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Mobecom Limited: The leader in developing best-in-class digital customer engagement solutions

thesiliconreview-neil-joseph-founder-ceo-mobecom-limited-2018Customer experience is crucial for businesses seeking stronger revenues and profits. As customer expectations change, organizations need to change their business models and become more customer-centric and reliant on customer interactivity. Customers around the world expect personalized treatment and proactive engagement from companies they do business with. Therefore, customer engagement is important for a positive and valuable relationship between customers and the organization throughout the customer journey. Engaged customers are more likely to maintain an active two-way relationship, returning often and providing feedback that can help an organization more accurately serve customer needs.

Mobecom Limited responds to this dynamic market need and helps organizations plan for complete customer engagement. Mobecom is a global technology company with a product portfolio that delivers leading edge customer engagement technology solutions across a number of industries. “The name Mobecom stands for the following attributes; Mobile / Behavioural Intelligence/ Ecommerce & Payments Transactions / Communication – and outlines our core competency in marrying together seamless rewards and engagement across multiple touchpoints, whilst delivering marketing actionable data”, the company says.

Inception of the company

Mobecom started in Australia as a traditional supplier of white-label card-based retail loyalty programs. Its first client, The Meat & Wine Co, is an international group of restaurants and is still a client of Mobecom. Since then, the company has grown from 3 staff members in a small office to 35 staff in 3 countries serving a strong portfolio clients across 13 countries. The product offerings now include smart mobile phone apps, web development, ecommerce solutions and social engagement. The company first started as Endless Rewards in 2012 and in 2014, changed its name to CSB Engage. It listed as Mobecom in 2017.

Mobecom is a full stack customer engagement technology provider that delivers end to end technology solutions for businesses that want to engage with their customers via digital channels. It offers state-of-the-art rewards and customer relationship management software platforms and mobile applications to provide clients with the ability to reward customers for each purchase, reward social media advocacy, build targeted advertising campaigns, compile databases and advertise via location specific mobile advertisements.

Products that build customer engagement and loyalty

Mobecom’s products deliver a full stack technology tool set that can be implemented in modules across multiple channels including mobile, online, in-store and social. Built using leading edge technologies, they include a powerful rewards and database engine, a mobile application with ordering and payment capability and a health and wellness solution that can be adapted to suit the needs of most business requirements.

The technology

  • Muulla is a dynamic, white-labelled mobile application that uses geo-location capability to deliver proximity-based hyperlocal content to customers. Used by retail and hospitality merchants, its features include loyalty, adverts, coupons, ordering and payment. It can integrate with any loyalty solution or come packaged with Clique, Mobecom’s own loyalty module.
  • Clique is a dynamic plug-in-and-play rewards and database engine that offers multiple rewards currency options and tiered member solutions. Whether clients want to offer points, cash back or voucher based currency, Clique can provide them with a flexible bespoke solution to run and manage their loyalty and membership requirements.
  • airBux is a mobile application with a cloud based currency at its heart. And, with mobile payment, ordering, loyalty, bookings and local offers capability, airBux is earmarked to become the largest digital lifestyle rewards program in Australia, Singapore and South Africa (to be rolled out in other territories).
  • Life IQ is all about behaviour change. Mobecom has cracked the code for sustainable engagement. Its neuroscience-driven model is based on scientific and applied research, and real life experience.
  • FiiTR is a personal health and fitness tracker to set goals, track progress and lead a healthier and happier life.
  • SeventeenHundred provides work-life integration and diversity solutions to support organizations and the journey of the individuals within - enabling them to balance their work commitments and external responsibilities.

Delivering meaningful data

“We have built our technology from the bottom up, with the customer at the heart of our development”, says Mobecom. Its technology has been built in a modular format so that a business can use one module only, or all of the modules combined into an end to end customer engagement solution. It also provides the tools to build communities and turn them into a working asset.

Mobecom’s full-stack technology platform delivers permission-based Big Data. The modular approach enables the data to be collected from all touch points, including purchase history, location to store, preferences, vouchers redeemed, social engagement and by integration with wearables. This data delivers a 360-degree view of the customer and membership profile. With this in-depth knowledge, businesses can develop informed and proactive strategies that drive incremental revenue and ROI.

Mobecom’s D2C strategy

Mobecom focuses on the further development and monetization of its D2C Products, airBux and, making them more widely available to consumers. Both are mobile applications that enable communications and transactions directly with the consumer and can be readily ported and deployed into new territories and regions. While its B2B corporate service relationships has established a solid revenue base to date, Mobecom’s focus on the D2C strategy will be based on leveraging and implementing its SaaS business model to boost future revenue.

airBux, its cloud-based D2C mobile application platform, allows users to aggregate their rewards and gain extra utility which would otherwise be redundant, seldom-used or difficult to equate into an actual monetary value. The other D2C product is, a mobile health and wellness engagement platform intended to encourage and guide consumers to live a healthier lifestyle. will also act as an engagement platform that uses trackable actions such as steps walked, recipes downloaded or fitness goal attained, and will gamify these actions allowing consumers to monitor and share their health and wellbeing information using social media.

Knowing the visionary

Neil Joseph, Founder and CEO

Neil Joseph is passionate about customer relationship management and loyalty. He drives the overall business development strategy along with new product and technology development. He has extensive executive, financial and administrative experience spanning a wide range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, mail order, CRM, big data, retail and loyalty.

Neil is highly respected in the industry and has published a number of articles on loyalty marketing, as well as collaborated on white papers with the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising. Neil has completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is a qualified cost and management accountant.



"Our vision is to become a global technology enabler that helps businesses both big and small connect with their customers and develop lasting relationships that translate directly into increased ROI.”