30 Best Tech Companies 2017

MobiTrail: Leading the Mobility Space through Innovation and Unique Offerings


“We make sincere efforts to ensure business efficiency across time, cost and accessibility to information.”

Mobile phones and tablets as integrated devices are today widely credited for changing the recent landscape and replacing computers in most areas. MobiTrail is one such company that is widely applauded for carving a niche for itself in the space of Mobility for business. Brainchild of Vikas Kedia, MobiTrail was founded in 2006 as a mobile gaming outfit with a skeletal team of 5 under. A small but a well motivated team, MobiTrail truly understands the value of individual contribution towards every project and taking ownership. Over the last 10 years, mobile technology has constantly evolved in terms of platforms and possibilities on these new platforms. MobiTrail has successfully matured itself in this dynamic environment showing adaptability and agility. Migrating from working on symbian, blackberry, zeebo and j2me to new age iOS and Android platforms, they have also explored the boundaries beyond gaming and into the area of Mobility for Business.

The company works towards expanding the reach of their clients for their mobile products or services through their multi-channel distribution network and innovative marketing programs. This apart, they also create and localize cutting-edge content for mobile and internet delivery. The team consists of people from varied backgrounds who have joined hands to share their expertise in providing niche products to the final customer thereby enriching the overall consumer experience with high-quality, innovative products created exclusively for their mobile phones. Abiding by their ultimate objective to deliver high quality enterprise solutions, MobiTrail currently is largely recognized for their work in the Mobility for Business space and has over 100 applications running for various corporate houses and financial institutions.

MobiTrail is focused on developing itself into a mobility oriented fintech company with a business model based upon offering solutions towards:

Micro Finance Initiatives: Mobility products that are end-to-end, rugged and easy to use, integrated with e-KYC over Aadhar through biometric scanners with plug-n-play integration with CBC and Core Banking.

Digital On-Boarding: Simplified solutions where bulky documentation and application forms can be replaced with digitization across the process to save on costs and turn-around-time.

e-Meetings: A safe and secure product for Top Management and Board Members to access, record and maintain confidential board room data in a paperless format.

Contact-less technologies: Use of NFC, iBecons, QR codes over mobile to simplify and refine routine business processes.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality: Improving the overall customer experience by taking it a few steps beyond through use of AI and AR based solutions.

Business Approach

A trusted partner for their clients, the highly proficient team at MobiTrail is always ready to listen to clients’ needs and offer viable and practical solutions. The company has always worked hand-in-glove with their client teams, developing trust with their clients portrayed by the fact that they are not shy to suggest to clients a better way of doing things or bringing forth their understanding of the field to make improvements beyond what has been anticipated by clients. Also, the company lives by the idea of applying its technical knowledge to develop solutions that deliver a measurable business impact.

Core Offerings

The company’s core offerings revolve around the areas of Enterprise Solutions that are aimed at improving business efficiency, Financial Transaction Solutions offering banking services on-the-go to customers, Field Personnel Solutions that are specifically designed for field personnel to collect information, e-documentation, Utility Applications that are designed for internal customers in organizations to access corporate information, employee-management interaction, rewards and recognition programmes.

The Client Spectrum

Over the years, MobiTrail has carved a niche for itself by delivering tailor-made solutions in CRM, Sales Force Automation, Business Analytics and Board Meetings. The company has an extensive range of customers whom they work with ranging from Banks and Financial Institutions, Insurance sector, Travel and Leisure and also corporate houses. A significant international player in the mobile gaming industry, MobiTrail takes pride in having gained the trust of biggies such as ICICI Group, Axis Bank, RBL, Thomas Cook and LIC are some of their regular clients.

Future Prospects

For a blooming future ahead in business, MobiTrial plans to foray into the international financial market with geographical expansion into East Asia. They aim to expand into upcoming business centers within India. MobiTrial’s new projects uphold a focus on Mobility for Business with technologies such as Bots, Wearables, AI based prediction models and Smart analytics and reporting as the basis.


Knowing the Noble Leader

Vikas Kedia, Founder - Involved completely with MobiTrail since its inception, Vikas plays an important part in company’s growth as a comprehensive mobile content provider. He has nurtured MobiTrail in such a way that he handles everything and an exceptional all rounder. Everything from team-building to ensuring that the office-space stays clean has to be taken care of by the founder.

“Professionally, my dream is to see MobiTrail become synonymous with anything and everything in mobile App and beyond. When our efforts deliver the value and impact towards improving any business process, I see it as a victory for me and my team.” - Vikas Kedia.

Laurels in their Hat

  • The Asian Banker 2015 Award for Mobile based “Best HR System Project” for Axis Bank
  • Best Technology Innovation - India Insurance Awards 2013 awarded to Religare Health Insurance for Mobile App
  • Winner for the India Innovation Award - Indira India Innovation Summit
  • Winner for one of the most innovative Localize product ‘My Vaastu’ for Zeebo
  • Nominated as Under 25 Young entrepreneur by Business Week in 2006