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MoneyMe: Offering a transparent and smooth personal loan experience in a safe and secure manner


At times, certain events can disturb one’s financial plans and budget leaving them in a critical monetary shortage point. Whether there is a huge deficit of money or a slight shortfall, the process of arranging for a short term, medium or personal loan can be a bit daunting for millennials. During these times, they need a slight financial support to pay some bills, clear their debts and fulfill other obligations. Relying on a bank for a personal loan would involve tedious processes, filing lengthy forms along with numerous documents and then awaiting for approval on the loan application.

But MoneyMe can help by providing the ideal financial solutions for millennials looking for a quick monetary fix or meeting all their unique requirements. To summarise in three words, MoneyMe is fast, safe, and simple. The company is worlds away from finance, has no hidden fees, fine print, paperwork, or long waiting times. The company provides the freedom to its clients to access their short term loan, medium loan or personal loan, whenever and wherever they want, giving them control over their finances.

It’s all about millennials

MoneyMe was founded in 2010 when the founders realised that the millennial market didn’t have a fast, convenient, and affordable way to access credit because banks were overlooking this particular market segment. MoneyMe delivers lightning fast unsecured personal loans built specifically for the digital world. Its platform allows customers to access personal finance from anywhere in the world through its website or mobile app.

MoneyMe only lends what its clients can afford to repay. It is transparent about its cost structure and keeps the fees to a minimum. The company is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and is a member of the Credit & Investments Ombudsman.

Refreshingly simple yet smart system

MoneyMe is one of just three fintechs in all of Australia to have designed and built its own proprietary lending platform in-house: Horizon. Horizon is an advanced, rules-based lending and database management tech platform that applies risk algorithms to quickly and accurately determine risk levels of individual applicants. This platform ensures that customers make responsible lending decisions and are happy with the outcome when they partner with MoneyMe. Clayton Howes, CEO of MoneyMe, said, “Because of Horizon, our loan default rate remains under 4%, compared to the industry average of 11%+. This allows our team to spend more time developing best-in-class lending solutions rather than chasing payments. If we can make the right loans, for the right clients, everyone wins. This mindset has driven our phenomenal growth to date, and will continue to drive our market dominance. Happy customers are customers who tell their friends about us, so we want a 100% happiness rate!”

MoneyMe is one of only a tiny handful of fintechs in all of Australia to be profitable, generating more than $2M in profits over FY2017 alone. Horizon, a highly valuable corporate asset, along with its ability to create a securitization warehouse structure and its institutional-grade treasury function akin to the major banks, explains why MoneyMe managed to complete Australia’s second-largest capital raise last year - $120 million of debt from Fortress Investment Group and Evans & Partners. The company believes that was a great way to round out the year.

Automated and innovative process that takes only minutes

MoneyMe loans range between $500 and $15,000, and its core users are Australian millennials. This group is particularly drawn to the simplicity of the application process (zero paperwork, completed in minutes), the speed of decision (a few minutes) and the speed of loan delivery. “The fastest we’ve ever delivered $10,000 was in 104 seconds, the fastest $8,000 was 63 seconds, and the fastest loan of any size ever provided was just 10 seconds”, the company said. For applicants that aren’t approved, it offers a more suitable loan size and provides a list of other institutions that might assist.

MoneyMe’s services are loved by its clients. In 2017, 68% of its originations were from repeat customers. It has maintained a Net Promoter Score of 89 all while creating net profit growth of 849%, and has seen a significant organic growth from its existing customer base. MoneyMe’s customers don’t want anything complex. They want speedy (but responsible) access to cash, whenever and wherever they want, and this is exactly what MoneyMe delivers. They don’t have to fill out lengthy paperwork, or trawl through emails for bank statements or other online documentation. The online application process takes minutes, and is simple and quick; a decision arrives in minutes and the money gets delivered in the customer’s account within the hour depending on their financial institution.

Commitment to excellence and transparency

MoneyMe’s unique proprietary lending technology, Horizon, offers a faster, more convenient, more personalised risk-based pricing as opposed to one flat rate across the board, according to the exact target market needs. Being in financial services can sometimes leave the company susceptible to the actions of its peers, in terms of being tarnished with the same brush as others who may act less than ethically. So, MoneyMe has been completely committed to being as transparent and communicative as possible with everything it does.


A healthy balance between sustainable growth and profitability has always remained the primary focus for MoneyMe. It is also in the process of building and launching a series of niche lending products targeting millennials at different stages of their credit lifecycle, to ensure they are supported at all points of their journey.

Meet the visionary behind MoneyMe

Clayton Howes is the CEO and co-founder of MoneyMe, a fast-growing fintech developing cutting-edge technology to revolutionise lending to the millennial market in Australia. Prior to co-founding MoneyMe, Clayton accrued over 15 years’ experience delivering investment strategies, restructuring operations, and launching start-ups across corporate, merger, and new business structures.

Clayton is passionate about leveraging innovation and technology to design financial solutions for consumers and business. He is an enthusiastic ambassador for brand and people leadership, and keenly supports any startup ventures with the potential to create real consumer value. 


“Built on an ethos of innovation, responsibility, and dedication to the customer experience, we’re revolutionising the way Australians borrow money.”