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SILICON100 2017

Meet the World's Most Popular HR Software: OrangeHRM


“OrangeHRM gives a custom HR solutions based on your needs”

The world of work is rapidly changing. As a part of organization, Human Resource Management (HRM) must be prepared to deal with effects of changing world of work. HR people understand the implications of globalization, work-force diversity, changing skill requirements, corporate downsizing, continuous improvement initiatives, re-engineering, the contingent work force, decentralized work sites and employee involvement for which all and more have the financial implication to organization.  So we bring you OrangeHRM an expert who alone deals with the employee’s engagement, satisfaction, motivation, retention, absenteeism, and turnover have to be checked.

Foundation of OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM was established in 2006 by Sujee Saparamadu who holds post as (Chief Executive Officer) Headquarterd at Teal Plaza Secaucus, NJ, United States.

The company aims to be the world’s leading open source HRM solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing a flexible and easy to use HRM system affordable for any company worldwide.

The project was started during fall 2005 and the first beta release was made in January 2006. Today OrangeHRM has users worldwide enjoying a free, stable and highly usable HRM solution. The system is backed by professional support and services as well as a fast growing, receptive and knowledgeable worldwide open source community. By building and leveraging this community of users, developers and partners, the usability, scope and international adoption of OrangeHRM is continuously being improved.

Implementation, training, customizations and management consultation


OrangeHRM is a robust, full-featured HR system. Because each organization has different needs and reporting requirements, OrangeHRM is highly customizable. We can extend, add or change existing features to suit the needs of your company in a cost-effective way.

The company’s dedicated professional services team guides you on options including: Requirements analysis, Process management, Documentation, Design and development, User acceptance testing, Implementation, training and rollout.

Implementation Services

Choosing the right HRM system is the first step toward building a high-quality, vigorous HR environment. Real success and business value is realized when the product is fully adopted and utilized by educated users in your company.

Accelerated implementation time – get up and running in just a few weeks, Training, resource materials and tutorials delivered online or on-site, Improved delivery efficiency with pre-assembled and pre-engineered components, Enjoy higher quality delivery via process templates, tools, and accelerators, Benefit from fast access to timely solutions and technologies.

Support Services

Protect your HRManagement investment by using OrangeHRM support services. Our versatile and dedicated worldwide support teams offer a flexible and customizable support experience based on the level of service you need.

Wherever you are, we are here to help you—with support offices in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. We provide follow-the-sun coverage to manage your support needs.

OrangeHRM is an exceptional open source product. Whether you are new to OrangeHRM or an experienced user, we offer a range of support options to meet your needs.

OrangeHRM Professional

System Administration & User Roles-Aimed at the HR manager serving global enterprises, the System Administration module offers you stable, centralized control of your core HR functions. This module includes an extensive set of tools to provide, manipulate and extract the data you need to create a secure, highly functional HR environment.

Personnel Information Management (PIM) - Included with the base system, the Personal Information Management (PIM) module of OrangeHRM helps you develop a centralized employee database with ease. Enjoy fast, efficient access to your information through selection and filter criteria you create. Marshalling data from diverse geographical locations for use at your fingertips, this module pairs powerful capability with an intuitive interface.

Leave /Time off Management- Configure the Leave/Time off management module of OrangeHRM to suit your local and international policies, dates and calendaring system. This adaptable module creates reports using select filters, generates CSV extractions and allows you to receive automatic E-mail notices for employees on leave.

Time & Attendance Management- Make strategic HR decisions based on accurately reported data with the Time and Attendance management module. Timesheets, attendance, task and project management are ably handled by this module. Create reports and overviews from information entered manually or through a biometric device. Increase your capabilities as an HR manager without increasing your staff or budget.

Recruitment- Module features configurable workflows to suit your company, department or specific vacancies. Reach 1000's of job boards around the world for sourcing and build a rich database of prime candidates. The built-in interview assistant will allow you to conduct structured interviews and using cognitive computing from IBM Watson our decision support system will provide you with personality insights and predictive analytics to hire the right candidate.

Performance- the OrangeHRM Performance module gives you the ability to create custom performance evaluations and self-scaling employee assessments that key into company performance indicators and job expectations. Managers and employees look to HR for well-structured performance reviews.

Training- Maintenance and development of skills for job productivity is the aim of this OrangeHRM Enterprise Training module. When you need to centrally manage, plan or staff a training program, the Training module keeps your program and employee progress on track.

Meet the Wit

Sujee Saparamadu, CEO: Sujee has been involved in the Information Technology sector for over 25 years and, 10 of these years he has worked on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. He has vast experience in developing and deploying enterprise applications. He Co-Foundered OrangeHRM Inc in 2006 with the Open Source business model and has revolutionized the HRIS domain.

Sujee has a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from University of New Haven, in Connecticut, USA and worked on a MS in Computer Information Systems from Boston University, in Massachusetts, USA.

“Our implementation services ensure your OrangeHRM system is set up and configured to suit your business practices and users.”