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One network for a life of service: RallyPoint

thesiliconreview-dave-gowel-ceo-rallypoint-2017RallyPoint was founded in 2012 by two military veterans at Harvard Business School to help make military life better. Backed by two of the US military's recent Joint Chiefs of Staff, RallyPoint connects its members and gives them the best tools possible to succeed while in the military, and beyond. With RallyPoint, you can build out your professional network, connect with other members of the military and veterans in a safe environment, and explore career opportunities both within the military (PCS opportunities) and in the private sector. In 2012, RallyPoint won the world's largest startup competition (MassChallenge), and was placed 2nd in the Harvard Business School Business Plan Competition. RallyPoint was first developed at the Harvard University Innovation Lab and now remains in the Boston area.


RallyPoint’s mission is to help service members and veterans lead more successful and fulfilling lives. It is the largest, most active military network in the United States. Service members, veterans, and civilian supporters now use RallyPoint as a primary online communication platform. RallyPoint is a connected military community, and over 1 million current and former members of the US military gather to discuss military life, share information, and exchange stories here.

Talent Solutions

RallyPoint is eager to help organizations meet their veteran hiring goals and pair out 1.1M active, transitioning and veteran members with the best career opportunities available. With a uniquely connected approach, RallyPoint is eager to work with organizations that prioritize veteran hiring or are trying to meet veteran hiring goals. Our membership is well trained, talented, and capable. We look to pair them with the best opportunities our private economy has to offer. RallyPoint is proud to be partnering with: Ford, Shell, Amazon, Salesforce, Farmers, BAE, Sears, and many more.

RallyPoint provides the following opportunities:

  • Job Listing - Display your jobs to tens of thousands of qualified candidates each month. Use our precision targeting tags to make sure your opportunity gets in front of the right veterans.
  • Talent Finder - Leverage our powerful search to blend educational, professional, and demographic data to identify and connect with those who will succeed within your organization.
  • Talent Management - With 1.1M+ registered members, we may be able to tell you a thing or two about the veterans within your organization. Find out who's succeeding and use that data to refine your recruiting efforts and increase retention.

Marketing Solutions

Reach service members and veterans in peer-to-peer conversation on the most active military network in the world. RallyPoint will help you target your reach based on member demographics, educational background, and professional skills.

  • Demographic - To become a RallyPoint member, users must identify military status, branch, rank/pay grade (income level), location and specialty. Profiles allow for 24+ personalized data points including civilian career and educational status.
  • Interest - RallyPoint members develop 'affinity' to topics (discussion topics, ranks, branches, specialties, duty stations, units, etc.) on our network, based on what they read and interact with. This passive profiling helps our partners understand how to communicate with their demographically ideal audience.
  • Intent - RallyPoint's forums exist as the backbone of millions of pages of content, allowing RallyPoint to develop both passive and active intent profiles for our members. Marketers can leverage categories including professional interest, educational pursuits, financial needs, and many more.

Services to achieve exceptional engagement rates

  • Education – Segment our vast membership to make sure you pair the best candidate with the right degree. You can target them by military backgrounds that can lead to academic success. You can also reach service members a few months before their date of separation and connect with potential graduate students who already possess an undergraduate degree.
  • Finance – Leverage our first-party data, including pay grade (HHI) information, to reach members with the most helpful products. Targeting includes: Geography and Income levels. Our member profiles display military pedigree and detailed intent data. This helps you connect with members across all of life’s big events like permanent change of station (PCS) moves, transition or retirement, parenting, public or private sector promotion.
  • Media Companies – Buy media like you always have, against an audience you’ve never reached before. Leverage first to market solutions, and first party data at scale. Reach members with native ads and capitalize on in-feed impressions and impress your clients with demographic and engagement data they’ve never seen from passive engagement before.

Knowing the CEO, Dave Gowel

Dave began his military career as a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and the US Army Ranger School. He then served two tours in Europe during which he was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as an armor platoon leader. Dave's last active duty Army position was as an Assistant Professor of Military Leadership at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It was while he was at MIT that he found the value of social media, leading to his cofounding of a consulting firm to help people leverage social media tools more professionally. He authored The Power in a Link: Open Doors, Close Deals, and Change the Way You do Business Using LinkedIn (Wiley 2011) and cofounded a software company to help people use business software better at scale. Dave joined RallyPoint as President & COO in the summer of 2016 and became CEO and a board director in September of the same year. He also currently serves as a board advisor to the Wounded Warrior Project and Vets in Tech.

“Partner with RallyPoint to meet your business goals and help service members and veterans lead more successful and fulfilling lives.”