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MetaScale: Mastered Methodologies for Enterprise Big Data

“Our proven enterprise solutions, experience, results, methodology and heritage make us your best strategic partner to speed up your big data efforts.”

Founded on core expertise of enterprise-specific knowledge and use cases, MetaScale, a start-up built inside of a fortune 500 company, acceleratesclients’ big data projects by helping them avoid common failure points and quickly gain value from their data. They take a neutral approach in suggesting available tools and technologies to solve a client’s problem vs ‘pushing a solution’. The organization offers complete end-to-end solutions to help companies quickly gain value from open source big data technologies. They offer rare expertise in the full big data implementation lifecycle – assessment and strategy, infrastructure, support and management, solution implementation, analytics and reporting, advanced analytics and data science, training and resources.

As a global company, MetaScale provides cost effective big data analytics and implementation solutions with a dedicated team based in Chicago, IL and an offshore support team in Pune, India. Most of their consulting and services customers are based in the U.S. In November 2015, they partnered with NIIT, a global leader in skills and talent development, to provide IT professionals in India with an avenue for quickly gaining production-level skills for developing solutions within the Hadoop ecosystem – filling an exploding need for such skills throughout the country. MetaScale is a well renowned global brand through its contribution as a thought leader in various conferences, techforums and leading publications.

Embracing open source technology
The company embraces open source technology both as a user and as a solution provider. Their competent team has mastered methodologies and best practices to implement open source tools (including tools for Hadoop distribution, cluster management, data processing and databases) with legacy systems in enterprise environments to save customers from making large capital investments in vendor specific solutions and long-term binding to those solutions.

Open source big data technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL enable businesses to become more agile and create value from their data by being able to process, store and analyze rapidly growing volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. No matter where organizations are at in their Big Data Journey, MetaScale can help manage the complexities of their Hadoop and NoSQL environments, and develop new business intelligence and analytics capabilities.

A proven leader offering unique expertise
MetaScale offersend-to-endsolutions including roadmap development, assessment of existing ecosystem, implementation of infrastructure and custom analytics for Hadoop capability based on enterprise use case experience. Their proven enterprise solutions, experience, results, methodology and heritage make them an enterprises best strategic partner for accelerating their big data efforts. The company leverages the Hadoop ecosystem to manage several petabytes of data and develop new business intelligence capabilities. Coming from a large organization, they understand the pain points of integrating legacy systems with open source tools such as Hadoop unlike any other vendor.

Most trusted partner
MetaScale helps solve real-world big data problems for customers in various industries, notably Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Energy, Manufacturing and Technology, including major companies such as GameStop and Direct Supply. Enterprise solutions offered by MetaScale are industry agnostic. The company specializes in enterprise strategy and implementation, with emphasis on use cases and enterprise-ready technologies for accelerating big data analytics initiatives.As demonstration of their efforts to offer the finestservices to their clients, the company recentlyrenewed multiple long-term contracts for supporting their clients’ Hadoop and NoSQL analytics platforms and business intelligence programs.

Some examples of how they solve real-world big data problems for their clients:

  • Install and configure Hadoop ecosystem tools per industry standard best practices
  • Provide accurate capacity planning and space forecasting of Hadoop cluster growth for proper long-term planning
  • Evaluate native Hadoop and commercial tools per specific enterprise requirements (including ETL and reporting tools) and provide recommendations for implementation
  • Assess business and technical requirements to accurately plan for integration of multiple data sources into an Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) platform
  • Remotely manage and administer Hadoop and NoSQL big data environments, and provide root cause analysis reports to help customers understand how various analytics workloads impact their cluster performance

“We focus on ‘what’s been proven’ vs ‘just ideas on what can be done’, which sets us apart from other service providers operating in the big data space.”

Plans for days ahead
MetaScale is all set to launch their Data Science Practice in early 2016. Advanced Analytics is the ultimate goal for most big data initiatives, yet many organizations lack the resources and capabilities to effectively utilize big data for making more accurate predictions. MetaScale looks forward to showcasing their capabilities to deploy a data science ready big data ecosystem that a non-tech user could do on his or her own.

Knowing the CEO
Ankur Gupta
Ankur is intimately involved in practical implementation of big data use cases across industries. He provides Fortune 500 perspective on enterprise big data strategy and adoption of open source technology, and contributes thought leadership to events and publications around the world.He has guest lectured on the topic of data analytics at institutions such as Harvard, ISB and IIM, sharing real-world insights on how big data tools and technologies are disrupting the way business is done in today’s market. Ankur received an MBA from Duke University and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (India).

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“While we are a vendor, we provide a completely vendor neutral approach to solving big data problems independent of a distribution or platform.”