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Offering the Most Flexible Solutions That Deliver the Most Comprehensive Security: SyncDog, Inc

thesiliconreview-jonas-gyllensvaan-ceo-syncdog-inc-2017Mobility is no longer just a trend; it has become a phenomenon. Employees can now get their work done from anywhere, at any time, using their devices or gadgets. The keystone of this new paradigm brings together the tools of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Mobility as a whole is turning into another endpoint for government and industry to manage as the market looks beyond MDM to determine what tool can be used to protect key data from all kinds of mobile threats – whether internal or external.

All of this spells opportunity for independent software vendors (ISVs). By helping to build secure infrastructure frameworks that protect enterprise networks from the cyber breach, one can transform the mobile phenomenon into more value for its customers and expand its reach into new markets.

The Leading ISV

A serial entrepreneur, Jonas Gyllensvaan, while working in mobile technology for years, noticed growing gaps in the marketplace for mobile security. Large international full-service IT vendors had very little competition and this created a monopolistic mobile security market with bullish business practices – rigid and expensive pricing structures, numerous acquisitions leading to poor or discontinued customer support, endless integration cycles, and mass-produced solutions with little focus on customer requirements that made sense.

Jonas knew he could leverage his mobile technology subject matter expertise to challenge enterprise IT vendors with flexible, customer-centric solutions and service. And keeping that mindset alive, Jonas Gyllensvaan founded SyncDog in 2013.

Today, SyncDog is the leading independent software vendor (ISV) for building secure infrastructure frameworks that protect enterprise networks from cyber breach from mobile computing sources.Utilizing the SyncDog Server (or comparable MDM), IT security administrators have the enterprise visibility to incorporate mobile device security into organizational network management strategies that include the proper audit trails for compliance.

The Flagship Product

SyncDog started its venture with its enterprise mobility security product called Secure.Systems™ which is SyncDog’s flagship product. This first-rate defense-grade mobile app workspace allows organizations to control and manage how employees exchange relevant, time-critical information back forth between their devices and the organizations’ secure networks. The standard configuration of Secure.Systems™ comes with a full suite of productivity applications in the secure container that includes SharePoint, Enterprise and Local Chat, Geo-location Services, DropBox, a Personal Information Management (PIM) suite, Office 365, Secure Mobile App Management & Development, File Sync, and many more. This amazing mobility security app can be deployed as a standalone container or as a complement to existing EMM/MDM investments.

The motto of SyncDog has always been about securing enterprise mobility. No organizations were protecting its enterprise data on the employees’ BYOD, CYOD, and COPE devices sufficiently, and the risk to enterprise networks was highly evident. Secure.Systems™ turned out to be the savior of those organizations.

Overcoming Hurdles

Technology is dynamic; it keeps changing with the passing time and evolving with the ever-changing technology is always a massive challenge for every company. To keep the company going well with the tech trends, SyncDog works hard to ensure interoperability with all the disparate hardware and software existing within customers’ IT infrastructures.

The challenge becomes a gigantic hurdle at times, but SyncDog has found the ultimate solution to overcome that too - the key to the effective roadmap is to take a personalized approach to customer requirements. The customer is on the playing field daily and has the better perspective on what is needed to ensure network security at the far edges of their perimeter. Getting the Fortune 2000 to see SyncDog across the swath of MDM and EMM vendors in the market was also a challenge for the company. But today, after overcoming every hurdle, SyncDog is one the biggest names in the industry offering the most flexible solutions that deliver the most comprehensive security.

Bypassing Every Competition

Large international software vendors build less-than-stable, high-resource consuming solutions with enormous total costs of ownership. The support and service that follows often leave customers wanting – or as we’ve seen in Good Technology’s case, solution support and service is discontinued due to an acquisition.

As an ISV, SyncDog bypasses this volatility and support deficiencies trending in the EMM/MDM market by taking a personal, hands-on approach to customer requirements and using that data to build the most relevant mobile security solutions. Aside from the company’s experience in mobile security, its customers benefit greatly from the availability of SyncDog’s ear.

The Future Vision

SyncDog is continually improving the end-user experience in the Secure.Systems™ mobile container. The company is working hard to increase application offerings and its work with a couple of mobile app development partners that are giving each organization a secure environment to develop productivity applications that speak to their individual requirements. Also, SyncDog is adding infrastructure to the Secure.Systems™ in the coming months to provide more context-capable deployment of end-user policy management per organization. The company believes that in the coming years its influence in mobile security will reach government agencies, law enforcement agencies, banking, finance, healthcare, and others.

Greet the Chief

Jonas Gyllensvaan is the CEO and Founder of SyncDog, Inc. He has more than 20 years of experience in mobile IT solution development and software business development. Jonas has founded three successful start-ups and is a current board advisor to several others. Over the past 20 years, Jonas has designed, developed and implemented technology projects for government agencies and commercial enterprises in more than a dozen countries. Jonas spends a good portion of his time visiting customers and traveling to leading industry conferences learning about the client and marketplace needs. Across his 20-year career in mobile IT, Jonas has a proven track record of leading-edge product development, building profitable companies while forging beneficial business partnerships for clients.

“We’re a small company with the ability to refocus quickly. We can make adjustments that satisfy customer requests more nimbly than full-service IT vendors. But most importantly, we make adjustments that make sense to customers and to the marketplace, and then we provide the support needed for it to stick.”