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Offering a suite of products with specialized software integration and consulting services: PeoplePlus Software

“PeoplePlus Software is an Ann Arbor based software development and packaged solutions provider offering a suite of products for Supply Chain Management, Facility / Asset Management, Manufacturing, ECommerce and EProcurement (EDI), along with specialized software integration and consulting services.”

Founded on the principle of bringing world class software solutions to small and growing business by using the power of the Cloud, the team at PeoplePlus Software demonstrates passion for leading edge technology and pride themselves in crafting robust, practical solutions to its clients’ needs. Established on 35 years of supply chain management and system experience, every product the company creates is from the end user perspective. The team’s extensive experience in application development, system integration, and the ability to deliver projects onsite, nationally, and globally allows the company to provide a high level of service and value to a wide range of customers.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2001 with corporate Headquarters in Ann Arbor technology corridor.
  • Offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Texas, Canada, and India.
  • Cloud / Software as a Service (SaaS) product offerings
  • Business process improvement, business analytics, and SCM consulting.
  • A preferred minority vendor, registered with MMSDC and SBAM.

Services Offered
Business Intelligence- With their team of experienced business and programming professionals with decades of experience to help client build their executive reporting strategy and establish the metrics that feed quality systems and drive business, PeoplePlus has helped its customers develop a business intelligence strategy to answer all of these key questions:

  • Are there red flags in the accounts receivable?
  • Which vendors give the best sales margins on similar products?
  • How can accounts payable be maximized, in order to take advantage of rebates and discounts?
  • Are there any potential problems with the chain of delivery? Unacknowledged orders? Multiple slipped delivery dates?
  • What are the optimal inventory levels based on actual client usage and vendor performance? Are replenishment min/max points set properly?
  • Which elements of the inventory are underperforming? Overstocked? Obsolete?
  • How can one manage replenishment to stabilize cash flow with the lowest impact on the customers?

These questions and many more cannot be answered by typical stock ERP systems, but PeoplePlus has cost effectively delivered this kind of information in automated reports and/or executive dashboards to help our clients get the most out of their valuable ERP information.

IT Infrastructure Consulting- At PeoplePlus, the solutions are developed primarily with a hosted Cloud / SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery in mindÍž however, they are flexible in approach as the company fully supports the licensing and delivery of iM3 Cloud to an on premises system. The PeoplePlus team of professionals can assess existing IT infrastructure and make recommendations for a successful iM3 Cloud implementation. Its senior project managers have decades of hands on experience implementing systems for Fortune 500 companies, Universities, Municipalities, OEM Automotive, and their partners and can assist virtually any business in taking control of IT costs, addressing strategic business concerns and integrating IT systems with key customers and business partners.

Process Study- Well-established business processes are critical to the success of any major software implementation. From point of sale to shipped final product, the efficiency of the business processes drive the final success of the project. The PeoplePlus team draws from decades of specialized experience in implementing practical SCM (Supply Chain Management) solutions and knows the challenges and how to avoid expensive pitfalls in implementation. Using a time tested methodology consisting of carefully facilitated meetings and/or workshops to develop a clear vision relating to function, economy, and timing of the project, its trained facilitators keep this effort short and succinct in order to focus the joint project team to the task at hand.

Systems Integration- Receiving and submitting purchasing and other financial documents electronically can be a key consideration when securing contracts with major clients. For instance, OEM’s and Tier One Suppliers often have sophisticated purchasing requirements that are beyond the reach of many growing businesses. Further, many companies want the ability to share data with other software products such as an ERP system, financial package, scheduling system, or statistical analysis tool. The PeoplePlus team has experience in integrating solutions with any major ERP package and can help create solution to meet needs based on customer requirements.

Software Development- PeoplePlus has a full team of software developers that can address virtually any custom programming need their clients may encounter. Whether the program needs to reside on a big mainframe system or run on the cell phone, PeoplePlus has the experience to cost effectively deliver a quality product.

Meet the team at PeoplePlus
Ashwani Narula, President & CEO
Carrying over 25 years of computer technology and supply chain experience, Ashwani founded PeoplePlus Software in 2001. He holds extensive experience in Technology Implementation, Offshore, and Professional Services and Major implementations in Retail, Higher Education, and OEM/Tier 1 Automotive sectors.

Dennis Pieper, Vice President
Carrying over 35 years supply chain experience and over 25 years software development experience, Dennis posses experience in strategic planning, business process design,project management, IT Operations, Technology Implementation, and Professional Services on various ERP applications.

Mark Brokaw, Business Analyst & Project Manager
Carrying over 30 years of programming and IT implementation experience and over 20 years of facility management, CADD/GIS, and project management experience, Mark possess a Strategic planning, team facilitation, and quality management systems background. He also has hands on experience in ERP/Accounting system implementation, data structures, and business analytics.

“We are committed to becoming an effective part of our clients’ diversity strategy by providing outstanding service and value in everything we do.”