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Meeting the Challenges of the Booming Information Technology Market needs: Axon Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd.C

In the era of booming technology needs and services, there are very few service providers, providing for all round technological needs and solutions. One such company is Axon Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which has established itself in the market as a single stop shop for IT Infrastructure needs of a Client, from run of the mill core IT infrastructure needs such as email, messaging etc, to advanced cloud migrations and deployments on platforms such as AWS, Rackspace as public clouds or open stack or cloud stack as private clouds.

Founded in the year 2005, Axon is a premium provider of reliable and quality IT Services and Solutions with a focus on adapting Open Source & Open Standard Technologies and has served clients such as, iCreate Software and Azim Premji Foundation among others, who unanimously describe Axon to be comprised of an unique kind of a team that combines deep technical expertise with a realistic touch.

With offices in USA, India, Singapore and Dubai, the secret behind Axon’s popularity is that the team does not stop at mere delivery of requirements but spend time to understand the client needs and educate and inform them of various options and participate in their decision making process. They always apply a realistic approach to things and have always helped us extract true business value for our investments. In this context, the team at Axon says, “We adopt a model in our engagements, which is both Technology and Vendor neutral with an objective of being owners of business or processes that our customers entrust us with.”

A class apart
The company’s services strategy is backed by established policy and process implementations and their own suite of tools, which have been built ground up, giving a ground zero understanding and control of the client’s infrastructure, a combination encompassing all that the client’s business uses on the cloud and any hybrid infrastructure that may exist. The team at Axon says “Our services cover the gamut of activities through the life cycle of any project/product from conceptualization, design, implementation, maintenance and management. We have in our ranks, individuals with rich cross domain experience and expertise and access to such expertise is bundled as part of our service offering”.

The company envisions emerging as a leader in public and private cloud consulting over the next few years, being one of the few IT Infrastructure Support companies which carry among its ranks, a software solutions team with cross technology expertise allowing management of customer environments in the realm of application performance management and performance tuning which sets us apart in the value that can be offered in the Remote Infrastructure Management Space.

The specialty of Axon is the adoption of a model in the company’s engagements, which is both Technology and Vendor neutral with an objective of being owners of business or processes that the customers entrust Axon with.

Team Axon calls itself as an organization for consulting and managed services, which has developed their own private cloud stack which gives the team a deep understanding of how cloud environments perform and therefore adopt the best practices to right size and architect solutions for the cloud.