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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2015

Objectivity Inc: Turning Big Data into Knowledge through Information Fusion

Founded in 1988 with a unique approach using objects in order to better understand all kinds of data, Objectivity has grown to support myriad mission-critical applications where there is a need to integrate many types of disparate, complex, data together for real-time analysis. The company specializes in storing, managing, and fusing data to build and search relationships between connected data. With the dawn of the Big Data era, Objectivity’s unique approach has found new fertile ground in which its technology delivers value, further powering the company’s growth.

Objectivity enables customers to discover actionable patterns in fast changing data streams to support large-scale, high-performance applications to manage the Internet of Things (IOT) and other mission-critical applications. Its leading edge software, Objectivity/DB and InfiniteGraph, power high-performance meta-data repositories that support unique search and analytics workloads by making data more accessible across large, distributed datasets to discover actionable hidden insights. Solutions built with Objectivity software take advantage of its unique architecture to meet the needs of real-time analytic solutions for some of the most complex and mission-critical systems in government and military applications, telecommunications and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

It’s not just about Big Data
Objectivity strives to maintain leading edge, innovative software for mission-critical applications. Positioned as a provider of high performance, high scalability data technology for organizations needing to build advanced analytics over fast-changing, large-scale and diverse data types, the company has been experiencing record revenue and profit growth. While always demonstrating steady growth, Objectivity has recently experienced a new spike in adoption due to requirements stemming from the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) and real-time threat intelligence applications. “We partner with leading technology companies in both commercial and open-source domains to enable our fortune 1000 customers to build innovative solutions for their unique business objectives. Our products have been successfully vetted and implemented in complex, data-intensive environments for decades and are being used by hundreds of thousands of users in mission-critical applications on a day-to-day basis. Our software is enterprise-hardened at the highest levels”, adds Jay Jarrell, CEO.

Discovering valuable connections in Big- Data
“As with many companies in the bay area, our biggest challenge is the need to recruit talented and passionate people quickly enough to sustain our growth objectives”, says Mr. Jarrell.

Objectivity’s unique products represent the only software today that enables real-time analysis of streaming, fast-changing, sensor data for improved decision support. This is a critical capability for some of the most important Big Data applications, including self-driving cars, the Industrial Internet of Things, smart grids for utilities, healthcare, preventing cyber attacks, and more. As a result, the Silicon Valley-based firm has become popular among distributors and system integrators worldwide.

For more information on Objectivity please visit www.Objectivity.com

“Objectivity enables businesses to discover actionable patterns in fast changing data streams to support large-scale, high-performance applications to manage the Internet of Things (IOT) and other mission-critical applications.”

Knowing the Key Executives
John Jay Jarrell – President and CEO

John “Jay” Jarrell, President and CEO, leads the operations of Objectivity Inc, determining the company’s strategic direction and managing growth. Jay has a long history with Objectivity Inc starting in 1997 as the Vice President of Sales, and adding the Marketing group to his responsibilities shortly thereafter as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Jay was elevated to President and COO in 2002, and in 2003 was named President and CEO of the company, while also being appointed to the Board of Directors.

Prior to joining Objectivity in 1997, Jay was the senior director of sales and marketing for Creative Biomedics, a company specializing in network telecommunications equipment and software solutions. Previously, he held sales and marketing positions at Computer Associates and A.C. Nielsen Co. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario in Canada.

Leon Guzenda- Founder
Leon Guzenda was one of the founding members of Objectivity in 1988 and one of the original architects of Objectivity/DB. He currently works with Objectivity’s major customers to help them effectively develop and deploy complex applications and systems that use the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable DBMS technology, Objectivity/DB. He also liaises with technology partners and industry groups to help ensure that Objectivity/DB remains at the forefront of database and distributed computing technology. Leon has more than 35 years experience in the software industry. At Automation Technology Products, he managed the development of the ODBMS for the Cimplex solid modelling and numerical control system.

Before that, he was Principal Project Director for International Computers Ltd. in the United Kingdom, delivering major projects for NATO and leading multinationals. He was also design and development manager for ICL’s 2900 IDMS product. He spent the first 7 years of his career working in defence and government systems. Leon has a B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Wales.