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10 Fastest Growing Software Companies 2016

MetaDesign Solutions- Creating best experiences for customers by offering profitable IT solutions….


“We define satisfaction as customer attitude towards our products and services. For MetaDesign Solutions, nothing has ever been more important than the satisfaction of its clients.”

An offshore software development company, MetaDesign takes pride in having a closely knitted team of 300+ multi-talented software professionals, developing and designing IT solutions for their clients. With is immense talent and passion, MDS has reached the soaring heights of success, and has gained global customer footprint, enveloping USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and India. Since 2006, they have been serving their customers and aim to achieve perfection in whatever project they take in their hands.

..This is how they work

People at MetaDesign Solutions tailor profitable IT solutions for businesses of all sizes hailing from all industries. They cater to all types of IT based solutions, ranging from a few-paged interactive website to a complete web-based enterprise wide e-commerce based solution, from a small desktop widget easing your daily important tasks to applications managing everything for your global business. Their solutions are extremely robust and work on multiple platforms. They enjoy challenges, especially those which others mark as impossible.

Creating robust software solutions and delivering them with great levels of professionalism and diligence is their goal. It is backed by a great sense of commitment, tremendous industry exposure, great teamwork and creditable technical expertise. Their committed professionals aim to provide customers with software solutions par excellence.

IT solutions created and maintained by MetaDesign Solutions have certain common basic essential features; they are all critically analyzed, designed, constructed, tested, and thus, engineered to perfection. The company specializes in molding products and services to best suit their clients’ requirements, which lets them wear a wide smile always. MetaDesign Solutions has partners across multiple continents, which means that they’re extremely comfortable working across different time zones. They have a global client footprint with customers in India, U.S., Germany, Sweden and France, amongst others.

Customer Focus

Over the years MetaDesign Solutions has worked diligently in delivering robust services and solutions which consistently wow customers. They have expert developers with industry rich skills and sound technical knowledge who build only the best and nothing less. At the same time they take all measures to ensure that the developer mindset remains in check and client requirements are not compromised in any way. They ask questions, stay focused and are always eager to learn to make sure they understand their clients and their requirements in order to be able to develop a strong and healthy business relationship. Team at MetaDesign’s sole intention is to understand client specifications and deliver appropriately.

The team at MetaDesign has not only received one hundred percent repeat business from existing clients, but has also expanded their wings to reach new businesses in the form of referrals and suggestions by existing clients. For a flourishing business the challenge is to retain the customers and with transparent work culture and customer centric development approach, they have achieved just that. They have maintained highest standards throughout their working history and earned a loyal clientele that is always ready to vouch for them. By virtue of their self-engineered working model that includes an active communication system, periodic documentation and report generation they keep their clients informed about the status and progress of projects at every single step during the life cycle of the project.

Customer satisfaction is a valuable asset and at MetaDesign Solutions they undertake all measures to secure it. A deep sense of involvement with clients to appreciate and deliver exactly what they need has made them capable of maintaining a contented client base. The results thus achieved, proudly meet, if not exceed the expectations of their clients – timely delivery, pocket fit budget and extremely robust services and solutions.

Knowing the Mastermind

Sunil Goyal, MD & CEO– Sunil Goyal is the owner & holds the position of CEO and Managing Director at MDS. He is a multipreneur with ownership in multiple business in Healthcare & IT Domain.

Clients Speak
“Our development experience with MetaDesign Solutions has been fantastic. They have adapted flexibly to our needs. When we needed to take our project into a different direction they changed gears and moved into the direction we needed to go.” – Raffael Jacoby, Co-Founder, Expert-Communication

“I feel sick when I am unable to point finger at someone. Alas! MetaDesign makes me feel sick by giving me no scope to point a finger at their work.”– John Sean, CTO, Brisbane

“Our firm needed a fast, high quality development partner that could leverage our bare bones startup team. We received a strong recommendation from a business colleague that had used MDS and so we engaged them. MDS took our design and gave us clean, functional HTML/CSS and then hooked that into our backend code. We are pleased with the team and their work and will continue to use them as an important part of our development process.”– Arthur Muir, President, BobaTV

“Our vision is completely synchronized with that of our customers and we view the projects from first-hand perspectives.”

Why MetaDesign

  • Team of 300+ Software Engineers
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Company Owned 2 Development Centers
  • Established 2006, Global Customer Footprint
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Onshore-offshore model
  • Upto 80 Hours of FREE TRIAL
  • Expertise in diverse technology

MetaDesign Expertise

  • Mobile App Development
  • Open Source Web Development
  • Salesforce CRM Development
  • Microsoft Stack Development
  • J2EE Development
  • Cloud App Development
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Software Testing Services
  • AngularJS HTML5 Development
  • Adobe Plug-in Development

“We are committed to create the best possible experience for our customers.”