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30 Most Trustworthy Companies of the year 2017

New Ocean Health Solutions


"One of the biggest problems in the U.S. is the rising tide of healthcare costs. To overcome this challenge, New Ocean Health Solutions starts with a team of diverse experts driven by relentless curiosity and an unrivaled track record of effecting behavior change to reduce costs. It is in their DNA to consistently deliver uncompromising best in class solutions that health plans, employers and individuals can count on. ”

"New Ocean Health Solutions is a software design and development company that connects the disparate parts of the healthcare ecosystem by building solutions that empower large self-insured corporations and health plans to create a culture of health and well-being anchored by trust and care.”

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National health expenditures hit $3.35 trillion in 2016 which works out to $10,345 for every man, woman and child according to Department of Health and Human Services. As a result of spiking costs for healthcare in America, a growing portion of the financial burden has shifted to patients, amplifying the growing need for accessible, affordable, high quality care. While recent years have focused on insurance-based solutions, the costs have continued to rise. The increase in health plan deductibles, premiums and provider fees, coupled with employers’ challenge to reduce benefit spend is compounded by population risk factors such as chronic disease, obesity and stress.

As a result, we have landed in a catch-22: America cannot afford to be sick.

As consumers delay and neglect their medical needs, the financial struggle expands to include providers and payers. For reforms such as pricing transparency, health promotion and public health intervention to be effective, it is imperative that we take a holistic approach that recognizes the individual needs of patients. New Ocean Health Solutions is empowering consumers to take healthcare into their own hands by leveraging hi-touch solutions through digital technology.

Head-to-head with Hal F. Rosenbluth, CEO

Why is New Ocean one of the 30 Most Trustworthy Companies this year?

Because they have taken on one of America’s greatest challenges by realigning incentives to eliminate loss, create win-win situations and put the care back into healthcare.

Why was New Ocean created?

New Ocean Health Solutions is a continuation of the voyage we began with Take Care Health Systems and  a goal to transform the industry by introducing affordable, accessible, high quality care in the form of retail clinics inside national pharmacies. Take Care Health Systems provided expert care 7 days a week from nurse practitioners. In 2007 Walgreens acquired Take Care Health Systems and I became President, Walgreens Health and Wellness Division and Senior Executive Officer of Walgreen Co. responsible for $48 billion of the company’s $63 billion in sales. In my time at Take Care and Walgreens I realized that improving the overall health and well-being of employees is essential to reducing medical claims and other associated healthcare costs while also boosting productivity of a happy and engaged workforce. Caring for employees in a holistic way is inextricably linked to the bottom line on benefit spend.

Today, New Ocean is on the frontier of a sea change in healthcare that will engage people to take control of their own health, to improve their lifestyle and manage chronic conditions to reduce costs for all. Our solutions are aimed at achieving a healthier population, an energized workforce and reduction in costs

For a company to possess the title trustworthy, it should also comprise trustworthy employees. Do you agree with this statement?

Emotions, especially trust, cannot be delegated. Trust is part of a culture that helps a company grow. That culture of trust is part of our DNA at New Ocean.

In fact, I wrote a book called “The Customer Comes Second: Put Your People First and Watch ‘em Kick Butt”. It quickly became a New York Times best seller, at a time when “the customer comes first” was a business mantra. I challenged the longstanding slogan because I believed that my customers would never come first unless I put my people first. Without fear, worry or mistrust, my employees were happy, productive and focused on the needs of our customers to give them uncompromising service simply because all their own needs were met; if not their focus would eventually be on updating their resume. Conversely an untrustworthy employee never lasts long in an established culture of trust and care. I am proud that my leadership and this formula transformed my business, a family owned travel company into a global travel industry giant.

What are the benefits of the products you offer?

Beyond the overall business model we offer to leadership at any organization, New Ocean’s Health and Well-being platform has a myriad of benefits for users. It’s designed to help people flourish, live healthier and transcend the sea of sameness. Please visit for more details.

Focusing on lifestyle and condition management, our health & well-being programs are wide-ranging. Examples of programs include stress management, financial insight, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, behavioral health and chronic conditions

  • Unlike other platforms, people have the power and freedom of choice. Our personalized programs are unique to each user as they can control level of difficulty and set other parameters such as how often they want a nudge, whether it’s every day or just during the week.

Embrace the valiant personality

Hal Rosenbluth is Chairman and CEO of New Ocean Health Solutions, a software development and design company focused singularly on the healthcare space with its first offering, a health and well-being platform that uniquely serves large, self-insured employers and health plans. Hal was formerly President, Walgreens Health and Wellness, where he led the national rollout of the company’s emerging retail pharmacy clinic model to more than 700 in-store clinics and onsite corporate health centers. He is also a serial entrepreneur, and has built and sold several successful ventures, including Take Care Health Clinics, Inc. (sold to Walgreens in 2008). Hal was CEO of Rosenbluth International which he sold to American Express in 2003after growing its annual sales from $20M to $6B. Hal resides with his family in Gladwyne, PA and raises Red Angus cattle at his ranch in Linton, ND.

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“Using behavioral economics and behavior change science, we have created people-centric solutions that meet the unique needs of clients”