10 Fastest Growing Infrastructure Management Companies 2017

Network Monitoring made simple: SolarWinds


IT management software that works for you while delivering on its promise of unexpected simplicity.’

SolarWinds Inc. provides powerful and affordable IT management software to customers worldwide - from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses. The company focuses exclusively on IT Pros and strives to eliminate the complexity that they have been forced to accept from traditional enterprise software vendors.

 SolarWinds products are used by more than one million network engineers to manage IT environments ranging from ten to tens of thousands of network devices. Comprised of fault and performance management products, configuration and compliance products, and tools for engineers, the SolarWinds product family is trusted by organizations around the globe.

With over 2200 employees worldwide, SolarWinds reported $504 million in total revenue in 2015, a growth of 17.6% over the previous year.

Founded in 1999, SolarWinds is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with sales and product development offices in Utah, Colorado, Ireland, Czech Republic, Singapore, Canada, Portugal, Poland and Australia.

Delivering Unexpected Simplicity

SolarWinds delivers on its commitment of ‘unexpected simplicity’ through products that are easy to find, buy, use and maintain while providing the power to address any IT management problem on any scale. Its solutions are rooted in the company’s deep connection to its user base, which interacts in its online community, ‘thwack’, to solve problems, share technology and best practices, and directly participate in its product development process.

Since its inception, SolarWinds’ mission has been to provide purpose-built products that are designed to make jobs easier for IT professionals, MSPs, and DevOps pros. SolarWinds offers value-driven products and tools that solve a broad range of IT management challenges – whether those challenges are related to networks, servers, applications, storage, virtualization, cloud, or development operations.

If there is a piece of IT infrastructure anywhere in the world where performance matters, SolarWinds provides the technology to manage it.

Whether you’re an army of one managing a small environment, an MSP responsible for multiple customers, part of an IT team managing an enterprise, or you’ve migrated to the cloud – if you care about IT performance- SolarWinds has powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable products to help you manage it.

The company distinguishes itself by refusing to accept the status quo established by most technology vendors. The vast majority of IT management tools today are difficult to use, expensive, and really don’t address the realities of today’s real-world IT challenges. Too many IT pros have resigned themselves to accept the frustration.

However, SolarWinds does not believe that enterprise-grade software or services have to be so complex. Instead, the company stresses that great technology not only makes it much easier to manage infrastructure, but empowers IT to actually delight end users.

SolarWinds is fanatical about putting users first in everything it does.  Every day, the company strives to deliver powerful functionality that’s easy to use with one of the fastest and longest-lasting ROIs in the market. As a result, SolarWinds is one of the world’s most award-winning, peer-recommended and continuously-licensed product families year after year.

The company was built by IT administrators and senior systems engineers who know what it takes to manage today’s dynamic IT environments. They combine this expertise with a deep connection to the IT community to create IT management products that are effective, accessible and easy to use.

SolarWinds’ Mission

• Eliminate the complexity found in traditional enterprise software and services – SolarWinds makes it easy to find, buy, deploy and maintain solutions, regardless of an organization’s size.
• Connect with its community – The Company interacts daily with its large, global user community to guide its product development and strategy, and foster an environment where users with even the most complex IT challenges quickly connect with experts who love to help.
• Constantly evolve its products – SolarWinds ensures that its software is on point to meet the most important problems that IT pros, MSPs, and DevOps engineers have today, and continues to deliver increasing value over the lifetime of ownership.

Unified IT Monitoring with the SolarWinds Orion® Platform

The Orion platform powers SolarWinds networking and systems management products. Orion is the foundation on which SolarWinds network and systems management software is built. SolarWinds products include the Orion platform, a common base on top of which individual SolarWinds products are installed, simplifying integration.

Orion provides a common set of services across products: UI, dashboards, alerts, reports, etc. You get fully integrated metrics, where products share data for contextual visibility, relationship mapping, and troubleshooting.

  • Modular, extensible, unified, and scalable platform for a hybrid IT world
  • Unified view from network to Web performance metrics for faster root cause identification and troubleshooting
  • Centralized administration, access control, advanced alerting, and reporting

Unified alerts and reports: Intelligent alerting with dynamic statistical baselines allow you to respond to multiple condition checks, correlated events, topology, and dependencies. Schedule customizable performance and availability reports, or use one of over 100 out-of-the-box templates.

A powerful monitoring platform that scales as your IT needs grow

  • Start with one product, add more as your needs grow. Scale to monitor hundreds of thousands of nodes.
  • Consolidated metrics and data in one view, in context, with advanced alerts, for faster root cause identification.
  • Centralized settings, access control, and reporting. Consistent usability and navigation for users.

