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New Era Engagement: Elixir Technologies


Delivering great customer service is a major challenge, especially across a vast and diverse customer base. Global commerce, the Internet, mobile devices and channels, and digital transformation each add further dimensions of complexity to consumer and customer engagement strategies. Localized compliance regulations demand specialized data governance policies; while business and product development teams need on-demand access to data. Elixir Technologies rises to the digital occasion to help its clients solve this body of challenges, ahead of the curve.

Elixir has made a business leveraging digital potential, since 1985, beginning with electronic forms and documents and revolutionary windowing technology recently developed at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) to deliver the first WYSIWYG interface that allowed mainstream users to participate in all-new, digital pre-production cycles that significantly lowered the cost of doing business by widening the circle of capable end users.

Elixir signed an exclusive deal with Xerox, thereby gaining access to its huge customer-base, via the ELIXIFORM graphical interface (GUI), which was installed on the desktop workstations to design forms, fonts, layouts, and graphics ready to go for new high-speed, high-quality Xerox and IBM laser printers

Innovation is shaped by initial success

One of Elixir leadership’s first hurdles was figuring out how to support a mega-vendor with a massive base of end users. Elixir’s agreement with Xerox turned out to be a watershed moment in its history. Elixir unveiled ELIXIFORM Suite and became responsible for a massive list of clients - virtually overnight. With ELIXIFORM, more than 5000 Xerox and IBM end users could manage entire preproduction process-flows, making Elixir’s graphical user interface (GUI) an extremely cost-effective solution to generate mission-critical documents.

Adaptive growth and sustainability

Elixir founder and CEO, Basit Hamid, studied and worked within the Scandinavian business model early on in his career. These experiences shaped Hamid’s personal development, technological approach, leadership style, and business vision. Scandinavia became foundational to Elixir’s mission, culture, and ethos. It embedded solid team spirit and collaboration across functions.

Today, Elixir’s technology and product development teams practice Agile and SCRUM. Its leaders apply adaptive planning and leverage its rapid response capabilities to both support clients and capitalize on the evolutionary growth of the Internet and cloud technologies.

In the Spring of 2015, Elixir released its defining technology, Tango+, a cloud-ready, user-friendly application platform for heavy composition workloads and complex, data-driven, regulated document and customer communication challenges faced by financial services, healthcare, and insurance organizations undergoing a digital transformation.

Five crucial factors that drive growth

  • An acute focus on employees- eliminates bureaucracy and bolsters productivity
  • Customer service at all costs- a mantra that ensures customer satisfaction
  • Active interaction amongst Elixir leadership and clients - ensures that client desired business outcomes are well-understood and accounted for and that all client requirements are properly communicated
  • Agile software development practices – guide an adaptive, market-ready T+ roadmap
  • Strategic technology partners to scale solutions, attract new customers and access new markets

Elixir’s growth has been steady and moderate on purpose, a factor of its firm decision to remain a private company. This decision limits the negative effects of bureaucracy, politics, and the constant accountability to outsiders that plagues public offerings, and enables quick and decisive action and fast decisions.

Global Outreach

Elixir operates according to the Scandinavian model, which is non-hierarchical (or FLAT). It employs approximately 300 people around the globe and has offices in the U.S.A, Europe, China, and in the Asia-Pacific region. The company develops solutions of differentiation for super-regulated clients that are in the midst of digital transformation. It partners with clients “to scale” and deliver measurable business value combined with unmatched customer support. An in-depth knowledge about market forces and paradigms, allows Elixir to capitalize on emergent technologies (PC Workstations to web-based UI and Internet browsers to SAAS). These factors have ensured a loyal base of customers from a diverse array of sectors.

Winning hearts and minds

Elixir kick-started the IT industry in Prague after the cold war. Additionally, it initiated IT in Pakistan. Growing up poor in a developing country and later moving to Europe and later to the U.S., the founder of Elixir, Basit Hamid was inspired by the abundant opportunities available to give talented individuals meaningful work to improve their lives. Furthermore, the company also backs many educational scholarships for IT and other courses, while undertaking philanthropic projects like TELEMEDICINE in Pakistan and Afghanistan to improve healthcare.

Ongoing operations

Elixir products are not out-of-the-box; they are highly-configured, according to client requirements. The SaaS model demands continuous updates and a highly-adaptive roadmap; and Elixir leverages an invaluable feedback loop that includes clients, solutions teams, support teams, strategists, industry analysts, research, marketing and sales teams, and leadership to develop relevant technology products. It also reviews its solutions to find ‘repeatability’ for new Tango+ applications.

Roadmap for the future

Elixir is 100% SaaS and by subscriptions, leads in “customer composition”. Its client base and strategic partnerships scale to permit steady growth. Product management, API integration, microservices, and Blockchain - for enterprise identity and process automation - are part of Elixir’s immediate business and technology vision.

In the near future, product management will completely reshape the Tango+ roadmap and introduce new strategic partners. Elixir will soon develop and deploy all its products via dedicated, yet holistic, teams that will take ownership of the entire lifecycle.

A look at the stalwart who founded Elixir Technologies

Basit Hamid, CEO, and Founder: Hamid has innovated in customer communications, transformed the lives of young professionals, and spear-headed humanitarian initiatives around the globe. Hamid’s contributions include designing and implementing IT infrastructure to support democracy in the former Eastern bloc and Pakistan, introducing WYSIWYG document solutions for the standard PC and the cloud, and providing educational opportunities to underrepresented communities in Pakistan’s evolving technology sector.

“Our mission is to assist large corporations in digitization, data management as well as customer interaction and enhance productivity by orders of magnitude.”

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