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Offers consulting and development services that will quickly and efficiently bring your product to market Datastream Connexion

imageTechnology is more than the binary zeros and ones. Technology is about strategy, implementation and integrity of those entrusted with the technology that matters. Technology is moving at a rapid pace and generating huge global change. Every single sector of technology is advancing quickly; let it be web development, web services, innovation & product development, or web security.

To be a part of this huge technology change, in 2001 Datastream Connexion entered the industry. The company was founded after the bust; the team wanted to focus on delivering solutions that made an impact on people’s lives. They wanted software that created an impact beyond unsustainably selling below-rate widgets through the web. The mission was always simple; to connect people to data, and let people do the right thing.

The journey of Datastream Connexion so far

Datastream Connexion is a small, nimble team with deep experience driving technologies from idea through development, testing, refinement and launch. Datastream Connexion believes in the breaking down of information-silos, to provide nimble, innovative ways for clients to communicate and collaborate with their customers and stakeholders.

Datastream Connexion has a track record of successful, reliable and engaging web sites and applications. It provides critical infrastructure applications for Fortune 500, Federal and State Government, and professional associations. E-commerce, community networking sites and other niche properties are also counted among its portfolio of valued properties.

The Connexion portal product was their first software release. The company saw a need early on to create a collaboration product that was more than document storage and messaging. It needed to be a dynamic, nimble product with easy flexibility that could respond to emerging events, adapt new procedures quickly to support the users, and generally avoid the waterfall approach of IT that existed so many years. As the first project,it had a learning curve, navigating from a small web application to a large, agile, DevOps-based system that grew from small data center roots to being an early beta adopter of GovCloud with their partners at Amazon Web Services.The resulting CoreSHIELD project still powers the Food & Ag sector, coordinating and uniting people and information across the sector. Today, the company recognizes the value of the journey, and likes to share the pitfalls and pillars of the journey.

As a small company daring to create change in the Food & Ag sector, the company was often doubted.Datastream Connexion focused early on fast iterations, while including security and compliance with continuous monitoring as differentiators. As the company’s popularity grew, their ability to respond to compliance challenges was integral to overcoming hurdles in the growth curve. Amazon Web Services helped Datastream Connexion blow the lid off its capabilities for scale and growth from the infrastructure side after so much internal scale planning in its product.

The popularity and success

Establishing credibility in a very challenging and crowded field is paramount. The company worked diligently on side projects building an infrastructure for a Fortune 500 client to demonstrate its ability to think outside the box and grow online back before web applications was a focus for many companies. Datastream Connexion even built large online communities to demonstrate its capability as a team to scale, attract an audience, and prove engagement competencies.

Agility, Security, Openness, Relationships, and Flexibility are the biggest assets of Datastream Connexion. Flexibility and Agility are sometimes comingled terms. They view agility as the ability to implement change, and flexibility the ability to listen to the need for change. That coincides with openness to new ideas, and new pathways that it didn’t originally consider. With the focus on relationships with stakeholders and end users, Datastream builds a trust that can’t be achieved through standard practices. With the security focus, it complements its other areas with demonstrable outcomes in order to support those who put the trust in Datastream Connexion to build solutions.

The amount of time the nimble team spends at meetings and events simply listening and giving credence to their audience’s needs has shaped their products to a great extent. The company works with its UI to make it as easy as possible for users to engage and contribute in their applications, and continuously monitor for trouble areas to insure the users’ success.

Datastream has seen across its projects that getting started takes vision of multiple people coming together at the same time to create something good. However, it is far more difficult to stay on top and requires incredible innovation discipline. The temptation to “take a year off” by focusing on incremental improvements is attractive, but ultimately an easy way to continue that path and see a slide to obscurity.

Datastream Connexion have partnered and shared its experience directly with many entities, with an effort to improve IT focus and agility for more than 16 years. Now, the organization is expanding more broadly into Health IT, and it has iterated its unique portal platform to support the unique challenges of that sector and the needs of its startups. Datastream also develops new mobile, web applications and databases to serve its clients from all sectors across the country.

Meet the man behind Datastream Connexion

Eric Hoffman is the Founder and President at Datastream Connexion. He is a Minnesota native and attended the University of Minnesota. Eric is a recognized cloud product development and security specialist with a focus on business outcomes. He created and delivered CoreSHIELD, a nationally recognized information sharing platform that transformed Food & Agriculture. Eric is additionally the founder and CTO of Victree, and Thrivors, two DSCXN Labscompanies and is the Executive Producer of Game ON!, a sports magazine TV showcreated locally in the Twin Cities, along with radio personality on Go Twins Territory on the Twins home radio network.

"Our skilled team members engage in collaborative, critical application development and consulting to increase security, reliability and efficiencies for our clients."