SolarWinds Orion platform gives you a full view of your environment in minutes - Automatic discovery and dependency mapping across systems, networks, and applications. You get a unified view of troubleshooting, performance metrics, resource management, and optimization and capacity planning. It allows you to see your entire IT infrastructure including metrics and context across networks, server, storage, virtualization, databases, and applications.

Reduce network outages and improve performance with Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

Network monitoring software monitors fault, availability and performance for devices connected to a network to aid in detection, diagnosis, and resolution of network performance issues.

With Solarwinds NPM, you can reduce network outages and quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues. It also lets you view network performance, traffic and configuration details all along the service delivery path with critical path visualization, regardless of device location.thesiliconreview-im-cover-17

You can also respond to multiple condition checks, correlated events, network topology, and device dependencies, automatically map devices and display performance metrics, and link connection and utilization. SolarWinds NPM can automatically calculate exhaustion dates via customizable thresholds based on peak and average usage as well as retrieve performance metrics for autonomous access points, wireless controllers, and clients.

Thwack: Thwack is a community website that provides SolarWinds customers with product information, tools and valuable resources. Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) currently integrates Thwack directly into its web interface, bringing new resources and helpful information directly to you.

Find and resolve application problems before they become incidents with Server & Application Monitor

With SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, you can minimize downtime by troubleshooting application issues 65% faster. It enables you to:

  • Get detailed performance metrics at your finger tips, and quickly pinpoint the root cause of application issues
  • Set up intelligent application performance alerts to find and fix issues before they impact business services and end-users
  • Monitor 200+ applications from a single dashboard—no more wasting time between multiple tools and custom scripts

The Server & Application Monitor proactively monitors server performance, capacity and hardware health while also monitoring the availability, response time, and hardware health of multi-vendor physical and virtual servers running Windows® or Linux®.

It also helps you to track key resources like CPU, memory, and disk usage, and forecast when you will run out of capacity. You can also remotely remediate server issues, terminate runaway processes, start/stop services and reboot servers. Server & Application Monitor is easy to download and install, allowing you to automatically discover your environment, and start monitoring in about an hour without any professional services.

Other benefits include elimination of false positives with intelligent baseline alerting, easy customization of built-in alerts and reports as well as powerful and easy-to-use monitoring for multi-vendor servers running Windows or Linux, and over 200 applications out of the box.

Monitor interface-level network bandwidth and traffic patterns with up to one-minute granularity with SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) provides an easy-to-use, scalable network monitoring solution for IT professionals that are managing any size sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX, CBQoS or NetFlow-enabled network.

Flow- and CBQoS-enabled devices can provide a wealth of IP-related traffic information. SolarWinds NTA collects this traffic data, correlates it into a useable format, and then presents it, with detailed network performance data collected by SolarWinds NPM, as easily read graphs and reports on bandwidth use on your network. These reports help you monitor and shape bandwidth usage, track conversations between internal and external endpoints, analyze traffic patterns, and plan bandwidth capacity needs.

Performance Monitoring, Analysis and Tuning with Database Performance Analyzer

Quickly find the root cause of complex database problems slowing down your applications: Up to 88% of all application performance issues are related to the database. DPA’s unique response time analysis shows you exactly what needs fixing - in four clicks or less.

Optimize performance anywhere: Database Performance Analyzer monitors on-premises, on VMware®, and in the Cloud, including Amazon® AWS and Azure™ virtual machines.

Monitor all your databases from a single installation: Monitor Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, and ASE on premise, virtualize and in the Cloud.

Monitor every active session, every second:

Granular polling engine details exactly what’s happening in your database without load on monitored instances.

Meet the Master

Kevin B. Thompson, President and Chief Executive Officer:

Kevin Thompson has been SolarWinds’ President and Chief Executive Officer since March 2010. He served as its Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer since July 2006 and assumed the title and responsibilities of Chief Operating Officer in July 2007 and President in January 2009.

Prior to joining SolarWinds, Thompson was Chief Financial Officer of Surgient, Inc., a software company, from November 2005 until March 2006 and was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at SAS Institute, a business intelligence software company, from September 2004 until November 2005.

From October 2000 until August 2004, Thompson served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Red Hat, Inc., an enterprise software company.

Thompson holds a B.B.A. from the University of Oklahoma. He also serves on the board of directors of NetSuite Inc.

"Our approach is to deliver unexpected simplicity and redefine the management and monitoring expectations for all aspects of IT, MPSs, and DevOps pros.”