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Mobile Labs: Bringing Order to Mobile App Testing Chaos

“Incorporated in 2011, Mobile Labs helps companies deliver high-performance mobile apps that perform across a growing number of mobile devices and OS versions.”

Mobile Labs grew out of a project at a major retailer to help automate regression testing of an employee facing application. This initial project formed the basis for Mobile Labs Trust, a certified add-on for HP’s UFT automation solution. During engagements to aid initial customers with their automation strategy, it became apparent that test device management and device access was a major challenge for achieving not only automation goals, but just general mobile development and testing goals. This led to the launch of deviceConnect™, a private internal device cloud, in 2013. Since then, deviceConnect has become Mobile Labs flagship product and led to Mobile Labs becoming the market leader in private device cloud deployments for the Enterprise. With a focus on security, agility and affordability, Mobile Labs delivers solutions to help the enterprise deploy quality mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms while also managing mobile devices and test device access in a private, secure cloud.

Mobile Labs is the market leader in private device clouds deployment for the Enterprise. Its single largest vertical is in the financial services sector with some of the largest banks in the world as customers. In just 4.5 years, Mobile Labs has become a top 2 player in the mobile cloud domain by focusing on solving the very real, and very large, problems of the traditional enterprise in a way that doesn’t sacrifice security demands or operational efficiency.

Helping Enterprises realize their Digital Strategies
The focus of Mobile Labs solutions is to enable developers and quality assurance professionals to help Enterprises more rapidly realize their digital strategies. As businesses focus on the digital engagement of their clients, the demand on Enterprises to release high quality, highly delightful applications is compounding. Enabling business users to do their jobs better, faster, and cheaper is exactly at the intersection of Mobile Labs’ technology and their business demands.

Mobile Labs believes in two key philosophies that drive business both from a customer engagement standpoint and from a technology standpoint:

  1. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason and
  2. All business growth is a by-product of customer satisfaction.

These are actually related notions in that Mobile Labs LISTENS to the needs of the marketplace and responds to those needs. Customer challenges are the oxygen that fuel the business and are the easiest guide to determine a true product-market fit.

The deviceConnect Technology
Mobile Labs provides deviceConnect a patented technology for turning individual mobile devices into highly available infrastructure via a mobile cloud deployment. This allows organizations to greatly decrease the cost associated with procuring mobile devices for developers and testers, the operational expense associated with the inefficient use of employees and partners who require devices in hand, and to realize the organizational acceleration of re-introducing DevOps to mobile projects

Customer Base
Mobile Labs works in a variety of business sectors, but its largest vertical by far has been in Financial Services worldwide. Mobile Labs is fortunate enough to count amongst its clients, one of the largest telecommunications companies and several of the largest banks in the United States, the nation’s largest investment house, several top 5 insurance companies, large media brands, and several retail chains. Almost all of Mobile Labs’ customers reside in the Fortune 500.

Mobile Labs is a US based business and a majority of its customers are in North America, but the company has seen significant growth in the last 18 months internationally and is investing in international business units as well. Mobile Labs currently has customers and device cloud deployments on every continent except Antarctica.

Present and future Focus Areas
The present and future focus for the company is on continuing to make certain that customers are able to keep up with the market demands for their businesses to go digital. That means continuing to solidify existing product set with enhancements necessary to support a wide variety of strategies while also looking to ways to make mobile development and testing “easy”.

Meet the President & CEO – Don Addington
Don has over 35 years of domestic and international executive management experience in the B2B technology sector. He originally made his mark as President and COO of KnowledgeWare in Atlanta. From 1996 to 2007, Don was CEO of Netherlands-based application integration and modernization infrastructure vendor Seagull Software; growing revenues from $1.8M to $37M, again establishing the company as a global leader in its market, until its acquisition by Rocket Software. Don believes in a passionate focus on customer satisfaction as a fundamental building block for success; assembling class-A, dedicated, high-performing teams and providing a vibrant company culture and work environment they enjoy; hard work and facing tough decisions head-on; and relentless focus on building effective sales organizations, compensation plans and channel strategies. In addition to his long-standing involvement with the Technology Association of GA, Don participates in the Atlanta CEO High Tech Council and the Atlanta Technology Executives Roundtable.

“Our mobile app testing solutions are secure, agile, scalable and available at a fraction of the cost of public cloud and first- generation test tools.”