the industry to clients.

A Glimpse of Attra’s journey so far
Founded in the year 1995, the company over the next three years grew into a 30 people niche consultancy, providing specialized business and IT expertise to the credit cards industry. At the turn of the century Attra evolved further, focusing on delivering end-to-end solutions and growing to a team of 120 people by 2003.

Following Attra’s success in the Australian market, its attention was turned overseas. With an objective to make Attra into a culturally rich company with a diverse employee Attra’s leadership team was expanded to enable the creation of a development center in India and several offices around the globe in 2004. Since then, Attra’s client base has evolved with it, becoming truly international and serving the global market.

Attra Products and Services
Attra’s service offerings to customers includes; Consultancy Services including Business Analysis, Solution Architecture & Project Management, Application Development & Technical Services, Testing Services, System Integration, and Automation Services. Whereas its product offerings include:

Sentry – Banks and ATM Service Providers may have ATM’s distributed across a wide geo range with no single consolidated solution of monitoring the ATM & server status or the portfolio performance. Sentry is designed to do give clients a real time status update, monitoring solutions and more. It can be easily configured to give user-defined access levels allowing the operator a web based, responsive and easy to work with UI to view the vital system parameters in a single view. The in-built mini data warehouse holds transaction data that allows slicing and dicing of data to generate relevant trends from an aggregation of data.

Auto sim – It is an automated solution that eases the process of testing authorizations through a simplified procedure and enables a consistent, accurate result with an auto-documented outcome. Auto sim has been designed to; Automate authorization testing, Support multiple scheme and industry standard simulators, Support multiple industry standard cards & payments applications, Allow field edits through enhanced rules engine, Provide user friendly browser based access.

Design Accelerator – uses a domain centric framework that provides a standardized approach to Test Design & Planning by capturing all transactions, attributes and values to record the business requirements in its entirety during the requirement gathering phase, while also considering interfacing transactions to third party systems and channels. It assists development of End to End scenarios to align with banks business processes and rules, accommodates validations aligned to business specific Regulatory/ Compliance norms while covering specific areas of interest such as accounting entries and MIS Reports. This tool is platform independent and is suitable for any Banking requirement for generation of scenario based coverage of test design & planning. It enables delivering of a tailor made Test Lifecycle Management Solution reducing effort, time and cost in testing.

Favoring patrons worldwide
Attra’s customers span across 19 countries from 5 continents including North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa and Australia. The Company’s primary customers include banks and third party payment processors (TPP). With almost 90% of the customers spread across the globe, Attra has a well-established mechanism to provide full support through different time zones matching the business hours of the country of operation. The Company provides services to some of the most prominent global banks and financial institutions like Leading Global Card Issuer in Canada, One of the largest banks in the UAE, Large bank in Thailand, Leading private banks in India etc.

Employment accompanied by Growth and Development
Whether an intern, a new associate or a professional with years of experience – employees become a real part of the team, with a substantial part to play in delivering success. The opportunities and guidance required to advance careers is always provided. Attra’s commitment to the development of a professional’s career within the organization is maintained through an expansive training curriculum, mentorship and on-the-job experience. With the range and experience of the professionals available from project to project, the interactions foster the environment of development that enables workers to achieve goals.

Key Executive

Anil Gammapilla, Founder & Chairman – Anil founded Attra in 1995 with the objective of building a company that would embody his ability to fathom customer sentiment and his passion for delivery. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT and financial services industry. Prior to founding Attra, Anil was a keen student of large scale computing. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s Anil drove the installation of mainframe-based solutions for clients in Asia and Australia. While mainframe computing had evolved, a key test in the early 1990s was how to create an integrated business solution by connecting a patchwork of systems. In response to this challenge Anil founded Attra. Anil has an engineering degree in computer sciences from the University of Essex.

“We are committed to developing long-term partnerships to better understand our customers’ businesses and respond to their needs.”