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50 Best Workplaces of the year 2016

Mission-Critical Solutions and High-Quality Services for the Buy and Sell-Side: NeoXam


"Our approach is customer-centric to support the growth and challenges of asset management firms.”

Founded by industry experts and IT specialists, NeoXam’s software solutions for financial services have been successfully deployed since the early 90s: first in Europe, and then in other regions (USA, Middle East, South Africa and Asia). On January 31st 2014, NeoXam officially acquired GP3 and Decalog via a carve-out from the US-based software solutions provider SunGard (now part of FIS). NeoXam is owned by Blackfin Capital Partners and private investors led by Serge Delpla,
CEO of NeoXam.

In order to complete its expertise and widen its range of users, from October 2014 to June 2015, NeoXam took over 3 software companies: Density Technologies, specializing in front-to-back office software solutions for medium-sized Asset Managers; Nexfi, a software provider specializing in complex fund management for Institutional Investors; and SmartCo, an innovative Enterprise Data Management software company. In two years, the company has increased revenue by 40%, signed more than 25 deals and hired over 100 employees. NeoXam now counts 150+ clients and employs close to 400 employees. Addressing the differentiating factor, Serge Delpla, CEO of NeoXam said, “We’re a 25 year old start-up! We are as agile as start-ups and as reliable as established companies. On top of this dual attitude and aptitude, three items define us: our ability to deliver on time and on budget; the reliability and robustness of our solutions; and the expertise of our team.”

NeoXam in the Market
The buy-side industry is facing various challenges: searching for returns in new asset classes such as real estate, private equity or loans, facing increasing regulatory pressure, leading or evolving with the concentration of industry players, improving customer experience, controlling costs and focusing on core competencies. Asset managers have to run their companies more efficiently with seamless evolutions and change their companies through innovation. The company addresses these challenges through a new “Best of Hybrid” delivery logic and an innovative 3-layered data-centric operating model.

NeoXam provides buy- and sell-side firms with cost-efficient, proven and mission-critical solutions. It addresses the needs of asset managers, wealth managers and institutional investors covering the complete value-chain, from central data management and front to back-office facilities, as well as the data management requirements of banks and corporates.

“We are becoming a key player in the digital transformation industry. Our data-centric operating model addresses simultaneously data management, data enrichment and data visualization. We provide a new User eXperience while setting-up a single point of truth for all raw and transformed data. The “Best of Hybrid” logic helps the clients to leverage their existing IT while adding a seamless integration capacity, a single source of truth for data as well as flexibility and agility.”

The Future
NeoXam has experienced fast growing phases and consolidation. The first year was the inception, after which it grew quickly in year 2 and successfully consolidated in year 3. It will expand again with a dual target: enriching the business scope with a new solution and expanding its footprint in the USA. With an outstanding product and a dream team, the company will provide global solutions to an increasing number of global players.

The Client Dimension; CEOs’ words
NeoXam focuses on the capital markets industry on both the buy and sell-side. NeoXam services traditional and alternative asset managers, fund managers and asset servicers as well as wealth managers. NeoXam is increasing its footprint in the institutional investor industry in which we now have close to 20 client references. NeoXam can address the needs of a modest-sized local player with a few billion USD up to the largest worldwide players with over 3 trillion USD of Assets Under Management (AUM). NeoXam’s larger clients include one of the world’s largest top three asset management firms, the largest European asset manager and the largest European insurer, and also, Banque de France, the Royal Bank of Scotland, the National Bank Generale as well as big Chinese  players such as Citic Securities. “Let me illustrate the satisfaction of “NeoXam’s clients”. NeoXam provides the single accounting platform of CACEIS, the largest European asset servicer. Both Mutual Funds and Institutional clients will share the same infrastructure, helping some clients to consolidate, in a risk-control point of view, their third party and proprietary exposures. Almost 1,500 billion USD are managed daily. The project was delivered 3 days in advance and was closed in 14 months.”

NeoXam also helped one of the world’s top three asset managers to setup a customized IBOR in 6 months. Thus they gained access to a global start of day and intraday position keeping, portfolio valuation and forecasting enabling them to have a holistic view of their globally traded and “pass the book” portfolios. This company is also using NeoXam DataHub as their single point of truth for 3 trillion USD AUM.

Meet the Master

Serge Delpla, CEO: Serge has extensive experience as an entrepreneur in the financial software industry. He founded OptiFinances and designed CashFlow, a unique front-to-back software solution for small banks and large corporates, known today as Kondor Trade Processing (KTP) which is still in use in more than 80 financial institutions and major European corporates. Serge merged OptiFinances with Diagram and became CEO of the new company, selling Diagram to Reuters in 2001. Then Serge founded and led Aurelius Partners and acted as Business Angel prior to creating NeoXam in 2014 partnership with BlackFin, a private equity firm.

“Our ability to deliver on time and on budget; the reliability and robustness of our solu­tions; and the expertise of our team define us well.”