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30 Best Companies To Watch 2016

Meet the Global Players Delivering Best Web-Based Solutions: CELOXIS

silicon-review-co-founders“Our vision is to be in the business of helping companies deliver successful projects and results, every time!”

Celoxis is a leading global player in the web-based project management software space. This India-based company has experienced explosive double-digit year-on-year growth and significant customer wins and continues soaring growth in the market. Today, with over 2,500 customers globally, Celoxis is one of the most favored project management software platforms around. 15 years later, founders Nikhil and Ravindra still write code and look into every single customer request personally.

The duo came back to India and established Celoxis Technologies in 2001. It was the era of SaaS and browser-based software. But, they were quick to predict that On-Premise would also stay as a necessary element of business operations. They launched Celoxis version 1.0 as a web-based software that supported SaaS and On-Premise deployment models. Celoxis has been among the first movers in several areas and has proved itself successful. Celoxis is the:

  • First Indian SaaS Company.
  • First (and still one of the very few players in the market) to offer SaaS and On-Premise delivery options.
  • First in predicting paradigm shift of businesses gradually shifting focus from ‘best-in-class’ solutions to more comprehensive platforms and accommodating this in the software.
  • Pioneer of free client portals.
  • First software to provide customizable dashboards, so that all stakeholders including teams could derive maximum efficiency from the tool.

Integrated project management platform
What Celoxis is ever concerned about is “Customer’s challenges”, every feature is aimed specifically to solve customers’ pain points. It is an “all-in-one” platform for today’s business and project activities. At Celoxis, they not only focus on the software capabilities, but also on “how the end-user would actually be using it”.

Portfolio managers and executives can perform regular analysis and assessment of portfolio metrics in terms of budgets, risks and returns over a period of time. Project managers can build robust and real-world schedules to accommodate distributed teams across time zones, team members can work and collaborate on diverse activities such as tasks, bugs, change requests, helpdesk tickets within the same tool. This eliminates the need for having multiple specialized tools, which often triggers productivity loss and data duplication.

Vast client territory and big clients
Celoxis is compatible to an optimum level for medium and large businesses, global companies, across industries that seek to effectively manage projects and resources, standardize and automate processes and improve visibility and accountability among various stakeholders. Celoxis has been the only project management platform of choice to the major brands like HBO, Bombardier, University of Washington, Del Monte Products, Delhivery, The Supreme Court of Ohio, KPMG, LG, Whirlpool, Toronto General Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, The Cheesecake Factory, Virgin Care, Singapore Post and Bank Mandiri.

Plotting the future
The company wants to prioritize and accelerate areas that are critical to its future success. It’s focus is to continue delivering innovative capabilities that solve customer problems and provide value beyond measure. It aims to continue keeping overheads low and make adjustments where needed so that they continue to offer a great product at a fantastic price and to continually invest in the training and on-boarding programs and to continue investing and upgrading their infrastructure to provide better than the best response times. Along with future growth, it states that Expectation Management is crucial and a key challenge area, especially with SaaS products, where switching costs of the software is typically low.

The happy customers
“Implementing Celoxis raised our productivity by almost 50% and also made our work much easier. We now have a clear picture of all projects, their resource loads, documents and expenses for each projects. Also the efficiency between people from different departments working on a project has improved because they have better communication and an efficient working environment.” – Robert Banciu, PMO.

“Celoxis has many great features and the reporting is exceptional! I also want to thank your team for adding the graphical reporting feature to your resource reports. This is going to improve the quality of our resource reporting tenfold.” – Stacie Manzano, Project Manager.

Meet the Master Duo

Nikhil Daddikar, Co-Founder– Nikhil was born and raised in Bombay, India, the land of Mahatma Gandhi, software engineers and jugaad (work-arounds). He graduated as a Computer Science Engineer from IIT Bombay, where he realised that 24 hours a day are enough to get a lot of things done and still get 3 hours of sleep. He then went to the U.S. the “inspiration everywhere” land, where he worked for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups for five years and learned a thing or two. He then came back to India inspired and started Celoxis. Nikhil takes pride in being a life hacker at heart.

Ravindra Wankar, Co-Founder– Ravindra completed his degree in Computer Science Engineering from University of Mumbai, where he developed an early fascination for building software products. He spent the next few years with large corporations in India and USA working on large scale projects and mastering the nuances of project management. Ravindra then decided to turn entrepreneur and with Nikhil, developed Celoxis, which is today, one of the best project management software in the world.

Ravindra is a food lover. In his own words, “He will work for food”. His other interests include Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Photography and Electronics, especially audio. He hopes to find time some day to build his own amplifier and speakers.

“Our cloud based project management software offers 99.99% up-time and fanatical data backup.”