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10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2017

NaphCare: A leading innovator in correctional facility healthcare

thesiliconreview-jim-mclane-ceo-naphcare-17The importance of technology is growing in all fields, and healthcare is no exception. With the latest technology and software, healthcare management is becoming both more sophisticated and end-user friendly. Previously, cumbersome paper files and mass amounts of human resources were necessary to run a healthcare system, but that has all changed with the IT revolution.

NaphCare is one of the healthcare providers on the forefront of this revolution. What makes NaphCare different, and uniquely qualified, is the comprehensive, wide range of services it offers its clients. Founded in 1989 by Jim McLane under the name Correctional Pharmacy Systems, NaphCare practices a healthcare model focused on providing proactive care, which has been proven to improve the health level of the inmates they care for and reduce healthcare costs for their clients.

Let’s pick the brains of two of NaphCare’s leading executives: Jim McLane, CEO and Jason Douglas, Vice-President of Information Systems.

Tell us about your first product that was launched?

The first IT product that we invested in from the brainstorming stage to launch was our corrections-specific Electronic Health Record (EHR), TechCare®. It is the first of its kind and was developed to meet the corrections-specific needs that are just not considered with free-world EHR development. TechCare® is in a constant state of development, with our in-house developers constantly working to improve and tweak the program to meet the unique needs of our clients as they evolve. TechCare® has become the most advanced, corrections-specific EHR available and is in use in the most renowned correctional facilities in the country.

How successful was your first project roll out? Share the experience?

TechCare® was developed with direct and constant input from correctional healthcare professionals. The first roll out of the system began in 2003 at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The rollout process for Clark County was iterative with several deployments followed by feedback and revision. Several of these cycles of evaluation and revision led to significant additions to functionality.

TechCare® has been perfected through continual use and adjustment and is in use at Clark County Detention Center as well as several of the largest county correctional facilities around the country today.

What were the grounds on which you have expanded your company and its offerings over the years?

TechCare® has continued to advance as not only part of our comprehensive services, but also as an available stand-alone product. We have specifically expanded this product a great deal in the areas of quality assurance and implementing standards of care within corrections following the mandates of governing bodies such as

NCCHC and ACA. Outside of TechCare®, NaphCare’s development team has focused on the automation of healthcare processes for our customers including 3rd Party Administration, Restoration to Competency Programs, Juvenile Correctional Facilities, and integration with Health Information Exchanges.

What do you feel are the reasons behind:

  1. a) Your product popularity– Our focus on providing only the highest quality services to our existing customers has been the major reason for our ongoing success in the market. We do not have a sales force or a significant marketing budget; rather we invest in our customers who in turn spread the word of our success within their facilities and institutions.
  2. b) Your consistence growth as an organization –We are very aware of the pitfalls that can come when a company grows too quickly; therefore, we have a strong focus on controlled growth. We only partner with facilities that share the same values we work to embody, providing efficient, cost effective care without sacrificing quality. Just as our prospective clients evaluate NaphCare and TechCare®, we evaluate their organization to ensure a good fit and a strong sense of ownership in the project. This has led to every implementation of TechCare®being delivered successfully and on-time since its release.

If you have to list factors that have been/are the biggest asset to your organization, what would they be and why?

There are two key factors to NaphCare’s success: our employees and our customers. Our IT team, consisting of software developers, implementation specialists, and infrastructure managers, all have a very simple goal: exceed the customers’ needs while improving the level of care for patients. Our customers’ ongoing involvement and input in our product development has been critical to its success. It is this partnership that allows us to identify client needs and develop effective and efficient tools to address those needs within the correctional environment.  

'It is difficult to start a venture. But far more difficult to maintain it' - How would you and your team interpret this saying?

NaphCare is not focused on growing our customer base exponentially; instead we focus on forming and growing a strong relationship with our long term partners. This approach has led to lasting partnerships with our clients that stay with NaphCare for decades, ultimately promoting the long term success of the company. By putting the focus on taking care of our clients, instead of just acquiring more, NaphCare has been thriving and growing for 28 years.

What do you feel fresher’s and peers need to keep in mind to figure out a place for themselves in today's marketplace?

The Health IT Market has an infinite number of solutions, vendors, and customers. To thrive in the market you need to find a niche, identify a need, and become an expert at providing a product or service that fills that need. They should also focus on interoperability, asclosed system architectures are becoming a relic of the past. Finally, you can never become complacent. Innovation of your product or service is what will secure a long term spot in the market as it continues to evolve.

Insight into the chieftains:

Jim McLane, CEO Mr. McLane founded NaphCarein 1989. He has more than 40 years of management and healthcare experience, including 28 years in correctional healthcare. He is the chief planner and operational director of NaphCare. Administrative accomplishments under his leadership include establishing a unique, customizable EHR system, TechCare®, for use at all of our partnering sites to ensure a more efficient quality control system.

Jason Douglas, Vice-President of Information Systems

Jason Douglas brings more than 14 years of experience in information systems and information technology operations to NaphCare. He oversees the architecture and implementation of the company’s innovative correctional healthcare system, TechCare®. Furthermore, he is responsible for directing the design and development of IT systems as well as the deployment of these systems in the field. Mr. Douglas also manages the employees directly responsible for the development of all software systems at NaphCare.

“We endeavor to provide useful, cost-effective, and efficient healthcare services to the jail and prison domains through continuous investments in technology.”