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50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2019

New York-headquartered Canon Business Process Services Works with Clients to Enable Business Agility and Digital Transformation


We help clients meet their business goals by leveraging our experienced team backed by Six Sigma methodologies and best-in-class technology: Joe Marciano

For the second straight year, The Silicon Review recognizes Canon Business Process Services (Canon) as one of the 50 Innovative Companies to Watch. During 2019 Canon has continued to support its clients’ digital transformation initiatives by offering a range of services that combine experience and in-depth domain knowledge. Canon leverages these skills to continuously improve client business operations in ways that are sustainable over the long term. Canon solutions encompass information and document management, business process outsourcing, managed workforce services, source-to-pay outsourcing services, insurance processing, warehouse and distribution management, legal discovery services and more.

Top Honors

Canon has been named a Global Outsourcing 100 Leader by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals’ (IAOP®) for 13 straight years. For 2019 IAOP named Canon to its Best of the Global Outsourcing 100 list. The list features companies that have been at the top of the annual IAOP GO100 for the past decade. Canon earned additional IAOP Best of the Global Outsourcing 100 honors by being acknowledged with top honors in five special recognition categories: Best of GO100 Leaders, Customer References, Programs for Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility and Multiple Appearances. Most notably, the “Programs for Innovation” category recognizes a company’s ability to implement specific programs and resulting outcomes that produce new forms of value for customers.

Interview Excerpt: Joe Marciano, President/CEO

Canon’s mission goes beyond cost reduction to enable client businesses to work more efficiently and build stronger, more agile businesses.

“We support these goals by partnering with clients to improve business performance with the right balance of people, process and technology,” says Joe Marciano, president and CEO of Canon Business Process Services. “Canon is a managed services firm with professionals whose common passion is to provide quality service and operational excellence,” adds Marciano.

Warehouse and Distribution Services

One program receiving industry recognition is Canon Warehouse and Distribution Services, recently highlighted in a feature article, “Making the Case for an Integrated Warehousing and Distribution Solution” by Logistics Management and Peerless, LLC. Canon’s offering is timely because warehouse and distribution executives are facing a difficult business scenario. While the complexity and velocity of a company’s supply chain continues to grow exponentially, customer demand for quality service remains at an all-time high. In addition to managing this challenging situation, warehouse and distribution leaders are asked to cut costs yet at the same time improve service levels, productivity and efficiency.

Canon Warehouse and Distribution Services help enterprises solve these challenges by leveraging a comprehensive, integrated solution that streamlines operations, improves efficiency and saves money. Canon’s solution includes distribution and inventory management, warehousing workforce management and business support services.

The power of Canon’s approach is illustrated by a large manufacturer that tapped Canon for help. The company was struggling under the pressures of a changing distribution environment, grappling with a lack of skilled labor, and trying to manage with inefficient processes. Labor management, in particular, was a challenge. The company was working with seven different temp agencies across its manufacturing and distribution facilities. Coordinating that labor approach was a difficult task that included communicating with the temp agencies, determining where to best allocate those temp employees on any given day, keeping schedules straight, and finding coverage for employees who called out sick.

Canon addressed that instability by bringing in a more reliable, skilled workforce than any temp agency could offer—and all from a single source (versus seven different providers). This helped the manufacturer reduce its production turn times while also ensuring that more final products were completed within their allotted time frames. It all began in the warehouse, where Canon immediately started providing labor, expertise, and technology related to process efficiencies for pick and pack activities. For example, Canon integrated a Warehouse Management System (WMS) into the company’s existing SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Along with improved labor management and better process flows, the manufacturer’s key “wins” include cost reduction, less lost/misplaced inventory, much less downtime for its production line and enhanced safety procedures.

Meeting Source-to-Pay Challenges

Another reason Canon is an innovative company to watch in 2019 is that enterprises are leveraging its Source-to-Pay Outsourcing Services. Executive Boards, CEO’s and CFO’s are realizing that they must digitally transform their organization to ensure growth and survival. The supply chain is one of the key areas requiring this transformation because it is a critical enabler of agility and innovation. It is also a key driver of the financial health of an organization.

To digitally transform its source-to-pay process, an organization must develop a comprehensive strategy that is not solely focused on technology. The strategy must address all of the stakeholders involved, fix or eliminate processes that are inefficient or not working and apply technology as an enabler.

Canon’s solution is designed to help meet these challenges. The service includes a flexible sourcing through procurement offering that can be tailored to fit an organization’s requirements. Whether a client needs assistance with managing the Request for Information, Proposal and/or Quote (RFx) process, contract management or upstream procurement execution, Canon’s team of experts can help companies optimize their performance with the right combination of talented people, streamlined processes and technology.

Canon Intelligent Office

A commitment to innovation is also the driving force behind Canon Intelligent Office. One of today’s prevalent business trends is that forward-thinking companies are transitioning to a more agile work space. A key characteristic of the latter is that seating and desk space are often unassigned, provided as needed when employees are in the office.

The goal is to attract and retain the best talent, encourage collaboration, provide an engaging work environment and improve efficiency. Canon supports this strategic initiative with Canon Intelligent

Office. The solution comprises a suite of integrated services that enable organizations to advance such vital office activities as hoteling, conference room reservations, catering, mail and print center support, reception, concierge services and more to provide a superior experience for employees and clients.

“These services demonstrate how we are leveraging innovation to support our clients’ digital transformation initiatives,” says Joe Marciano. He adds that other vital offerings in Canon’s portfolio include robotic process automation and Canon Managed Workforce Services, which enable companies to outsource the process of attracting, hiring, managing and retaining a skilled, reliable workforce. Additionally, Canon Digital Intake Center Services provide a solution for digitizing and distributing mail electronically, enabling companies to virtually eliminate fine mail-sorting and distribution costs. Whatever digital transformation challenges arise, Canon’s mission, via its innovative approaches, is to ensure that its clients are ready to succeed.

Meet the Leader

Joe Marciano: Joe provides the vision for driving improved processes and business transformation that enable clients to become future-ready enterprises that are agile, efficient and customer-focused.

In 1980, Joe joined Arkwright, Inc.; a subsidiary of Océ-USA Holding, Inc. Arkwright manufactured and marketed digital imaging supplies for Océ and other brand owners. In 1993, Joe was named Senior Vice President and in 1995 President of Océ Imaging Supplies. In 1998, when he was named President and CEO of Arkwright, Joe integrated the manufacturing, logistics and R&D of Océ Imaging Supplies with Arkwright. Mr. Marciano was appointed President and CEO of Océ Business Services, Inc. in 2004. His leadership helped drive the company’s rebranding as Canon Business Process Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA, Inc. on January 1, 2013. He is also Chairman and CEO of Canon Business Process Services Philippines and continues to lead the growth and evolution of the company as a premier provider of managed services and technology.

“We help clients meet their business goals by leveraging our experienced team backed by Six Sigma methodologies and best-in-class technology.”