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MOBILE PROGRAMMING: Moving dynamically with the wave of revolution carried by ‘The Internet of Things’

“The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.” – Andrew Brown

The IoT industry is moving at a fast pace. Enormous numbers of new IoT products are being flooded into the marketplace every day, the majority of which do not integrate with one another. Furthermore, many companies do one facet of IoT, and very few understand the entire ecosystem. This causes companies and individuals to be misinformed. To address this particular pain point of the industry, Mobile Programming (www.mobileprogramming.com)came into being as a leading provider of end to end IoT solutions as well as on-site consultants (mobile/IOT).

Incorporated in 2009, Mobile Programming, LLC (www.mobileprogramming.com) is a trusted mobile technology partner of startups to Fortune 500 companies and is widely known for delivering highly customized IoT related products. Currently, the company focuses on building innovative solutions in Wearables, Beacons, Big Data, IOT, Predictive Analytics, Connected Devices and Cloud.

“We work closely with our clients to build a custom “Mobile Apps” that matches their exact needs.”

The idea of setting up Mobile Programming came on to the mind of two smart guys, who worked on a project together and realized they could do this better than the companies they both worked for. The companies which charged customers a lot of money are known for over budget and behind schedule and have been around for a long time. Nothing can stop smart guys with passion and good work ethic. This is how Mobile Programming originated.

The experts at Mobile Programming(www.mobileprogramming.com) know the Internet of Things is the next wave of technology they are banking on. Sensors, hardware devices, Cloud and BigData will come together to make the next wave of innovation a game changer for generations to come. IoT will connect people, products, places and companies to make this world we live in bigger, better and faster!! .

They have carried a fixed focus to integrate enterprise ‘IoT as-a-Service’ with Business Intelligence and Process Management, provide Mobile & Software Application Development, best practices in application development and strategy implementation services to their clients.

Revolutionizing themselves with the wave of ‘The Internet of Things’
Mobile Programming is one of the early starters when it comes to IoT. Their first projects ironically happened with simple ideas in form of experiments. They positively took this challenge and ran with it. Once these projects for clients took shape, it opened up their minds to endless possibilities for others clients. Shortly thereafter, they started getting referrals and the media buzz around IoT was not far behind. With a little bit of luck, timing, domain expertise in IoT and off course their hard work has made it all possible.

Engaging themselves with global players has helped them to read the pulse and prepare themselves for the onset of any technology deluge. They consider themselves to be the harbinger in the Internet of Things as well. With the trust that their clients have put upon them, they have always supported them in technology adoptions and transitions. They want to create an awareness what can be accomplished by being an early adopter of Internet of Things.

The company sees a boom in the current market landscape with the emergence of Wearable Technology and Internet of Things (IoT) as a major adoption which will shift the landscape of technology. The overall ecosystem of IT based solutions in every industry is going through a viable shift where end users require more automation of services. Big data driven analytics coupled with robust cloud services and high network speed is already paving the way for customized IoT solutions. It is all about connected devices and deploying smart systems that can interact with one another to remove redundant legacy processes.

As with any emerging technology area, there is a lot of activity going on in the IoT space.

  • Authentication is one of the critical areas across all elements of the IoT, including devices, the networks, the cloud and applications.
  • New sensor technologies, advanced microcontrollers and systems on chips, are enabling new types of IoT devices. These devices are also getting smaller, smarter and cheaper.
  • Capabilities in analytics will be pushed to the edge of networks. Advanced analytics and dashboards will be needed to provide insights from all the “things.”
  • Sensors, devices and whole IoT systems will be talking to each other in the future, providing insights and making decisions without human intervention.
  • Wearables will be a key sub segment within the overall IoT scenario with chips, sensor hubs, sensor fusion, low-power wireless connectivity, battery life and specialized software development platforms to support wearables.
  • Sensor fusion will include combining data from different sources to improve accuracy. Data from two sensors will be better than data from one. Data from lots of sensors will be even better.
  • Programmers will increasingly experiment with sensor hubs for IoT devices, which will be used to offload tasks from the application processor, cutting down on power consumption and improving battery life in the devices.
  • As more devices come online, networks will clog and service providers will be in a never-ending battle to increase network bandwidth and capacity.
  • A huge rush in application development activity is expected as developers increase their focus on developing IoT platforms and solutions that upload data from sensors and perform the analytics necessary to deliver the insights required for business decisions.

‘Passion to succeed’ sets them apart from their competitors
‘We are aggressive, not afraid to take chances, we have a great vision’. With years of experience, earned reputation, expert leadership and proven track records, team Mobile Programming carries a strong vision, passion and energy to succeed. This outlook of theirs sets them apart from list of competitors.

Earned the faith of clients
With over 600 resources, the company offers development, support and maintenance services for clients such as SAP, Novartis, Pepsi, Amgen, Philips, Weight Watchers, Google, Samsung, HBO, Roche-Genentech, Varian, Service Now, Juniper Networks, Walt Disney, Ford Motors, Pfizer, Zoetis, Deloitte, Amdocs, General Mills, PALL Corporation, etc.

In their endeavour to offer best to clients, Mobile Programming brings a deep understanding of consumer and enterprise business needs in the area of Health Care, Financial, Supply and Logistics, M2M, Connected Cars, enterprise & mobility applications and see tractions in all these verticals.

Ideas down the road
For days ahead, Mobile Programming forecasts innovations in the areas of Connected Cars, mHealth, Connected Homes, Machine-to-Machine, Drones, etc and commits to entrust their best to assist companies on making their transition into IoT. To stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation in relation to the culture of their organization, they maintain a constant information influx of new advancements across technology and devices. They truly believe that the Internet of Things is an emerging and disruptive force that integrates devices, data, connections, processes, products, industries and people and also that a lot will be happening around the Internet of Things in 2016 & beyond.

