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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

Meet the world’s most technically advanced enabler of M2M/IoT connectivity: Stream Technologies

“Stream Technologies is the company behind IoT-X, a Connectivity Enablement, Management & Billing platform (CMP).”

A unique amalgamation of two IoT businesses (i) a unique hybrid software house (ii) a technically advanced MVNO for IoT, Stream Technologies is the company behind IoT-X, a Connectivity Enablement, Management & Billing platform (CMP).

The organizations adopting their IoT-X Platform (PaaS) include global enterprises, MNO’s, MVNO’s, LoRa network operators. Designed for all operators of Cellular, Satellite & Low Power Wide Area networks, IoT-X, is offered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and is fast being adopted by established network operators and new entrants into the M2M/IOT sector. IoT-X, offers low cost, low risk, high functionality of connectivity management, resulting in fast to market, with support from one of the most experienced technical and operational teams in IoT.

Stream Technologies simplifies the complex and gets devices connected.

Why Stream Technologies

Resilient- Data routing architecture is paramount and designed so that data is transferred securely over any network to your infrastructure and applications. Stream provides a high level of resilience with multi-site infrastructure, and N+1 service
and geographic redundancy.

Scalable- Streams systems and architecture has been designed to be highly available with adaptive monitoring to help ensure service uptime.

Manageable- Real-Time Management and reporting of SIMs- View connectivity, data usage levels, set monitoring alerts, and manage invoices. Troubleshoot and diagnose problems, or get help with any SIMs.

Secure- Fully private IP network with secured access through VPN or MPLS connectivity. Dedicated role based access to APN and management systems. Secure public IP addressing alternatives.

Stream’s IoT-X™ Platform (PaaS for IoT)

IoT-X™ Connectivity Platform- IoT-X™ is an award winning and unique connectivity, data routing, IoT service billing and event decision making platform. IoT-X monitors, manages and monetizes device end points and includes Subscriber Management, Robust Billing, Advanced Data Routing and Rules Based Decision Making. IoT-X provides agnostic Multi Network Technology capability in one comprehensive platform. IoT-X serves and supports complex multi-tenant and multi-tiered sales channels.

PaaS: Platform as a Service- IoT-X™ acts as the management console for connected devices, allowing users to log in to manage and monitor connectivity. Enterprises, OEMs and network operators (Cellular, Satellite & LPWA) can utilize the power of IoT-X™ to help monetize their connectivity or connected solution.

Subscriber Management- Manage all connectivity on one screen, and also manages Subscribers with IoT-X’s one-click activation and unified interface across all communication types. The unique design allows Stream customers to resell to their own customer channels, enabling multi-tenant and multi-tier capabilities and provides simple integration into a new provisioning platform.

Billing & Monetization- Consolidated Billing for all types of connectivity. Billing Services with IoT-X™ are seamless as users may bill on any traffic type, and the platform allows billing for complete solution bundles, for all hardware, applications, services and connectivity. IoT-X™ also empowers users to create plans across multiple communication types and networks with the convenience of a single invoice for all subscribers.

Data Routing- Advanced Data Routing from device to destination. Data Routing capabilities with IoT-X™ include the ability to define network routing, create own pivot points and route data to any application of your choosing. Stream also
provides access to secure built-in libraries for common data services.
Knowing the Leaders

Nigel Chadwick, Chief Executive Officer- Past Vice Chair of Mobile Data Association UK and joint founder of Stream, Nigel Steers direction of Stream Technologies and co-ordinated ongoing development and strategic positioning of IoT-X vis-a-vis internal product/service sets related and external partnerships. He Specializes in Connected Car, IoT Platforms and Technology Partnerships.

Kevin McDowall, Chief Operating Officer- Carrying over 20 years’ experience in cellular connectivity including national and international roaming, 2/3/4G & LTE and locations based services, MVNO and GSM MNO contractual and tariff expert, he lead Stream SIM options, including QFN8 and eSIM (embedded). Kevin is Specialist in Digital Media, CCTV & Security, Insurance Based Telematics and Smart Metering.

Alan Tait, Chief Technical Officer- With a degree in computer sciences, Alan has over a decade of experience in IoT connectivity. He is specialized in IP routing access, cellular, satellite and LPWA networks, ensuring high levels of data transit resilience. Global enterprise clients with technical teams tend to engage with Alan from the outset.


  • Frost & Sullivan has recognized Stream Technologies for a Best Practices Award


  • Stream Launch 4G Multi-Network Services for IoT / M2M
  • GCU and Stream Technologies to develop smart wireless sensors
  • Stream Technologies Appoints Vice President for Strategic Partnerships
  • Stream Technologies Joins the ThingWorx Ready Partner Program
  • Teclo Networks and Stream Technologies Partner
  • Stream Technologies Appoints Low Power Radio Networks (IoT) Specialist
  • Stream recognized as a top 50 IoT Company for 2014 by CIO Review


  • Stream’s IoT-X wins ‘Fierce Innovation Award’ in recognition for leadership in Service Creation & Delivery
  • Appoints SVP of Global Business Development in USA & opens office in San Jose
  • Opens Vancouver Office
  • Releases IoT-X to 3rd party wireless carriers seeking a connectivity platform for IoT


  • Opens Global HQ, Canary Wharf, London


  • Opens TechLab, world’s first connectivity testing facility for customer’s IoT devices


  • Expands dedicated customer support team


  • Focus on investment into technical (backhaul) infrastructure, providing unparalleled resilience & uptime


  • Launches OaSys, Europe’s first Connectivity Management Platform


  • Creates in-house development team


  • Integrates first UK core network partner


  • Stream Established with M2M network services vision

“Our Vision is to further evolve IoT-X: the world’s most strategically enabling Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) for IoT.”