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Mezzofy (Hong Kong) Limited: Offering the best-in-class digital coupon platform for a better loyalty ecosystem

thesiliconreview-dicky-ying-mezzofy-hong-kong-limited-2018The digital world where we live in has brought about a plethora of digital devices and media to be used to our advantages. As everything is going digital nowadays, coupons too are going digital. Digital coupons are increasingly becoming a powerful tool for shopper engagement for merchants and retailers. In the present market scenario, retailers have to keep pace with the new digital economy by providing the ideal coupons to their customers and digital coupons are the best possible option to do that. Digital mobile coupons can make it easier for merchant and brands to capture the data they need to build a closer relationship with their consumers as well as offer a tailored experience to them. Moreover, the risks associated with continuing the usage of disparate solutions are too high. Therefore it is of paramount importance that industries rely on disruptive digital coupon solutions to help drive in-store traffic and increase customer loyalty.

Mezzofy is one such company that realizes this and provides a comprehensive digital coupon platform for the merchants to create, distribute and redeem coupons. Established in Hong Kong in 2014, Mezzofy first built the system for retail business including POS & Inventory, and then started to focus on digital coupon system for enterprise in 2016. In the following year, the system was converted into the global digital coupon platform so that worldwide merchants could use it at a very low cost.

Mezzofy offers a very simple way that lets the merchants create unlimited marketing campaigns with the coupons without any technical help. The company facilitates the seamless distribution of digital coupons via social media networks, as well as the collection of consumer redemption data for quick marketing study. “The beauty of our solution provides merchants all the tools and reports to measure the campaign results and more in-depth details can be extracted for further analysis”, the company said.

A unique and versatile digital coupon solution

Digital coupon can be the cheapest and most effective way to do the marketing campaign, and it is environmental friendly too. Besides, it is traceable and takes a very short period of time to create, enabling the merchants to react to the market very quickly. Mezzofy’s digital coupons assist in advertising and marketing campaigns. These marketing campaigns can generate more sales and increase customer loyalty. The company helps the merchant to achieve not the same but better results for their businesses by leveraging on its platform and expertise in digital coupon marketing.

Mezzofy says that the digital coupon is one of the most successful marketing tools for businesses for an engaging O2O experience for their customers. They can be used to:

  • Drive O2O Traffic – coupons can be used to drive more traffic to the store from online to offline.
  • Retain old customers – coupons can be constantly provided to the existing customer to maintain their membership program.
  • Acquire new customers – widespread coupons can easily acquire new customers for the merchant.

Why choose Mezzofy

Mezzofy’s platform provides unlimited digital coupon issuing without any upfront cost. The platform is very scalable from a self-employed professional or freelancer, without any shop, a single shop or a multiple chain shop business. Merchants can create digital coupons to drive business for the crowd or even just create one special digital coupon for one special customer. Mezzofy’s Global Digital Coupon Platform is not just a marketing tool. The digital coupon can also act as a financial tool to settle the payment.

Mezzofy CASHIER App: A simple yet powerful POS app

Mezoffy CASHIER is the perfect point-of-sale solution available in the App Store. It’s designed to run on iPod, iPhone or iPad, on the counter or on the go and it’s free. The tool manages items, inventory and sales reports and provides valuable analytics and feedback thus helping merchants focus on their business. It accepts PayPal, Visa, Master, Amex, Bitcoins in the shop or online, and it will soon add more payments option in the coming future. Mezzofy CASHIER has the following key features:

  • Helps to sell

        With the entire system in a mobile app, all one needs is a mobile device and the business can be done. The app backs up everything to the cloud. Mezzofy recommends using an iPad for the stability of the system and screen size, while also enabling the app to function in an iPhone to transform it as a mobile POS.   

  • Real-time Sales Data

        It provides instant sales information and summary report in the same solution, including all the standard settings and setup required to operate the POS. It also encourages the usage of digital receipts, digital coupons, digital loyalty cards and digital feedback and digital payments. 

  • Product Management

        Merchants can check their account at anytime, from anywhere, to learn more about how their business is doing. Mezzofy software is developed using industry-standard best practices that assures data safety. With Mezzofy Analytics, it’s now easy to see what’s working and what’s not in real time along with viewing entire sales history and creating customized sales reports.    

  • Inventory Management

        Mezzofy Inventory is fast to set up and can send alerts when items are almost out of stock. Thus managing the inventory is free from anywhere.

Commitment to excellence

Mezzofy’s clients are satisfied with the service that it provides as they save a lot on printing and distribution, and make the coupon easier to share and use. One of its clients had also extended the service from one retail brand to the other retail brands gradually under the same group. Presently the company is focused on adopting blockchain technology in its platform that will ensure a digital coupon with lower transaction cost and make it secure and easy for sharing and increasing sales for merchants. In the near future, it wishes to set its foothold into the European and US markets.

Wishh Cosmetic Chain Stores, one of Mezzofy’s client, supportively said, “E-coupon effectively facilitate companies with their growth and development. They also allow us to reach out more to our audience, increase our exposure and sales in a cost-effective way.”

Knowing the CEO

Dicky Ying

Dicky holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in e-commerce and has over 20 years experience in retail business.

“We obsessively seek out elegant, compassable abstractions that enable robust, scalable, flexible integrations. Because we eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, you can get up and get running with Mezzofy in just a couple of minutes.”