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Meet the leader offering global Geospatial Solutions: Intermap Technologies

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap Technologies is an industry leader in geospatial solutions on demand with its secure, cloud-based Orion Platform®. Through its powerful suite of software applications and proprietary development of contiguous databases that fuse volumes of geospatial data into a single source, the Orion Platform is able to provide location-based solutions for customers in diverse markets around the world.

Intermap Technologies is a global geospatial solutions leader focused on improving the ways in which people, businesses, and governments use location based information. Through the creation of the Orion Platform®, the industry’s first software-driven spatial data platform, Intermap provides products, services, and solutions that help businesses and governments solve their geospatial challenges.

Areas of Expertise
Software –Intermap’s web-based software suite leverages all data types to provide multi-faceted insight that is useful for a variety of purposes.

Services- They provide worldwide geospatial services to help businesses and governments make sense of their most intricate problems.

Acquisition- They offer custom data collection services and 3D mapping products to create innovative solutions for numerous applications.

Data – Their Foundation Data layers provide the framework necessary to make informed decisions and find intelligent solutions to any challenge

Unique Services Offered

Geospatial Audit- Intermap’s unique geospatial audit service was born from the need to ensure an organization’s spatial data is complete, discoverable, accurate, up-to-date, and accessible by all agencies, departments, staff, and applications. The Major benefits of utilizing Intermap’s geospatial audit service are mentioned below:

  • Identifying and centralizing data for easy access to location-based answers.
  • Keeping data current, sharing files, and collaborating between multiple locations, agencies, and departments.
  • The ability to update and find specific files without moving or duplicating data.
  • Accessing, discovering, and searching for geospatial data in an efficient manner.
  • Realizing that data management systems save time and money.

Digital Elevation- Intermap provides complete DEM services to create digital elevation models as a foundation for a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), or as a base layer for location-based planning needs. DEM services include:


  • Collecting IFSAR, LiDAR, and satellite imagery elevation data for large or small areas, or any other third-party data.

Building a DEM

  • Aggregating IFSAR, LiDAR, and satellite imagery to build a digital elevation model that meets customer specifications.

Elevation data

  • For specific project needs or to fill in gaps as part of a homogenous DEM, Intermap offers its suite of NEXTMap® products.


  • Custom feature extraction that includes roads, railroads, airports, buildings, and more.

Intermap’s Software Products

InsitePro™ – It is a cloud-based software solution that brings together all the necessary data and analytics for underwriting natural catastrophe risk, anywhere in the world.

AdPro® – It is a web application that enables advertising agencies to make the most of their time and money by leveraging a variety of location-based data to help them select the best outdoor media locations for their clients.

GeoPro™ – It serves complex spatial data in a simple way that is easily used by location-based intelligence applications and end users, reducing the time and effort of preparing geospatial data to be used outside of the GIS department.

Application Programming Interface (API)- Intermap provides APIs as part of the Orion Software Platform for the integration of data, software, and services. APIs allow universal access to an organization’s core systems so that data, business processes, and other critical resources can be exposed and shared uniformly with other organizations, partners, and customers.

Knowing the Key People

Todd Oseth, President and Chief Executive Officer
At Intermap, Oseth is responsible for driving the monetization of Intermap’s products and services, including NEXTMap and custom mapping services. From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, Oseth’s 30 years of leadership at technology companies has encompassed product management, sales, marketing, engineering, and operations. In past companies, Oseth implemented new product strategies to expand addressable markets, increased channel revenues, and increased revenue through acquisition and integration. Prior to Intermap, he held executive leadership positions with Neterion, Coldstor Data, McData Corporation, EMC Corporation, DataPlay, Inc., Accent Software, Sony, and Ramtron International Corporation.

Richard Mohr, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Carrying more than 25 years of financial management experience, Richard focuses primarily on the technology industry in both public and private companies. He is responsible for the management of Intermap’s finance, accounting, investor relations, human resources, and administrative functions. Prior to Intermap, Mohr spent 13 years in the semiconductor and digital media storage industries holding positions of chief financial officer, executive vice president, and vice president of finance. Additionally, he held executive leadership positions with DataPlay, Inc., Ramtron International Corporation, and Concord Services Inc.

“We provide worldwide geospatial services to help businesses and governments make sense of their most intricate problems”