Quick Facts

Revenue Model- Time & Material Projects, Fixed Cost Projects, Monthly Retainer & Annual Maintenance

Founding Year- 2009

Office Locations- Several offices/Development Centers in New York City, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Glendale, San Diego, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Chicago,Fort Lauderdale. The company also has 3 offices in India.

Investors- Privately held

Competitors- Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte Digital

Case Studies!!!
SAP HCP Connected Logistics Solution
Mobile Programming(www.mobileprogramming.com)Connected Logistics Solution offers an innovative way to analyze the in-vehicle temperature data that is being pushed from Raspberry Pi IoT Boards to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, integrating Big Data Analytics leveraging SAP’s RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) packages to offer invaluable insights about the location, status, temperature of the vehicles and products. The solution is built in the beautiful new next-generation Fiori style that enables maximum User Experience on not only for Web, but also on Tablets and Mobile devices as well. One of the exciting areas where they saw a lot of opportunities is the cloud-to-cloud scenarios where they leverage HCI (SAP’s HANA Cloud Integration) connectors, which allow seamless, flow of data between different cloud environments.

The business benefits are simple: save time by eliminating time waster and increase revenue by offering load optimization opportunities for truckers going from Point A to Point B.

SAP Predictive Maintenance
They worked with SAP’s PdMS (Predictive Maintenance and Services) platform, where they used Texas Instruments sensors to push data to mobile devices through a mobile app developed by Mobile Programming and connecting with the PdMS environment. This then allowed them to analyze the data, compare with historical data and also use existing statistical methods or simply customize that according to their needs. Some of the scenarios where the solution offers a valuable business benefit can be monitoring moisture levels in hospitals, controlling and monitoring temperature not only in B2C but also B2C scenarios as detailed previously. Other use cases include M2M (Machine to Machine) environments such as factories where vibration analysis is key (a new feature that is now available on SAP PdMS), or outdoor lighting controlling using the latest technologies.

The business benefits are simple: collect the data and take preventive action, saving in many cases millions of dollars. On the other hand, there is a much bigger benefit when they think about in a whole business networks framework, leveraging the opportunities the ecosystem has to offer.

Predictive and Preventive Healthcare
When mentioned about IoT, it usually talks about the integration with sensors, collecting data and pulling analytics on top of all of that to be able to offer valuable insights. The next step in the process is not only to offer actions that could be taken by any user, but to also make sure these are “right” actions which ones could be the “best” out of these. Their work in Healthcare includes the work they do with Wearables, Cloud infrastructures, Medical Devices. Their expert team (HIPAA certified resources) has an extensive knowledge about the most pressing topics where collecting patient data is not only interesting but can be many times challenging from a legal perspective. They have worked with the biggest Fortune 500 clients and have a unique understanding of several disease areas such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, sleep monitoring, breast cancer clinical studies, clinical trials of all sorts, life science topics from weight management to hospital management, etc. The real value they see in integrating technologies such as IBM Watson or SAP HANA is to offer that “unfair competitive advantage” to their clients.

A&D Medical – Overview
A&D Medical – Connecting Health & Providing Better Value

  • A&D Medical is a leader in home health monitoring technology through the development and introduction of a variety of unique products.
  • It is a major manufacturer of healthcare products including Blood Pressure Monitors, Activity Monitor, Weight Scale devices etc.
  • The models include automatic, manual, ambulatory, kiosk style and accessories including stethoscopes.
  • A&D’s LifeSource® blood pressure monitor line has garnered numerous industry awards.
  • A&D Medical’s engineering team is the first to obtain a patent for the application of a technology called oscillometry in home
  • Blood pressure monitors using a single computer chip.
  • A&D Medical blood pressure monitors exceed accuracy standards set by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.
  • A&D built its reputation by manufacturing innovative and accurate measurement tools for business, industry, education and health care.

Mobile Programming (www.mobileprogramming.com) provided A&D Medical its Mobility team and they developed a medical and fitness app for the consumers who are concerned about their health and fitness regime.

  • Provide a different take on fitness tracking by covering total steps covered, distance travelled, calories burnt etc.
  • Customizable options to allow the user to modify the goals set as per his/her choice.
  • Track daily activities, food consumed, sleep pattern and more.
  • Monitor daily, monthly, weekly and yearly statistics of the progress that a user has made.
  • Get latest insight of the entities by simply looking on the Dashboard rather than visiting each individual dashboard separately.
  • Check BP and monitor it as per the standards and perform activities more vigorously.
  • Plan weight goals and track the results on a daily or yearly basis.
  • Interaction with various A&D wellness devices.
  • Involve interaction via social updates (Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ etc.), networking or Help Groups.

Knowing the Key Executive
Craig Ford, Managing Director
A 15 year veteran in Technology Industry, Craig is a heavily focused domain expertise in The Internet of Things and Mobile. Holding over 20 years of experience in sales and leading sales teams, Ford has participated in over 1400+ iOS and Android apps since 2008 and also in 2 Billion dollar healthcare software integration projects. With expert professional experience and knowledge, Ford has also been actively working on various non-profits, advisory boards and tech councils.

“Our team has many years of collective experience and can create your mobile solution in a cost effective and efficient manner.”

“We are not only watching IoT trends – we are actively shaping them for our end clients.”

For marketing opportunities for your company, kindly share the right point of contact/ Decision maker’s details below.
Contact Person name: Craig Ford
Designation: Managing Director
Email: Craig.Ford@mobileprogramming.com
Mobile Number: 310-963-3673
Website: http://www.mobileprogramming.com