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30 Fastest Growing Private Companies To Watch 2018

One of Canada's Largest Privately-Owned and Operated It Service Providers: Compugen


Harry Zarek first developed an interest in computers as an engineering student. In 1981, the same year IBM launched the personal computer, Harry started a small business in the basement of his Toronto home, building and selling PCs and setting them up for customers. He called the company Compugen, short for computer generation. 

Under Harry’s stewardship, the small basement-based company has grown to become one of Canada’s largest IT solutions providers, with a track record that consistently exceeds the industry average.

From a small operation in Toronto to one of Canada's largest IT service providers, Compugen comes a long way. The company has spent over 30 years building strong and successful relationships with both its partners and its customers, and a lot of that success comes from taking the time to listen and delivering on the idea that a team of passionate and motivated experts can solve complex issues with creative solutions and simplify the business of IT.

Today, it is one of the most well-known firms in the industry. It works with leading technology partners to develop the best solutions for customers and deliver solutions and services from 12 offices across Canada and the U.S.

Q. What sets Compugen Apart?

Passionate about technology

Compugen enjoys what it does and is continually amazed by how much the right technology choice can propel a business forward. Working with customers to meet challenges and solve business problems together keeps the company passionate and excited about each engagement it takes on.

Constantly asking why

To adapt to an ever-changing marketplace, you have to ask the right questions. Compugen is always looking for ways to improve the way it works and never stop learning - that's what allows the company to make the best decisions for its customers.

Offering you choices

Every customer Compugen works with is unique, and so are their needs. It’s the company’s responsibility to deliver creative and unbiased solutions that meet your business goals—regardless of the brand of technology. It’s all about finding the right fit, and with a variety of technical partners to choose from, Compugen will help you do just that.

IT: An Organization’s Secret Weapon

Technology can solve a lot of business problems. As your secret weapon, it can provide a competitive edge where you didn’t see one, show you efficiencies more clearly, and help you be more responsive to your customers.

Whether you’re struggling with too much data and not enough space for it, or wondering how to share that data and keep it secure – there are technology solutions that can drive your business forward.

Business Solutions

  • Strategy, Planning & Architecture: A roadmap for your IT and business goals
  • Datacenter & Cloud: Infrastructure for growth and flexibility
  • Communication & Collaboration: Work like you’re in the same room even when you’re not
  • End User Computing: Everything you need to keep your end users happy
  • Security: Proactive protection for your entire organization

All the Tools and Resources to Help Your Business Thrive

A project can take many forms. You can research, plan and resource the project yourself from start to finish, bring in the experts to complete it, or something in between.

A good partner can do more than just fix, repair or order technology. With the right toolset and experience, a good partner can not only fill in the gaps but also deliver insight along the way.

Products & Services

  • Managed Solutions: We’ll focus on IT, you focus on your business
  • Professional Services: Solving complex business problems with IT solutions
  • Support & Maintenance: Turning downtime into uptime
  • Asset Disposal & Recycling: No data left behind, and no hardware to landfill
  • Hardware & Software Management: Headache-free acquisitions and supply chain management
  • Financing: Cutting-edge technology on your terms

Compugen Green Initiative: Green Is More Than Just A Colour. It’s A Business Practice.

Compugen's Green4Good Program helps organizations dispose of their IT assets in an environmentally responsible way, and allows them to eliminate asset disposition costs. Rather than sending used IT assets to a landfill, the Green4Good program ensures that end of life equipment is either resold or 100% recycled. Better still; the proceeds from the resale go directly to the charity of your choice.

Here's how it works:

Appraisal: Your IT assets are evaluated, and an estimate is generated based on age, brand, and model.

Pick Up And Delivery: Compugen packs up your used assets and ship them to one of its secure configuration centers.

Refurbish Or Recycle: Based on the condition of the equipment, your assets are either refurbished or fully recycled. It recovers all software licenses, completely destroy all data, and issue you a data removal certificate to prove it. As a Microsoft authorized refurbisher, it is among the most trusted in the world when it comes to refurbished technology products.

Resale: Now that your assets have been refurbished, they can be re-licensed and resold to people and markets in need.

Donate: The profits generated from resale are donated in the form of cash or new technology to a charity of your choice.


“What really impressed us was that Compugen focused on our values and what was important to Hi-Pro Feeds, rather than simply telling us what services they offered.”

- Mark McMorrough, Director of IT, Hi-Pro Feeds LP

“I have personally been working with Compugen since about 2002 and have developed a strong relationship with them, so after several discussions about their asset disposition capabilities, I asked for their help, especially when I learned about their Green4Good program. Green4Good offers an ethical way to dispose of old IT equipment, which aligns well with our desire to help the environment and our communities.”

- Satvir Thandi, VP of IT, Operations & Enterprise Solutions at First West

Greet the Leader

Harry Zarek is the President and CEO of Compugen. His core principles have always been customer value and satisfaction. Harry’s focus is on sales and marketing activities and developing long-term business strategies to position the company as a trusted partner to its customers and vendors. 

Harry holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering Science and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Toronto. He is an active investor and a member of the board of directors for a number of early-stage technology companies in Canada and the US and sits on the board of the Electronic Products Recycling Association.

Harry’s weekend hobbies include road biking and home improvement projects.

“We at Compugen believe in being a leader both in and out of the technology community.”