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Offering automation solutions for homes and business spaces to add convenience and safety to your life: STEP AUTOMATIONS INDIA PVT LTD

thesiliconreview-pankaj-pandey-business-head-step-automations-india-pvt-ltd-2018Automation for home and business spaces has achieved great popularity in the last decades as it increases the comfort, convenience, quality of life and security for residents. There are many technologies that can be installed in smart homes today which can enable communication between home appliances and users, and enhance home appliances’ automation, monitoring and remote control capabilities. In the near future, homes need to have the computational power, communication, monitoring and controlling abilities to improve everyday activities. Step Automations India Pvt. Ltd. can provide just that and is devoted to enable a more efficient interaction between people and devices to set up conditions that simplify manual actions.

Step Automations India Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. It is a technology and solution provider for Smart Home, Hotels, Hospitality and Institutions. The company is founded and backed by technology and management entrepreneurs based in USA and India who have built and sold companies in the technology space. Step Automations has delivered technology and solutions to several projects in luxury villas, apartments, large apartment and villa developments, hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools, colleges and offices in many areas. It has partnered with several leading technology companies in the world and hopes to bring the best of breed solutions to the Indian market with its own designs. Step Automations India Pvt. Ltd. has developed unique solutions called SmartSquare.

Technology to automate tasks

  • HDL – BUS (Wired)

        HDL Bus System is what can be really called a “Smart system”. By selecting the HDL Bus protocol, there will be considerably less wiring, less conduits and less manpower to execute. In addition, there will be less distribution frames and less wiring cabinets with significant advantages to current Home Automation Standards thus resulting in significant financial savings.

  • Z-Wave Technology (Wireless)

        Z-Wave is an international standard for wireless home automation. Home automation allows to interconnect all functions dealing with electricity such as light, heating, cooking, cooling, security, and automate these functions. This results in more convenience and security in homes and offices. Home automation also saves energy and other resources.   

        The interconnection of all these functions can be accomplished by using wires or wireless technology. The Z-Wave is a new Wireless Protocol being introduced in India for the first time. It establishes an Intelligent, Private and Secure Network within the house between the devices.

Making homes Smart Homes

Ranging from lighting to security, Step Automations provides a wide variety of unique solutions that make it possible to automate major functions of a home. For residential spaces, it offers solutions like Entry Management, Security Management, Lighting & Comfort Management, Safety & Environment Management, Comfort Management, Audio & Video.

SmartSquare integrates Amazon Alexa with homes enabling the clients to control every aspect of their home with just their voice. Alexa, the intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, is also capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts and other real time information, such as news.

Giving a better control in commercial spaces

SmartSquare solutions allow businesses to be more efficient and secure right from meeting room automation to building security. With SmartSquare automation, intelligent automatic control of lighting, music, HVAC, and security is implemented that helps in managing the office environment effectively and increasing the staff well-being and productivity levels. The experience SmartSquare has with stage lighting along with the company’s unsurpassed automation systems makes it the clear choice for any type of showrooms that need to utilize dynamic lighting to present their products.

The common users of HDL commercial automation solutions are schools, college, and universities. Both public and private sector institutions have used the technology for superior environmental control, and added security. SmartSquare can automate lighting, blinds/shutters, security & HVAC.

Smart hospitality automation solutions

From Key Card automation to setting personalized moods, SmartSquare solutions allow hotel experiences to make a difference.

  • Hotel Room

        Its dedicated hotel system can control lighting, background audio and environmental systems in guest rooms, hallways, and common areas. In addition to this, Step Automations can provide full integration with the existing BMS software, enable energy monitoring and automated check in/out procedures.

  • Spas

        A modern spa provides a relaxing and healthy atmosphere for visitors. To effortlessly accomplish this essential environment, solutions that change lighting intensity and color, as well as provide zoned background music and zoned temperature control are available. Its system can be fully integrated with 3rd party hardware/software, and can operate fluently throughout the years.

  • Clubs

        Bars and clubs often place heavy demands on lighting and environmental systems. HDL has a vast range of lighting systems ideally suited to clubs and bars, which can be simply controlled via Android or iOS devices. Moreover, it can also fully automate HVAC so that an exact temperature can be maintained guaranteeing the safety of the public.

Integrating latest technology with business objectives

“We sincerely believe that we do not want to create something which is already created. We have also experienced that each company has got some good offering as their USP. But when we compare in totality, each solution lags some features in one or other requirement/application”, says Pankaj Pandey, Business Head. Therefore, Smart Square will integrate real time solutions developed by Step Automations India Pvt. Ltd. The company quotes, “Materials are immaterial, Features of material are materials.”

The company is currently focusing on using the products which are best in technology in the market and create common platform for real time integration either by using driver (codes) by 3rd party or by creating the driver. It is also focusing on real-time integration with audio and lighting in case of a medical emergency. “We should create some good logic as well to make same material more intelligent”, Pankaj added. Step Automations is executing & has executed projects in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mysore, Hubli, Davangere, Shimoga, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Tirupur, and Kerala. Some of its big clients are Divyasree Groups, KBR Infratech Ltd, SBI, VTPC, IIHS, Many HNI, NRI, reputed Architects and interior designers, Reva college, Restaurants and Pubs, etc.

“Our major focus is on real time integration with fully integrated features of intrusion, audio and lighting.”

“We at SmartSquare design and custom build automation solutions to fulfill your requirements and lifestyle.”